The 10 Best Animation Making App for Android & iOS 2020


If you look carefully then you’ll notice that instead of still images people are now using moving or animated images, videos, & GIF files. It becomes the easiest & most popular way to express their emotions or advertise a message on social media.

Now if you want to follow the trend and like to show your creativity in animation. Then you might be looking for the best animation making app for android. Well, it becomes so easy & simple to create animation with a perfect android animation app. For your convenience, I’m going to include some top android animation creating apps.

How Do You Animate On Android?

Animation, GIFS, & videos become the trend of social media. Because of the latest technology, now it is not necessary to use a computer for an animation project. You can easily do with your Android device by using an animation making app for android.


There is a huge amount of apps in the app store for making animation. Some of these apps are very impressive & superb for making animation projects. Just install the right app on your device and start your animation to show your creativity.

Best 10 Animation Making App For Android Reviews 2020

Finding the best animation making app for android is not an easy task. It will take huge time, experiment, and patience. Below in this article, I’ve included the top 10 animation making apps for you.

1. Toontastic 3D

Creating animation has never been so easy as you can do it with the Toontastic 3D app. Because of its convenient features and easy customization, you can easily make an animated video. Move the characters on the screen and tell a story, the app will record your voice and the movement of the character & provide you a 3D animated video.

Toontastic 3D

In this app, you’ll find a giant toy box that is full of different characters, such as pirates, transforming-robots, nefarious villains, & a lot more characters. Create your unique personalized 3D-character design. You can also include yourself as a character by using your photo. The Toontastic 3D  also allows you to custom your voice with different music. Export your animated video & share it with your family & friends.

Toontastic 3D Features:

  • For animated video characters, the app includes a giant-toy box, such as pirates, nefarious-villains,  transforming-robots, & many more different characters.
  • Create your own customized character with 3D-drawing tools.
  • Create your own character by using your photos.
  • Mix your voice with different built-in songs.
  • Export your animated videos & share it with your friends & family.

2. I Can Animate

If you’re looking for an anime maker app for android then “I Can Animate” is one of the finest apps that you’ll find in the apps store. By using this app, you can create professional animated videos. You can make your brick-model alive and show your creativity to amaze your friends & family.

I Can Animate

It doesn’t require any cable or camera, all that you’ll need, you’ll find right behind your fingertip. To manage your animation, you need to organize them as a clip. Add audios from the library or give your own voice. Capture your character images against a green screen to customize them conveniently.

I Can Animate Features:

  • With this app, you can make your brick-model alive and create your animation video.
  • It doesn’t require any external cameras or cable, everything you need for creating animated videos is right behind your fingertip.
  • Includes sound from your audio library or add your own voice.
  • Save your animated video in full HD formats.

3. FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

With “FlipaClip: Cartoon animation”, animate your dreams and give them life. The app allows you to create a frame by frame animated video. Find your art from the growing artist and animator of this app. Making an animated movie, cartoon, is so simple & easy with this app.

FlipaClip: Cartoon animation

You can export your animated videos on your device & share them with your buddies & family or social media. You can draw pictures on the app & give them life and create animated gifs. The art drawings tools of this app, help you to create your own character. Besides, the animated layer and the video animation tools help you to custom your animation like a pro.

FlipaClip Features:

  • The app includes art drawing tools to create or customize your animation characters.
  • By using its multiple layers, you can make the perfect animation video.
  • You will also find video animating tools on this app for the perfection of your work.
  • Include audio from the device library or record your own voice.
  • Make funny & hilarious animation & share with your friends & family, or social media.

4. GIFMob – Stop Motion to GIF, MP4 Animation

If you’re searching for the best animation maker app for android then the GIFMob is the exact app that you’re looking for. Its easy user-interface allows you to create your own animation video very easily. With this app, you can make stop motion animated videos & gif files by using unlimited pictures.

GIFMob - Stop Motion to GIF, MP4 Animation

You can capture any moment with your camera and make them animated videos. Before finalizing your animated file, you can watch a demo preview so that you can easily fix it if there is any correction needed. All of your edited animations will save on the GIFMob folder as an MP4 format.

GIFMob Features:

  • The app is very user-friendly and helps the user to custom their animation effortlessly.
  • Using any pictures creates unlimited GIF & videos.
  • Watch the demo video before finalizing your animation.
  • All the animated GIF & videos are saved in your device as an MP4 format.

5. Movepic – Photo Motion & Loop Photo Alight Maker

If you want to create outstanding live wallpapers, photos, GIFS with animated effects you can use this Movepic – photo motion & loop photo alight maker. Using this versatile app, you can move any still image by directing them into a draw path. Such as moving the clouds, flow the river, float your hair, etc.

Movepic - Photo Motion & Loop Photo Alight Maker

The app also allows you to animate the sky with colorful-sunset & animated-clouds. By using its super-camera FX-effects, you can instantly animate visual effects. With the double exposure feature, you can blend & overlap multiple photos. You can edit the moving photos and add beautiful filters to customize your animation.

