6 Best Apps To Learn Vietnamese Easily For Android And IOS [2020]


Vietnamese is the sixth official language in the USA. Also, it is the mother tongue of Vietnam and a widely spoken language in South Asia. That is why many people desire to learn Vietnamese. However, it is not easy to learn a completely new language.

There are some apps out there that can help you learn the Vietnamese language easily. All you need to do is to find some Apps to learn Vietnamese. These apps let you enjoy the learning and thus make the language learning fun. Also, it makes learning faster too.

6 Best Apps to Learn Vietnamese for android and IOS (Beginners)

You will find a lot of apps claiming that they are the best and helpful to learn Vietnamese. However, not all the apps are good and can help you at all. That is why we have come with some helpful apps. Also, we will tell you the features and benefits so that you can easily the perfect one for you.

Best Apps To Learn Vietnamese

1. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is known as one of the most popular Vietnamese language learning apps in the market right now. It is a free learning app. This app will help you learn Vietnamese with fun and ease.


Along with that, the app comes with a Vietnamese language expert that makes the learning easier. Also, it helps you learn the language faster than ever. You can also know how you are performing when learning the language so that you can put enough effort as well.

The reward system allows you to get the motivation to learn more. It features 300+ million users and a community. That means you can be a proud member of this community where everyone is learning. So download the app now and make your Vietnamese learning fun.

Duolingo Features:

  • It comes with Game-like lessons and fun characters that make the Vietnamese learning easier.
  • This app features a science-based teaching methodology that ensures faster learning.
  • Even you can track your progress with the app and if you do well, you will get a reward.

2. Bravolol – Learn Vietnamese Free – Phrasebook

Bravolol is one of the best mobile apps to learn Vietnamese for beginners. If you just start learning Vietnamese or want to learn it, this app can help. This app will help you learn the original language with the right pronunciation and right speaking.


Learning all the words at once its hassles. That is why this app helps you learn important words only. Besides, it comes with Vietnamese pronunciation so that you can learn the right thing. With these features, it makes learning more accurate and easy at the same time.

Also, it offers searching by both English and Vietnamese. You have an easy to use user interface for easy using. So all on all, this one can be the perfect one for the beginner who seriously wants to learn this language.

Bravolol – Learn Features:

  • This app comes with a native Vietnamese speaking parrot that allows us to speak and listen to Vietnamese.
  • You have the most-used Vietnamese words and phrases and Vietnamese pronunciation so that you can learn the right thing.
  • It lets you customize the font size that makes it extremely convenient to use the app and learn new Vietnamese.

3. Simply Learn Vietnamnese

If you are looking for an app that can help you speak Vietnamese quickly, then the Simply Learn Vietnamnese can be a good option for you. You have all the important things to learn from this app that helps you utilize your time.


All those words and phrases are recorded by a native Vietnamese speaker so that you can listen to it properly. This app is designed in such a way that you can learn the language quickly. Even you can take the necessary steps to improve your performance with this app.

It allows you to save your favorite words, searches any word fast, and slow down the speaking speed for easy understanding. With its high-quality clear audio, learning becomes easier and more fun to the newbies. It offers so many features so that it can be the best apps to learn Vietnamese.

Simply Features:

  • It comes with most-used Vietnamese words and phrases so you can know the important things only.
  • With its space repetition learning system, you can learn and speak the Vietnamese language quickly.
  • It allows you to know your progress stat and also, enables you to test your learning with the quiz and test.

4. Bilingua – Language Exchange

If your need is to find the easiest app to learn Vietnamese, then the Bilingua app can be a real good option. It is designed to be your companion to learn Vietnamese and enrich your language skill. It creates a community to make the learning easier.


It features a vocabulary list that allows us to learn new words every day. Also, this app comes with a user interface full of Vietnamese. It allows you to read everything in Vietnamese and learn the language quickly. Even you can see your progress stat as well.

The app comes with a funny learning technique that makes learning easier. Even it allows you to chat with your partner and use recommended phrases and words for standard learning. With all these features, this one should be considered as one of the best apps to learn Vietnamese for android.

Bilingua Features:

  • You can connect with the Vietnamese native speakers who share common interests to make the conversation more fun.
  • It allows you to see your progress and participate in language games to learn it easily with more fun.
  • You have the newsfeed in Vietnamese language so that you can read everything in Vietnamese and learn the language quickly.

5. Collins Vietnamese<>English Dictionary

The Collins Vietnamese is a bilingual app that allows you to learn Vietnamese faster and easier. You have all the important words that help you avoid the wastage of your time. As a result, you can easily learn more and more with ease.


You can easily search any words you want with the keyword. Also, you can write the entire word without typing it. With its Fuzzy filter, you can even find the word that you do not how to spell.

Also, its color layout helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Even you can speak like a native speaker and understand the native Vietnamese language easily. All these features make learning fun and enjoyable.

Collins Vietnamese Features:

  • It comes with more than 10000 commonly used words with the English translation so that you can learn the important things only.
  • You have autocompleted features so that even if you do not know the spelling, you can write it.
  • You will have native Vietnamese pronunciation with each word to listen and learn exact pronunciation.

6. L-Lingo Learn Vietnamese

Up next is the L-Lingo Learn Vietnamese app that is designed to make your learning easier. This app comes with the important terms that used most. It will help you learn the Vietnamese language more effectively and fast.


The app will help you understand the native language and speak it properly. Even it offers grammar note so that you make no mistake with grammar. It’s clear and easy to understand enables you to understand its features and interface better.

You can know your progress and based on that, you can take the necessary steps as well. It offers so many features so that it can be one of the best apps to learn Vietnamese for iPhone. You will enjoy learning with this app.

Lingo Learn Features

  • This app comes with thousands of necessary words and visualized images to learn the language easily.
  • You will have native speaker pronunciation that allows you to listen and understand the word properly.
  • This app features fun quizzes so that you can know your condition and improve it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? If yes, you can check out our question-answer session below. I Hope, you will find your answer here.

Is it really helpful apps for learn Vietnamese?

There are a lot of options available to learn any language. When it comes to learning at home, an app can be really helpful to learn Vietnamese language.

Can I install all apps without any cost?

Not exactly. There are a lot of apps that offer free learning where some apps come with the subscription. So it depends on which app you want to use to learn Vietnamese.

Which is the best one for learn Vietnamese?

Well, there are a lot of good apps available to learn Vietnamese. However, we have mentioned some of the top class apps above. Check that out to find the best one for learning Vietnamese.


Finding the best app to learn Vietnamese is really important. It offers you a fun and easy way to learn the language and test your skills. Without a good app, it becomes tough to learn Vietnamese. That is why we have reviewed some of the top class apps to learn Vietnamese language. It will help you find the exact one you are looking for.

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