10 Best Barcode Apps for Android & iPhone in 2020


This is the most unique and advanced way to keep information about the product to the seller. Sometimes it is hard to put every single data on a computer or android device. This is why there are so many barcode apps for android.

Usually, people use the smartphone for online shopping. Now they can use the barcode app for scanning the QR code of any product. With this app, a customer can also verify the product. By scanning the product, all information will be in your hand.

What Does A Barcode Scanner App Do?

Barcode is basically one kind of pattern that represents all kinds of encoded information. If the barcode has a hidden URL and you use the barcode app, it will automatically open the related site.

Using barcode scanning apps for android gives you a smart solution for shopping online. You can also get authentic information by using those apps. Some of the QR code includes a product website. So, when you scan it through apps, you can gather quick information about the product.

10 Best Barcode Apps for Android Reviews 2020

This content will show you the 10 best barcode apps for your android device. Pick the one you think it’s helpful and use it to get the best service.

barcode apps for android

1. Barcode Scanner

Are you looking for a scanner app that works in multiple ways? Well, the Barcode Scanner can be the one.  This app has one of the powerful QR code with a barcode reader. For faster and user-friendly options choose this barcode scanner for android.

1 Barcode Scanner

By using the phone camera this app quickly catches the information from any QR code. If there is any website on that code, this app will directly lead to that code.  For fast scanning with security, this app can be easily recommended for you.

Barcode Scanner Features:

  • This app is one of the powerful apps with safe scanning through android.
  • This app quickly catches the URL from the QR code and opens the site on your phone.
  • One of the safest and user-friendly apps for a quick scan.

2. QR & Barcode Scanner – X2

If you are confused about any product or want to search the details, just install the QR X2 app. This app finds the URL inside the QR code and directly connects to the product website. This way you can compare the price, quality, and other information.

2 QR & Barcode Scanner - X2

For unique design and user-friendly interface, this app is popular. Scanning apps works automatically. You don’t have to press any extra button to run the app. Also, through this, you will get an accurate result.

QR & Barcode Features:

  • The QR X2 scanner is user friendly and you can operate smoothly.
  • This scanner catches the code automatically, no need to press any button.
  • You will find the accurate results of the product by using this app.

 3. QR & Barcode Scanner

To record all the information of a product, the maximum manufacturer uses the QR code. This way, those who want to sell or get detailed info about the product will easily get it. For reliable information, pick QR & Barcode Scanner on your android phone.

3 QR & Barcode Scanner

Want to get free barcode apps for android? You can start with this free app. Besides scanning this app also reads the contact, calendar, location, and many more things. By using this app for scanning, you can also compare prices and quality.

QR & Barcode Features:

  • This app gives you the opportunity to scan coupons besides QR code.
  • The Flashlight option will ease the scanning process.
  • It has a built-in option with easy operation mode on an android device.

4. Barcode Scanner Pro

For accuracy & fast service Barcode Scanner pro app is best. You can use the professional version of this app. This app makes sure a quick and fast recognition of QR code through scanning.

4 Barcode Scanner Pro

You can keep track of your scanning list and save it for later. This app is reliable compared to others. Different types of code can be recognized through this app within a second. For reliable barcode apps for android choose this app.

Barcode Scanner Features:

  • This app uses a professional edition to deliver accurate service.
  • You can create your own QR coding for all kinds of information.
  • Through this app, you can check the history of the scanning.

5. Qrbot: Qr & Barcode Reader

Maximum Scanning app wants permission before scanning any QR code. But, when you use this QRbot app, you don’t have to wait for any information. Also, the performance of this app is awesome and provides great security.

5 QRbot

For a fast catch of the URL, you can use this app on your android device. You can also scan from the images. This app has the zoom and flashlight option and you can easily share the code. This app has built up the customize options.

Qrbot Features:

  • This app provides strong security and the performance is awesome.
  • You don’t need any access to scan with this app.
  • You can use a flashlight and scan even in a dark place.

