The 8 Best Document Scanning App for Android & iOS 2021


At present, you don’t need to purchase a big scanner or printer to scan your documents.  Using a document scanning app, you can quickly scan any files, including photos, reports, and receipts. You can also save the scanned file on your device in both PDF format or image.

However, finding the best Document Scanning app for Android is a little bit hard. Several applications are available on the Google play store, but you must have downloaded the appropriate one. All the applications claim they provide the best service but actually not. In this context, we have accumulated some of the top document scanner apps for android.

Can You Scan Documents on Android?

If you are a smartphone user, it is possible to scan documents through a mobile phone. As we mentioned earlier, you will get several apps on the play store to use as a scanner instead of a desktop. Scanning documents on mobile phones are more convenient than big scanners or printers.

Using the Google Drive application, you can simply scan any files. Download Google Drive first and then launch the app on your device. Now click on the (+) option. You will see a “Scan” option there. Press on it and then capture the file that you would like to scan. Following this way, you can scan any document on android.

Why Do You Need a Scanner App on Your Mobile Device?

Printing and scanning is an essential function in the office or workplace as well as our personal lives. Mobile scanner apps provide the same functions to the users as they can on the desktop. It is convenient and lightweight, so you can easily scan the document and then send the file from the phone.

Mobile document scanning app offers enormous benefits. For example, it can store the scanned files on the device’s memory. If you need, you can keep them in Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage without confronting issues. You can change the color, resolution, theme of the scanning file as well.

8 Best Document Scanning App for Android

From a vast number of applications, we gathered 8 best document scanning apps for Android. Below, we give a full review of these eight applications. So stay with us and choose the correct one for your device.

Best Document Scanning App for Android

1. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

If you would like to convert your device into a portable and powerful document scanner, you can use Tiny Scanner.  With this PDF Scanner App, you can scan documents such as images, reports, receipts, documents, and many more files. It is lightweight, fast, and perfectly designed for tablets and phones.

Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App

Some incredible features have been included in this app that make it popular. Using this app, you can scan in different modes like grayscale, black, and white.  You can set the page size as well with this app for PDF. The crucial part of this app is, you can safeguard your scanned document with a passcode.

  • Save your file to the device’s memory
  • Scan your Document unlimitedly
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Search option is available
  • Can’t attach a document to an email
  • Show ads in the free version

2. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

It is considered one of the best scanning tools for Android. Make your device a powerful and strong scanner with the help of this application. Through this app, you can turn anything into a PDF file without any hassle. It has the capability to scan the docs, text recipients, books, and many more.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

It uses OCR( Automated Text Recognition) that can turn your images into high-quality Adobe PDF documents. Recycling content is another crucial part of this app that allows you to reuse scanned content by generating high-quality PDFs. Besides, it cleans up your scans by extracting and editing deficiencies.

  • Makes PDF more faster
  • Can save the business cards to contacts
  • Save PDF scanned to the Adobe cloud storage
  • Simple to use
  • Paid Adobe needs for cloud storage
  • Consumes battery

3. CamScanner – Scanner to Scan PDF

CamScanner is one of the most potent PDF scanners for its features. Using the application, you can alter your device into a tiny scanner. With this application, you can scan a photo into a pdf easily. After scanning the file, you save it to your device storage as well.

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF

Using the camera, you can digitize all documents, including business cards, certificates, receipts, and so on. It includes an optimized scan quality option that improves the excellency of graphics and texts. That’s why you get premium colors and resolutions.

  • You extract text from the image
  • Share your PDF JPG file
  • Advanced Document editing option
  • Protects document with Password
  • Comparatively hard to use
  • Show ads in the free version

4. Clear Scan: Free Document Scanner App, PDF Scanning

Convert your smartphone into a portable scanner app with the Clear Scan App.  With this application’s help, you can quickly scan all kinds of documents such as images, reports, business cards, receipts, and many more. It provides the best quality images with a single touch.

Clear Scan: Free Document Scanner App, PDF Scanning

Some incredible features have been included in this application. It documents edge detection, which can automatically detect the file and correct it by giving color and shape. Flexible editing is another crucial feature of the app that allows you to edit the scanned file with several filters.

  • It works fast
  • Cloud storage inside the app
  • Cloud print available
  • Extracts text from images
  • Hard to use
  • Contains advertisement

5. Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

With the Fast Scanner app, you can scan multiple pages. It takes comparatively less time to process the scanning. Using the application, you can scan documents including, business cards, notes, magazines, images, and many more.

Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

You can save the scanned file on your device or open them from the other applications. It includes an editing option as well to adjust filter, colors, or contrast.

  • Email Scanned documents
  • It runs fast
  • Cloud printer option available
  • Multiple editing support
  • Costs to much
  • Excessive advertisement in free version

6. ScanPro App – PDF Document Scanner

ScanPro is best for scanning documents and QR codes. Utilizing the application, you can create high-quality PDF scans to JPG scans with a single click. You can also transfer the scanned files by fax or email directly from this app. Moreover, you can upload them to several cloud storage, including Google Drive, Dropbox.

ScanPro App - PDF Document Scanner

This application’s user interface is easy; thus, everyone can utilize it without confronting any hassle. When you scan the document or other recipients, it captures these documents appropriately and crops the document to make a perfect one.

  • Can scan high-quality PDF
  • Scan multiple-page documents
  • Applies different color
  • Multiple themes are available
  • Sometimes connection drops
  • Little bit slow

7. Simple Scan – Free PDF Scanner App

Simple Scan is a document scanning app for android phone that is popular for its advanced features. It works the same as the Scan pro application. With this app’s help, you can scan documents as well as QR codes. It makes your phone a tiny scanner device.

Simple Scan - Free PDF Scanner App

Moreover, you can upload the scanned file in several cloud storage with this app’s help. Simple Scan supports Email, fax, and print. As a result, you can send the scanning file or print out the file directly from the Simple Scan app. Besides, it provides 5 levels of contrast in scanning files.

  • Automatically remove chaos background
  • Several image processing option
  • Can set the page size
  • Search option available
  • Show irrelevant advertisement
  • Consumes mobile battery

8. Smart Scan – PDF Scanner, Free files Scanning

Smart Scan app is a free document scanner app for android phones that can scan all types of documents, including reports, receipts. It has an OCR option that can convert images to text easily. You can store the scanned file as pdf or pictures on your device’s memory.

Smart Scan – PDF Scanner, Free files Scanning

It is simple to use and comparatively faster than other scanning apps. Editing and extracting features are also available on the apps that help you edit the scanned file according to your desire. You share your scanned file in several social networks from this app.

  • Support high-resolution HD docs
  • Multiple filter options available
  • you short scan by folder
  • Customizable files and folders
  • Pop-up ads
  • Sometimes stop working

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly scanning apps is an essential tool to scan our documents. With the scanning application, you can utilize your smartphone as a portable scanner device. You don’t need to use a big printer machine or scanner. Finding the best document scanning app for android is a little bit tough. In the above, we have listed some best scanning applications that work comparatively better than other applications.

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