7 Best Database Apps For Android And iPhone- 2020 Reviews


Having a record of information will serve us for many things, whether we have a company and need to know the contacts of suppliers. Also if we want to do research work and we must store the references of the best pages to obtain information.

Many homeowners and small businesses create simple databases, with customer contact information and mailing lists with an easy-to-use app. Here, we will present the 7 best database apps for android to collect, manage and disseminate information efficiently.

7 Best Database Apps For Android Reviews 2020

The database app is used to search, sort, calculate, report, and share information. Below, we have rounded up 7 free database apps for android that allows you to protect data and do your daily records on the smartphone.

Best Database Apps For Android

1. Memento Database

Memento Database app allows you to store anything in an orderly manner by categories so that you don’t lose anything. Its categories are differentiated by icons or stickers that define each database’s purpose or theme, allowing you to control everything.

1 Memento Database

It adds texts or notes with information, stores messages and emails, and shares folders of information with other users, who can access the data from their devices. You can easily customize the records and sync with google sheets.

Everything will be backed up so that you do not lose your valuable data, even adding financial information about your company or any personal or contact data that you need to safeguard.

Memento Database Features:

  1. You can perform analysis and include different types of data single or in a team on the app.
  2. It works online and offline, so you can use it anywhere, anytime.
  3. Its protection level is strong enough and you can put a password on each database file.
  • Create a database in a single or a team.
  • Professional and personal database.
  • Makes plan and management easier.
  • Sync with google sheets.
  • Customizable records.
  • Optional libraries cannot be deleted.

2. Easy Database

With the Easy Database app, you will get a customizable board where you can add information about anything or category, organized by colored labels that will help you find them easily. You can store any data such as contacts, suppliers or whatever you want to enter and keep under supervision.

2 Easy Database

It will allow you to add a lot of multimedia files to your library if its storage is essential. You will be able to export your information to PDF format to send to your contacts or print.

It is a completely free and unlimited application, so you can save anything you want. Add all the necessary content and make quick calculations and create information grids.

Easy Database Features:

  1. You can easily manage and arrange all data without internet on the smartphone.
  2. The database could be edited, reviewed and customizable if you needed to do it.
  3. It supports tables, GPS field, audio files, images and all format data.
  • Support all types of data
  • No limitations
  • Works without internet
  • Calculation fields
  • Customizable exported and imported files
  • No support or help section

3. Smartsheet: Manage Teams, Projects, Tasks and Work

Smartsheet app helps to maximize your productivity with better spreadsheet making, innovation and collaborating with the team. You can manage any projects easily in the database app with unlimited entries.

3 Smartsheet

You can access the database sheet anytime, anywhere. It supports images, forms, barcodes and more to add all information in a place. Also, you can easily review the overall workflow and take action to increase more productivity.

It provides real-time sync and visibility with integrated smart sheets. You can do leading project management, plan, automate and make reports easily and quickly with the app.

Smartsheet Features:

  1. It allows you to create a database and share it with others in a versatile CSV format.
  2. You can easily collaborate with your team and improve productivity by checking the sheet.
  3. It provides real-time sync with phone and integration with real-time work.
  • Collaborate with team
  • Improve productivity with better workflow
  • Real-time synchronization
  • View datasheet from the phone with a single tap
  • Seamless and unlimited performance
  • No auto-fill option

4. MobiDB Database – relational database app

MobiDB Database app provides high customizable tables that help to create databases easily. Its form design organizes all data and ensures readability. The charts allow you to edit and review data effectively.

4 MobiDB Database

The inventories of the home and office can be managed quickly with the app. It permits to create a database without any limitations. You can easily manage tasks, check progress, make invoices, product lists and more.

You can make a to-do list and store personal collections in the app. It can be synchronized with the phone and cloud storage to make a backup of prepared database files.

MobiDB Database Features:

  1. You can create a database and organize data with proper analysis.
  2. It can be used in a team to improve workflows and collaboration.
  3. You can create a custom database and store personal collections easily.
  • Easy to organize data
  • Create a custom database
  • Manage and work in a team
  • Customized table with data analysis
  • Store private and local data
  • Unstable synchronization

5. PortoDB Database

PortoDB Database allows you to create a lot of databases by categories and then access their content grids to fill them with any information you need. In addition, you can make quick calculations to add totals and accurately obtain general data.

5 PortoDB Database

You can store any information on your smartphone, such as contacts, call logs and messages, and then export them in CSV format and use them on any other device. It contains a very elegant, simple, minimalist and easy-to-understand interface.

All saved databases are saved in the PortoDB folder on the phone. You can make a backup of the database in the cloud storage. It keeps all database file in SQLite format so you can use it anywhere.

PortoDB Database Features:

  1. It creates a database on the PortoDB folder in the phone storage for backup.
  2. All types of data can be stored in the database without any limitations.
  3. It allows you to calculate numeric problems using formulas if required.
  • Support all types of data
  • Clean interface
  • Backup database on cloud storage
  • Calculate general data
  • Lack of support

6. Customer Database

Customer Database app has a simplistic and secured design that allows managing a small company effectively. You can sync data with SQL server and mobile to avoid data loss. Also, you can secure the app and data with password protection.

6 Customer Database

You can maintain datasheet in a group with customers, clients, workers and put all records to observe details together. Giving phone access shows the name of the person who is calling you and it collects the name from the database.

It can be personalized based on your requirements. You can export the file is CSV format and save in cloud or drive to keep safe all data. It has a dark mode that is adjusted with phone screen brightness.

Customer Database Features:

  1. You can easily create a database and manage it securely with data loss prevention.
  2. It allows you to use the database with the team and manage all tasks together.
  3. It has a dark mode that can be adjusted with the phone screen.
  • Simple and secured database UI
  • Sync with SQL and phone to avoid data loss
  • Teamwork
  • Dark modes with screen adjustment
  • Proper data management
  • No customization field

7. Database Designer

Database Designer app allows you to organize everything completely and automatically. With it, you can add hundreds of entries defined by categories such as maps, books, etc. A category will differentiate each entry and you can add some badges that differentiate them from each other.

7 Database Designer

It stands out among the applications for databases because it allows you to make complete and complex calculations of stored figures to obtain totals of each one. You can easily customize the database layouts with several designs.

You will always be able to export your information in different formats such as PDF to send them to other people, share them in your workgroup or print them. You will have all the information at your fingertips and nothing will go beyond your bookstore.

Database Designer Features:

  1. You can create a database quickly and edit, design, change colors and others as you want.
  2. It can export the database file into a picture and SQL format.
  3. You can customize and optimize with multi-windows mode.
  • Export file in picture and SQL
  • Support all types of data
  • Customizable
  • Lots of design and layouts
  • Optimized for all devices
  • SQL input option missing


These free database apps for android are incredibly useful to track large amounts of data and easier to find and use that data. You create a database, add tables, and then start adding data to the tables. All information is stored in phone storage and you can make a backup in cloud or drive storage.

They allow you to export data in a versatile format so that you can use it everywhere. To keep track of your data, install anyone from the 7 best database apps for android and stay secure.

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