6. QR & Barcode Reader

For the maximum scanning app, you may need permission sometimes. When you select this app you don’t have to rely on the permission. You can easily manage the permission along with saved history.

6 QR & Barcode Reader

This app supports phone calls, email, SMS, locations with data, and website links. There are so many codes that are acceptable by this app. Like two- dimensional code, Aztec code, Data Matrix, etc.

QR & Barcode Features:

  • This app supports multiple codes for scanning including two-dimensional code.
  • You can use this app for geo locations, phone calls, SMS, calendar events, etc.
  • It has customized search options with creating and sharing options on android.

7. Qr Code Reader

To encode or decode text, URL or ISBN QR code reader is one of the best barcode scanner apps for android. You can get a high-quality application by running this app. The app design is unique and provides fast service.

7 QR code reader

With a single tap, you can browse the site or see the text from the scanner app. You can also save or share the QR code through this app. This app supports almost every android device and it is completely free. One of the powerful and speedy scanners this app is.

Qr Code Reader Features:

  • This app helps to generate the code and scan it very fast.
  • This app helps to encrypt personal info, and create codes for all types of messages, email, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Through this scanner app, you can share your location, QR code, and direction.

8. FREE QR Scanner: QR Scanner & Reader Pro

This app is one of the super fast and completely secure apps for android. For standard or 2D code you can rely on this app. This app actually works for multiple codes. To scan any product QR code you don’t have to connect your android with an internet connection.

8 FREE QR Barcode Scanner

This app saved the history of the scanning and a great generator of QR code. This app is flashlight supportive and you can quickly scan. The user interface is simple and quick with easy functions.

FREE QR Scanner Features:

  • For standard 1D & 2D code scanning this app can be very helpful.
  • You can instantly scan the code without a net connection.
  • The app saved the entire scanning history and supported the flashlight.

9. Compare Prices On Amazon & eBay – Barcode Scanner

Want to check product prices on eBay or Amazon stores? Use this scanner app completely free with easy and lucrative design. When you scan any code through his app, the inside code will directly link up with Amazon or eBay site.

9 Compare Prices On Amazon & eBay

As those two stores are full of multi-products, you can easily compare the price, ratings, or quality. You can also find the best product at a price and easily decide from where you can buy. For your stress-free shopping use this scanner app on your android device.

Compare Prices Features:

  • This scanner app provides a comparison tool so that you can compare price & quality from the stores.
  • Get lots of discounts, excellent deal with an amazing offer by using this free android scanning app.
  • Scanning of the product will show you honest ratings and reviews on your device.

10. Barcode Scanner for Amazon

This app is directly linked to the Amazon store. When you scan any product with this app it will automatically lead you to the Amazon store in a second. For comparing the product price this app works amazingly.

10 Barcode Scanner for Amazon

By using this app you can also compare ratings and reviews of the listed items. With lots of discounts and find deals this app is very easy to use on your android device. For your smart purchase with an amazing offer, this app will be a great help.

Barcode Scanner Features:

  • With this app, you will get lots of discounts and a great deal from the store.
  • This app directly linked up to the Amazon store.
  • You can easily compare ratings, reviews, and prices through his app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some reliable questions that might help to get the appropriate answers.

Can you scan a barcode from a screenshot?

Yes, you can scan the barcode from any screenshot. But your screenshot needs to be clear. Also, you will need a special app to run the barcode from the screenshot.

Can I scan barcodes with my Android?

Almost every Android app has a built-in scanning option. You will find this app on the app list. So, yes with an android device you can scan the barcode.

Can my Android phone or tablet scan QR Codes without an app?

In your android or tablet phone, you will find a built-in app to scan QR code. Also, google screen search helps to scan the QR code from your android or tablet.

Final Thought

The majority of people are not aware of the scanning apps. Also, people think that it’s not a necessary app that you need to download for your android device. Also, the maximum android device has a built-in scanning option.

But, google store offers several barcode apps for android. Pick any app you want to use and run through your android device. This scanning app read the website link or other info from the QR code. If the link attaches to the code, it directly open.

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