10 Best Free Compass Apps for Android and iPhone of 2020


Think and Remember: How long has it been since you used a compass? A real compass. You’re probably imagining the 1800s Amazon adventure movie where the hero used a compass or wondering where that old compass your grandfather gave you ended up.

Compasses tell you where you are with the rest of the world, and what direction to take if you are lost on the road. For backpackers, hikers, and severe survivors, having a reliable compass guides them in the correct direction. So, we have the best free compass apps for android that are hassle-free and provide accurate direction.

10 Best Free Compass Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Here, you see the best free compass apps for android that you can download in google play. We leave you only 10 among the crowd so that you do not have to waste time installing and uninstalling applications on your mobile.

Best free compass apps for android

1. Digital Field Compass

Digital Field Compass app disposes of all trash and serves as a perfect compass that is light on battery usage to preserve battery power. It doesn’t have fancy maps or backgrounds, but it does have a fantastic night mode to protect your night vision.

1 Digital Field Compass

It has a manual declination setting and can determine if it has magnetic interference. This is the best digital-oriented compass out there. It doesn’t stop at land navigation. It has settings for pitch and roll that make it a reliable sea compass too.

The Holo dark themes allow you to see the compass direction clearly with the oriented field. It has a true north reference option and configurable values to make a backup.

Why do you use this app?

  • It is simple and easy to use because it has an oriented and declined field.
  • The night mode provides accurate direction with backup data.
  • It is great for orientation, has center panel display and customizable values.

The Digital Field Compass app provides accurate and oriented data.

2. Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro app has enough additional features to stand out from the crowd. There are bars with more and bars with less, but none combine the ease of use and functionality of the app.

2 Compass 360 Pro Free

It works worldwide as opposed to some of the compasses that only work in one hemisphere. It gives you degrees in decimal format and general orientation, making its use simple but powerful enough for those with some knowledge of navigation.

You will get bearings in true north or magnetic north that makes it useful for general navigation or use with a topo map. As the compass swings from one heading to another, the movement is smooth and the appearance is clean with a classic professional look.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has several compass skin and decimal bearings that provide accurate direction with details.
  • Without an internet connection, you can use the app because it has a true magnetic north pole.
  • Its compass card moves smoothly with proper orientation speed.

The Compass 360 Pro ensures proper direction with smooth movement anywhere, anytime.

3. Best Compass

The best Compass app performs like a real compass and provides accurate direction using four cardinal directions. It provides geographical direction. You can detect 4 direction poles with azimuth and angle that makes it reliable and versatile.

3 Best Compass

It has a flashlight and map that helps to check the saved route. Its true heading and magnetic declination can detect the direction accurately. You will never get lost anywhere for its internet free performance. It shows a guide to using the app and updated navigation bars to get more clear direction result.

Its UI and professional design are aesthetic, so anyone can easily operate the app. It works through the phone’s magnetic sensor that is connected with the GPS system.

Why do you use this app?

  • It shows 4 cardinal directions with azimuth and angle using the magnetic sensor of your phone.
  • You can check the saved and recorded route using flashlight and map of the app.
  • It has true north, magnetic declinations and GPS coordination that provide an accurate result.

Best Compass provides accurate direction using magnetic declination, true heading and GPS system.

4. Digital Compass

Digital Compass app uses the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerator sensors to provide a highly accurate direction. Its point market marks your desired direction with red color to understand clearly. Also, you will get an accurate report in the calibrate instruction option.

4 Digital Compass

It has a built-in map that provides information on the selected location. In the sensor status, you can see all the working sensors. If some sensors are disabled, enable them to get a more accurate direction.

You can see the magnetic and true north in the app. The alphabetical signs indicate the four major directions in N, E, S and W. Also, it shows to you the EMF and Slope level using magnetic field strength.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides high accuracy direction and you can mark the desired direction with the pointer marker.
  • You can see the slope level, accuracy state and geo directions in the app.
  • It has a built-in map that provides directional information and address of selected locations.

Digital Compass app has a map and directional options that provide high accuracy direction with location details.

5. Compass

The compass app provides accurate directions in four directions. It has a movable ring-shaped bezel that includes the opposite number of direction angles. Also, the lubber line allows you to detect the direction from anywhere.

5 Compass

You can navigate the compass with the bezel to get accurate directions in number. It has a true north arrow option that ensures the desired direction on the app. The steel shape object move according to the response from the phone’s magnetic sensor.

The best part of the app is it shows accurate direction when you rotate the phone and move randomly. Its side window and deviation help to avoid the wrong direction.

