Best Anonymous Text Apps For Android and iPhone (Latest 2020)


Sometimes, we need to send some valuable credential information anonymously due to security issues. Also, sometimes, we love to send texts to our friends and family anonymously. No matter what is your purpose, an anonymous text app can help you send text messages to your friends and family anonymously.

Also, some anonymous text apps for android help you send free SMS as well across the world too. However, you should choose the best anonymous text apps for android to enjoy all these features. You know, it is not an easy task to find the one you are looking for. This article can help you find the best one.

7 anonymous text apps for android Reviews 2020

With the increasing demand of this anonymous app, the market is now flooded with so many apps. Finding the right one is somehow difficult, especially for the newbie people. That is why we have come up with some amazing apps to send an anonymous text with their features and benefits. It will help you select the right one.

anonymous text apps for android

1. Text Me

Text Me is one of the most popular apps to send free anonymous text messages. You can easily text regardless the country and cost. Also, this app helps you call anonymously for maximum security and privacy as well.


The app comes with free calling features as well. That means you can call your friends with a real number for free. Even you can send free voice mail as well. It allows you to send pictures to other mobile users for free too.

Customization can make your user experience better. You will have the customization option to have a better user experience. This app offers so many features so that it can be one of the great anonymous text apps for android.

Text Me Features:

  • This app lets you send SMS across the USA and Canada anonymously without charging a penny.
  • It allows you to get a real number so you can easily turn your mobile device into free texting and calling device easily.
  • You can customize tone, signature, background, and fonts for the easy and interesting user interface.

2. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting is another great app for your android phone you can have to send an anonymous message. You can enjoy limitless fun with this app by sending messages to your friends and family.


Besides, this app allows you to cross your country region when it comes to sending text for free. Even you can send pictures as well for more fun. Surprising your buddy was never easier. Using this app is easy too. You can simply sign up for the app by using your email.

It makes a conversation room to have a chit chat with your close person. Call quality is good as well unlike most of the free calling apps. So with all these features, this one is surely worthy of downloading and using.

FreeTone Features:

  • This app allows you to send unlimited free text anonymously to have fun and send credential information.
  • You can have unlimited free calls and send unlimited MMS with the real number across the USA and Canada.
  • It features group messaging as well where you can easily send messages to multiple people for an amazing group conversation.

3. Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number

If your concern is to do free call and message across the world, this can be the best app worth downloading. This app lets you enjoy the nameless chatting with your known and loved people.


Besides, this app lets you enjoy communication regardless the country boundary. If you want, you can get a real number with local code from where you can send real messages and calls for free too. It allows you to choose any local area country and you will get that number easily.

Another great feature of this app is its group chatting feature. Even you can make a chatting room where you can chat like real life. So all in all, this can be a simple one yet the one you need to do anonymous texting, free calling, and group chatting. Download this app with full confidence.

Free phone calls Features:

  • This app comes with an unlimited anonymous free texting offer to you so you can enjoy the fun of anonymous chatting and surprise anyone.
  • You can choose any local area country’s number to have unlimited free calls across the world with that number.
  • It allows you to do group chat as well as group conference call to make it a virtual gossip place.

4. ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

ImNot.Me Anonymous texting is another great app you can have for your android phone. Allows you go anonymous and share credential information with others. That friend does not require to have this app to receive your message at all.


It allows you to communicate and share information no matter where you live. You can send any message to anyone.  This app will help you send message on time even if you do not remember it. When the message is delivered, you will get the notification for confirmation.

Even if you have no idea what to text, it features some templates from where you can get ideas. Besides, you can access your contact list to make the messaging easier. It enables you to see the history of messages. So overall, this one is surely a good app that you should try.

ImNot Features:

  • This app is a private texting app that offers anonymous texting to your friends and family with SMS.
  • It offers free texting to any country which means there is no location barrier and you can send any message to anyone.
  • You can schedule the messages that will be sent automatically in the future that makes the app more fun.

5. Silent Phone

If you are looking for a secure app that can ensure you the maximum security to send messages or files or do the calling, then Silent Phone is can be a good option. This app lets you have effortless communication with highest grade security.


You can use burn functionality where the message will be destroyed automatically. Besides, it allows you to have highest security even when you call someone around the world.

With all these security and privacy issue, it becomes a save way to share credential files. It offers easy and secure conference calling with the maximum HD clarity so that you can enjoy group calling. All these features make this app a worthy app to download and have for security purpose.

Silent Phone Features:

  • This app offers peer to peer encrypted messaging service that ensures the maximums security of sending anything.
  • It allows you to have an encrypted calling as well so that you can surely provide any credential information with the highest security.
  • You can easily share any important files such as PDF, mp4, pictures, or others with maximum protection

6. Conversations

If you are looking for a creative app where you can send any types of messages and do video calling without sacrificing the security, then the Conversations app is for you. It offers you all the security you need to share any credential information.


Besides, you can have free video and audio call with proper privacy and security. With its intuitive user interface, you will fall in love with this app. Even it allows you to send and receive pictures with maximum security for more versatility.

Like any other good apps, this one lets you enjoy arranging official meeting with this app. This is a light app that has a very low impact on your battery life. So you can easily use this app with more fun and security.

Conversations Features:

  • This app offers you End-to-end encryption along with OpenPGP or OMEMO to ensure maximum privacy and security during texting.
  • It comes with DLTS-SRTP encryption so that you can have perfect encrypted video as well as audio calling.
  • This one offers conference calling as well so that you can use this app as a chatting room.

7. Threema

Threema is another great app to use for top-notch secure texting and calling. This one comes with all the privacy you need to share any credential information. After sending the message, it will be deleted automatically from the cloud for maximum privacy.


Making a voice call with security and privacy is easy as well with its encryption method. Along with that, you can share your memories and moments with protection as well. It allows you to create groups and enjoy group messaging for fun.

From its three themes, you can choose any and enjoy it more. It features an agree/disagree feature that you can use to reply to any message silently. Most importantly, you can do communication with other full anonymously.

Threema Features:

  • This one comes with the highest encryption ability to ensure you secure and private texting.
  • You can share videos, pictures, and locations or send any types of important files with the highest protection.
  • The app does not ask for your email or phone number, you can use this app completely anonymously.


Finding a good app for anonymous texting and calling is really important. When you have a good anonymous texting app, you can easily share any credential information or have fun with your friends and family.

That is why we have reviewed some of the best anonymous text apps for android with their features and benefits. This will help you select the right one. I say you should try all of these to find out the best one work for you. So without any further due, download these apps and enjoy anonymous texting.

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