Movepic Features:

  • Using this app, allow you to move the still images in your given direction.
  • You can set the speed and loop of the images to customize your animation.
  • The Movepic allows you to customize the color of the sky with animated clouds or a colorful sunset.
  • With its super-camera FX-effects, you can instantly animate any visual.

6. Animate Free!

The Animate free is the best free animation app for android. By using this handy tool, you can effortlessly make animation. Professional-animators, students, storyboard artists, & game developers are highly benefited by this app. If you want to play sports or dance then this app is also good for you because this will help you in understanding the better movement.

Animate Free

With Animate free, you can teach your child how to make a cartoon so that they could make cartoons. After editing a clip you can play it instantly. You can select a character from the app and set their skin color. The app allows you to use 32 frames to create perfect animation.

Animate Free Features:

  • A very useful & handy tool for professional-animators, game developers, storyboard tellers.
  • Its multiple frames help you to create and animate your videos perfectly.
  • You can select different characters and skin colors.
  • You can use your own skins with a limit of 10 PNG images.

7. Animation Amino for MAP

If you want to become a successful animation creator then you need to follow the community of people who are working on the same aspects. Well, the “Animation Amino for MAP” is creating the opportunity for you. With the Animation Amino app, you can contact other animators and share your views and thoughts.

Animation Amino for MAP

This is a fantastic app that helps you to chat with other animators, add them to your list, & collaborate your thoughts with others. Using this app, you can hand out your current projects and get compliments from others. Give your vote in other user’s projects & always get up to date with the latest news.

Animation Amino Features:

  • Connect with different animators around the world.
  • Share your personal animated projects & get feedback from other users.
  • Communicate with other animators, include them in your list, and share your thoughts.
  • Always get up to date with the latest news.

8. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

If you’re searching for the best animation making app for android then PicsArt Animator is a perfect choice. It became one of the best apps in the year 2017 in Google-Play-Store. To create animation & cartoons, the app is equipped with a lot of functions but the using process is still very simple & user-friendly. To use this app, you don’t need any advanced skill, you just have to follow some easy steps to create animated GIFs, cartoon videos, & funny-doodles.

PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

With the PicsArt app, you can make animated stickers & customize their movement. Its multi-frame facility helps the user to make a frame by frame animation with perfections. You can duplicate any frame, insert a new one, or erase the previous one. It means everything you need to create your animation you’ll get it here. PicsArt also allows the user to control the animation speed & length. Include voice from your device library or put your own voice.

PicsArt Animator Features:

  • Create your animated stickers & customize their movement.
  • Enjoy a multi-frame facility to create your animation with perfection.
  • It allows you to duplicate any frame, insert a new one, or delete the previous one as per your need.
  • You can make your own animated selfies with the draw selfie mode.
  • Create your own personal emoji with the Emoji-Me features.

9. Roughanimator – Animation App

The RoughAnimator is a very powerful animation application for android. It is actually a hand-drawn animation application designed by a professional animator. It is a very advanced & powerful application for the professionals & as well as a simple UI for the beginners.

Roughanimator - Animation App

By using RoughAnimator, you can draw whatever you want and animate them. The application allows you to use the unlimited frame to control every single drawing and adjust its length. You can also use audio for lip-syncing. Export your animation as a quick time video, GIF, etc.

Roughanimator Features:

  • RoughAnimator is a hand-drawn application for animation.
  • Its advanced features are appropriate for the professional animator and simple UI design is also effective for the beginners.
  • Its multi-frame & adjustable layers help you to edit every single drawing with perfection.
  • Import audios from your device for lip-synching.

10.Prisma3D – 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

If you’re searching for an android application with that you can create a 3D model project, make animation & render them with perfection then Prisma3D is an ultimate choice for you. With this app, you can learn animation from the depth. You can create a Sphere, Cube, plane, light, camera, whatever you want.

Prisma3D - 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

Select an item and transform it into multiple objects. Use the color picker option to change the color. Add texture, group objects, and import different types of 3D objects. From the mesh modeling option, you can select multiple objects. Animate your selected object & Render them to export on your device in HD format.

Prisma3D Features:

  • 3D-modeling, Animation becomes so easy with the Prisma 3D app.
  • From its object menu, you can select multiple objects, such as Cube, plane, camera, Sphere, light, etc.
  • Transform your selected objects, apply texture, change color.
  • The mesh modeling option helps you to select multiple-objects and transform them.
  • Animate your selected objects and render them in HD format to export on your device.

Final Verdict

It is a common tendency of human beings to get attention from their nearest & dearest ones. Everyone likes to present themselves in the most attractive & creative way. Nowadays animation, GIFs, videos become the trend to share emotions & massages.

Now if you’re also want to share your creativity, you might look for an animation making app for android. Above in this article, I’ve included the top 10 animation apps for android. Just select any of them and start your animation project.

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