9 Best App To Learn Arabic 2020 For Android And IOS


Learning a new language is not an easy task, especially when the letters do not correspond to those of our own alphabet. Reading and writing in a language like Arabic is not easy, so you will need to be patient. If you really want to study Arabic, you don’t have to worry about it being too complex. Nowadays, smartphone apps make the whole learning process easier.

The language exercises proposed by the app are easy to solve, starting from the basic to the advanced. Therefore, your mind will not feel saturated or prevented from learning advanced concepts. In this article, we will present the 9 best apps to learn Arabic from your smartphone.

9 Best Apps To Learn Arabic For Android and IOS Device

You can learn Arabic from your smartphone without going to the institute. Below, we have presented 9 best apps to learn Arabic from Android and iOS devices. Let’s try these apps:

Best app to learn Arabic

1. Busuu: Language Learning

Busuu is a language learner app that has award-winning expert content for learning Arabic and other languages quickly. You can download the content and practice it offline.


The app has a free and paid version. Although the free version has some limitations, you can learn basic Arabic language and alphabets. It offers McGraw Hill language certificates to potential learners.

The native speakers take lessons and make conversations with learners to teach language. So you can ask questions and speak with them to correct your mistakes.  It guides the grammar rules and tricks to make readable sentences.

Why You Use this App?

  1. Learn and practice the language with native speakers and they will talk with you.
  2. The vocabulary trainer helps to understand the words in English and make its use in the sentence perfectly.
  3. It can be used offline by downloading the content. Also, it teaches you the grammatical tricks and rules to make a complete sentence.

To learn Arabic languages from native speakers, the Busuu language learner app is great. Answer the questions in different languages so you can understand and get the solution easily.

2. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is an amazing apps for learn arabic that improves speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. It teaches grammar rules and enhances vocabulary skills.


The app offers language learning contents of experts and they are easy to understand. Its use is like playing games and improve language skills. After completing each content, you can test your progress and get rewards.

The app community has millions of learners from all corners of the world. You can join the community and get a solution to your language-related questions. Its grammatical rules help to understand the sentence structure.

Why You Use this App?

  1. All content and tricks are designed by language experts and advanced teaching methodology.
  2. After completing the lessons, you can take part in a quiz test that helps to track your progress.
  3. In the app community, you can ask questions and get an accurate answer to learn languages and correct errors.

The app teaches Arabic with an advanced teaching method that is designed by experts. The app is free and you can download courses free of cost.

3. HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages

With the HelloTalk app, you can learn different languages like Arabic directly on your device. Its AI grammar method helps to learn sentence structure, pronounce correctly, and translate it into your language to understand it well.


The interface of the app is user-friendly and you can spend time each day learning at the time that best suits you so you can make use of those moments of the day that you cannot usually take advantage of it.

The app offers a live class that is crafted by native language experts so you can start from the beginning and learn well. Enhance your Arabic and other language skills with study games, podcasts and quizzes through the app.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can practice the Arabic language with native speakers from other countries and have a group of language partners who help each other.
  2. The app translate sentences and correct when you have made mistakes. The wrong words and sentences will be marked out in red, and the correct one will appear in green.
  3. It has an AI grammar correction system that improves speaking and writing skills with perfect pronunciation.

HelloTalk app is a communication-based language learning app. With the live session and AI grammar system, your language skill will be improved and you can speak, read, listen and write Arabic like a native.

4. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone is an application for mobile devices that helps users learn a new language like Arabic using various dynamics and instructive exercises specialized in developing users’ language skills.


The app teaches Arabic without using methods that used in books and dictionaries. It offers personalized based learning tricks that help to learn Arabic quickly. You can improve your skills through practice and exercise with extended features.

In each lesson, it shows important grammar rules and hell to make sentences with proper structure. Without a dictionary, you can improve the app’s vocabulary skills.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The app has a speech recognition method that helps to learn language confidently
  2. Without grammar rules and dictionary, it can teach the speaking skills correctly. After completing, you can track your progress.
  3. It has phrasebook stories and audio lessons that provide extended learning.

Rosetta Stone has a section called “Conversation manual” included to review the pronunciation of the words so get the app in your device to learn Arabic fast.

5. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

Tandem is a popular app to learn the Arabic language quickly. It asks your interests, goals and learning preferences to find better good partners for you. It allows to make video calls and talk with experts to solve problems.


Its voice notes, audio calling system helps to improve pronunciation correctly. The grammar features help to make sentences and understand difficult structures. Also, you can chat with partners and improve writing skills with fluency.