Why do you use this app?

  • Its design and UI is very simple and provide dual bezel direction with accuracy.
  • The lubber line put a reference mark to indicate the head number in the compass.
  • It ensures accurate direction while you are moving the phone.

Compass app is an amazing tool for outdoor activists and professionals for its accurate result.

6. Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy is a functional compass app that shows an accurate direction. It has a very nice design and simplistic UI that ensure flawless detection. You can calibrate the compass in the google maps.

6 Compass Galaxy

It works on the phone accelerator and magnetic sensors to get stable performance while moving. You can easily navigate the compass and perform as a real compass so that you will not get tired.

It is a perfect app for outdoor activities, hiking, traveling, etc. You can use it both internet and without the internet. For its bright background, you can find the right direction at daylight and night time.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can calibrate the compass smoothly in the google maps to see the location’s direction.
  • It uses accelerator and magnetic sensors to detect the direction with higher accuracy.
  • While you are moving the phone, it shows a stable and accurate direction.

The Compass Galaxy is perfect apps for outdoor activists, travelers and hikers.

7. Just a Compass (Free & No Ads)

Just a Compass app uses the phone’s sensors and GPS to provide high accuracy direction at all condition. It includes latitude and longitude in DMS, DMM, UTM and DD format so you can clearly understand your location.

7 Just a Compass (Free & No Ads)

The magnetic field strength ensures the correct position with proper direction to the South and the North Pole. Also, it can compute altitude with EGM96 reference to get more precise data.

It shows the sunset and sunrise timing at your present location with address and details. Its red color compass and fast performance help to detect any direction quickly.

Why do you use this app?

  • It uses magnetic declination to show the geographical north with altitude computing.
  • You can see the direction of your location and address with all details.
  • The EGM96 shows altitude and UTM shows the surface with an accurate result.

The Just a Compass app provides accurate direction with location details.

8. Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D can find the direction of the sun and the moon. Its UI is very simple has colorful themes with 3D graphics so you can choose as you need. It has True and Magnetic heading modes to get 360 degrees direction.

8 Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D can find the direction of the sun and the moon. Its UI is very simple has colorful themes with 3D graphics so you can choose as you need. It has True and Magnetic heading modes to get 360 degrees direction.

You can set the angle in clockwise to detect the destination with an accurate direction. It calibrates automatically and coordinates the locations easily by getting access to your phone’s permission.

It is a complete marine style compass, so anyone can use it to find the proper direction. It can be used horizontally and vertically without any difficulties.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has dual heading modes that provide accurate direction with sun and moon indicator.
  • You can change its interface with several colorful themes.
  • It can calibrate and coordinates the location automatically.

Compass Steel 3D is a stylish marine compass that provides accurate direction with color themes.

9. 3D Compass Plus

3D Compass Plus app proves the augmented reality view uses the phone’s camera to display a 3D compass, map, coordinates, direction, speed, and time, all on one easy-to-read screen.

9 3D Compass Plus

You can point the camera to target an object or take a video showing your course and export it for your friends to follow. It’s a fun time in geocaching to add a little extra flavor and can really be a great tool for those interested in orientation.

You can teach newcomers how to navigate using the compass, the relationship between heading and displacement. You can set it up and walk to use it as a tool or for recreation. Everything you do with 3D Compass Plus will be exciting.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has great augmented reality mode to view 3D maps and observe address, time and speed.
  • You can record videos, take screenshots and control altitude of your place.
  • It can be zoomed in/out to see the location clearly.

The 3D Compass Plus app allows you to record videos and perfect navigation with 3D maps.

10. Smart Compass

Smart compass provides accurate direction without using the phone’s GPS system. It only uses the magnetometer and accelerator of your phone to work properly. You can easily calibrate the compass by waving like symbol 8.

10 Smart compass

In the sensor status list, you can see which sensors are working with the app. It has several compass modes to get an accurate direction.

It’s UI and very simple and the black color background provides clear visibility. By shaking your hand, it can calibrate the compass smoothly to show the right direction.

Why do you use this app?

  • It uses magnetic sensors and accelerator to show accurate direction.
  • You can link it to other GPS tools and Google Maps.
  • It allows you to use the phone vertically or horizontally.

The Smart compass app smoothly calibrates the compass and provide proper direction.


The free compass apps for android phones work like a real compass with an accurate direction. They use the accelerometer sensor on your device to detect the direction.

Also, they have built-in maps and provide selected location details. The apps are perfect for hikers, outdoor activities people where internet connection is absent and GPS is not good.

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