6 Best Aquarium App For Android and iPhone Of 2020


A lot of people out there want to have an aquarium on their home. However, sometimes this is not possible all the time. Sometimes, you do not have enough knowledge and experience to own an aquarium and pet some fishes and sometimes, you do not have that scope to have one.

In both cases, an aquarium app can help you a lot. It will help you know how to maintain an aquarium and fish, provide you real-life experience, and let you enjoy the game. However, you will get all of those when you have the best aquarium app for android phones.

6 Best Aquarium App For Android Reviews 2020

With the increasing popularity of these apps, the play store is now flooded with so many apps. Finding the best one is somehow difficult, especially for the newbie. That is why we have come up with some amazing apps with their features and benefits. It will help you pick you the right one for you.

best aquarium app for android

1. AqDiary

AqDiary is a great aquarium app for android you should consider. It will help you maintain your current aquarium smoothly. This app enables you to maintain the aquarium to help you learn how to maintain it.


You easily change the water when necessary with the help of this app. Besides, it keeps the record of water value and feeding as well so you can maintain a good environment for the fishes.

Along with water, you can keep other records you need to maintain the aquarium properly even if you forget by any chance. So overall, this can be a great option for you to have on your android phone.

What we like:

  • This app comes with a record of all the things needed to maintain your aquarium and keep your fishes alive properly
  • You can keep the record of the water change so that it becomes easier to change the water timely.
  • This app also allows you to keep a record of adding fertilizer, cleanup, and task management as well.

2. Aquarium Note

Aquarium Note is another great app you can have on your android phone for maintaining an aquarium. You can easily track everything important to you about the aquarium to maintain it properly.


Besides, you can log the aquarium with photos for more fun. Water is the most important factor for the aquarium. That is why this app helps you keep the water accurate for your fish all the time. You can calculate the expenses of the aquarium as well.

It allows you to create a to-do list and thus set a reminder so that you can do whatever you need to do. With this app, you can have a complete data record for the best maintenance. So with all these features, this one should be considered as the best aquarium app for android phones.

What we like:

  • It comes with the recording feature that will help you keep the record of your aquarium date since you start using it.
  • It allows you to log water parameters all the time such as pH, temperature, nitrate, and salinity to ensure proper maintenance.
  • You can export data as well as back up data so that it never loses and you can use it in the future.

3. Aquarium Manager

Forgetting about an important thing is common. You can forget feeding, cleaning, or changing the water of the aquarium is not uncommon at all. Here comes the Aquarium Manager. This app allows you to ensure enough attention and care your aquarium fishes need.


You will not forget anything that are needed to maintain the aquarium. Along with that, you can have different guides that will help you properly feed your fishes to keep them healthy. You can know your water value with the help of this app to ensure a good environment of the aquarium. Other important things are also be notified for best maintenance. You can have pictures and a diary as well in this app.

What we like:

  • This app features the management of the resident that means it will tell you what to do and when to do.
  • It will provide you the necessary tips and planning of the feeding so that you can feed your fishes as well.
  • It can help you do maintenance such as cleaning the aquarium, changing the water, and others.

4. Fish Live

If you do not have a place or opportunity to have an actual aquarium, you can have the Fish Live app. This is a game where you need to raise fishes in the aquarium. You will have a real life aquarium experience with this app.


The app features different types of fishes for you. Since it offers 3d animation, you will feel like real fishes on your mobile phone. Along with the fishes, you will have other real life like features as well.

Anyone having no prior experience can use this app without any hassle. With its detailed and beautiful graphics, you can notice each and everything in your aquarium. So download it and feed your fishes to level up the game.

What we like:

  • It comes with dozens of adorable fishes that you can keep in your aquarium and raises it with time.
  • You will have amazing plants, backgrounds, and hundreds of decorations to make your aquarium mind-blowing.
  • This app features a simple and easy to use interface so that you can easily use this app even if you are new in this field.

5. Fishdom

Fishdom is another good aquarium game you can play to enjoy real life-like aquarium experience. This app lets you enjoy real life like aquarium feeling so that you never feel the absence of the aquarium.


You can play hundreds of fun matches and challenging game levels for more challenges and more fun. This app allows you to play and make the aquarium larger. You will have all the important character that makes it more realistic.

This app lets you share your fishes with your friends and family on social media like Facebook. You can design your tank as you want with its mind-blowing 3d graphics. So overall, this amazing game can be a good option for having an aquarium experience.

What we like:

  • This app comes with unique gameplay where you need to take care of your fishes so that you can experience how it feels to have an aquarium.
  • You need to compete with other players that will help you develop your aquarium faster and grow your fishes as well.
  • With its 3d animation character, you can explore an exciting aquatic universe in your mobile phone.

6. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

Up next is the Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium which is an adorable fish tank game. Here, you need to breed your fish so that you can sell them and decorate your aquarium. You will have different unique species of fishes.


In every level, you can upgrade your aquarium décor and expand your fish empire with fun. Other than that, you can provide treatment to your fishes to keep your fishes healthy all the time.

There are plenty of items available there with which you can decorate your aquarium and make it wonderful. It allows you to make your own research to make your fish more valuable than others. So overall, this one might be a good game for you to enjoy the aquarium.

What we like:

  • This app comes with more than 400 unique species of fishes that make the game more fun.
  • You can cure your fish with the help of magical zen plants that enhances the fun of the game.
  • You can research food and environment to sustain rare fishes to increase your value.

Final Word

Finding the best aquarium app for android is really important. When you have the best one, you can maintain your aquarium better than ever. Also, it can help you experience something amazing. That is why we have reviewed some of the top class aquarium apps for your android phone with their features and benefits.

This will help you select the best one for you. So what are you waiting for? Download these apps now and enjoy the real-life experience of the aquarium and maintain the aquarium better than ever.

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