The lessons are designed by certified professional tutors. By setting learning goals, you can achieve and learn a new language like as native.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The app allows people to chat and make calls to learn Arabic from other people around the world through the community.
  2. The in-app translation option helps to understand new words and improve your vocabulary skills quickly.
  3. The grammar correction tool and Tandem tutors master the new language with certified lessons.

Each person who applies to join Tandem goes through a selection process that ensures that the community continues to be a friendly site and focuses on language learning.

6. Learn Languages with Memrise

Memrise app is one of the best applications for Android and iOS devices that want to learn new languages like Arabic. It has the “Learn with Speakers” function only consists of listening to and identifying a person’s word in a small video clip.


It allows to learn by listening to audios and writing. The killer learning science helps to learn new words and remember them quickly. A native speaker teaches you a new language with fun and conversational words.

The interesting thing is putting yourself to the test is a way to reinforce language skills. Also, you don’t know if you really know until you see it presented in a test. You can compete with partners or with whoever you want.

Why You Use this App?

  1. You can practice with native language experts with fun and conversational words.
  2. It has a test option after every lesson to track your progress and quickly learn a language without mistakes.
  3. You can download the courses to practice offline and anywhere you want.

You can learn a new language such as Arabic with native speakers and make conversation with them that helps to learn a language quickly.

7. Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic

Learn Arabic is a free and effective Arabic language learning app that teaches core Arabic words. The app has a different style of teaching the Arabic language, which is easy and different from traditional school Arabic classes.


The teaching method started with making conversation with two people so you can memorize sentences and words easily. Each module is designed with a 45 minutes lesson.

Its speech recognition can listen to your pronounced Arabic words and give you feedback with a clear and correct format. Its intelligent reporting system shows your progress in learning.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The app provides a different language learning method that helps to learn the Arabic language quickly.
  2. You can learn lots of Arabic words and understand them easily with its core training method.
  3. With the Arabic verb conjugation, your vocabulary skill will be better day by day.

Learn Arabic app ensures 5000 words mastering guarantee after a complete training session so you can speak Arabic like a native.

8. Quranic: Learn Quran and Arabic

Quranic is an effective apps for learn arabic for busy people who have no time. Its repetition method helps to memorize Arabic words and phrases effectively. It has presented stories from the Quran that help to memorize Arabic easily.


It teaches Arabic from the Quran and the book Allah’s verses, helping to realize grammar rules and pronounce correctly and understand the meaning. It can be used offline and you can read the Quran everywhere.

Its modern teaching method provides an environment like a classroom. You can memorize the words and verses of the Quran through the app’s advanced techniques.

Why You Use this App?

  1. Its smart and intelligent lessons teach Arabic words and phrases from the Quran verses.
  2. The bite-sized lessons allows to learn Arabic easily to those people who are very busy.
  3. Its interface is user-friendly and interactive, so you can review your words after learning a lesson.

The quranic app is amazing and quick learning to learn Quran and Arabic language with your busy time. It has a modern user-interface that helps learn Arabic faster from your device.

9. Pimsleur – Learn Conversation Fast

The Pimsleur app takes you back to a classroom and consists of 30-minute audio lessons that revolve around participation and natural learning. The app is useful for students and professionals to learn a different language.


The lessons are divided into levels and each of them is the basis for subsequent levels. Its core conversational lessons enhance your language knowledge.

Digital flash cars allows to practice vocabulary and understand new words easily. It will improve your skill with Speed Round and Quick Match tools. You can download all lessons and exercise them offline.

Why You Use this App?

  1. The Pimsleur app teaches us to improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills.
  2. It has a challenge and response technique, in which the student was asked to reach the correct sentence in the targeted language.
  3. A word is presented at the beginning of a lesson, then reappeared after a few minutes, and then again towards the end of the lesson.

You don’t need a computer, you don’t need to go to class, you don’t need to have a book behind it. Just download the lessons and study at any time. In modern life, this is an almost invaluable advantage.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about the apps for learn arabic.

Can you learn Arabic by android and IOS device?

In google play store and App store, you will find lots of language learning apps and some apps allow to learn Arabic languages by android and iOS devices easily.

Can I install all Arabic Android applications for free?

Most of the Arabic android apps are free and some have paid versions with extra features. But the free apps provide complete knowledge to learn the Arabic language.

Is it Really helpful for learn Arabic language?

Apps teach the Arabic language as a class teacher. It presents all lessons step by step as a playing game so you can learn the Arabic language with fun.


The applications provide considerable help and by practicing daily, you will become an expert in the Arabic language as a native speaker. If you are always around the Arab countries,

it is highly recommended to install it on your smartphone and always carry one of the best apps to learn Arabic Android and iOS applications for Arabic learning, since it is always better to prepare. With anyone app from the above, you will speak, read, write and listen to the Arabic language like as native. These apps will encourage you to learn more and more.

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