Top 10 Best Funny Face App Android and iPhone in 2020


Our mobiles, together with the number of applications in Google Play, can do amazing things. Yes, currently our smartphone is a tool for the day today, but it can also serve to make us laugh. One of the most seen applications on social networks, thanks to the number of people who use them, as those that allow you to apply funny effects on your face easily. You choose the one you like best and record a video or take a fun photo of yourself. These are the best funny face apps android that you can install if you want to use funny effects on your face in real-time with your mobile camera.

Best Funny Face Apps Android Reviews 2020

Below, we have presented the best funny face apps android to make a funny face with stickers, filters, effects, and funny cameras. Let’s install a funny face app and have fun moments with friends.

Best Funny Face App Android

1. Face Changer

Face Changer is a killer app to edit and twist faces with a single tap. You can change eyes, noses and make them hairless with the editing tools. It allows you to make them thin and add an extra smile effect to look funny.


It has several fonts to add in the photo so you can express thoughts or put a funny line. You can share the picture on social media after saving the picture. Its uses and the UI is easier to use for everyone.

You can apply effects from its large collections. It allows you to adjust face color and tone so you will get a high-quality picture.

Why do you use this app?

  1. The app allows you to change your face by changing your nose, eyes, hair and adjusting face shape.
  2. You can add text over the face and add a smile effect with the smudge tool.
  3. It allows you to make a face thin or fat and you will share on social media.

Face Changer app brings funny effects on the face within a few minutes.

2. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 app allows you to change face in real-time while taking selfies. It has lots of funny effects and characters that help to make fun with friends. You can adjust the face details with the accessories it has.


You can swap the faces of friends and add with anyone to have fun. It transforms the skin tone into a fat, thin, skinny, monster and so on. By smudging over the face, you can bring cartoon shape on the face.

It has lots of stickers that can be used on a special occasion or any subject. It allows you to shoot a video with funny faces and share it with others to have fun.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can edit funny faces with makeup, stickers, cloning tools and much more easily.
  2. While you are taking a selfie, it automatically changes the face according to face effects.
  3. It allows you to make a video with funny faces so you can enjoy the fun with friends by sharing.

Face Changer 2 make funny faces and videos to have more fun.

3. Face Changer Video

Face Changer Video changes face by adding animated effects on the picture. It allows you to make an animated video with several accessories and tools. Also, you can add a voice to the animated photo and video.


With its smudge tool, you can make a face thinner, fatty and add text with colorful effects. You can add eyes, eyebrows, mustaches, lips, noses and much more to bring funny effects.

It has lots of stickers to add in the picture by dragging. With the effects, you can bring the funny effects with bulging eyes. After saving the photo, you can freely share with friends to have fun.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It has a huge amount of stickers, effects and editing tools to create an animated funny face.
  2. You can add different sounds and touch up the face with smudge tools.
  3. With the app, you can add eyes, noses, glasses, caps and more to make fun effects on the face.

Face Changer Video app can make an animated video with a funny face style.

4. Face Changer Camera

Face Changer Camera app allows you to change face as selfie recordings. It takes photos and records video with a funny face effect. It’s UI and use is very simple so that anyone can use the app for fun.


You can add face wrap effects, face filters and live animal effects easily. It allows for blending and chinning faces to combine two faces into one. You can add a sticker to the selfie videos.

It has reflection filters that make a face glossy and beautiful. You can save the video or photo and share it with others through social media to make fun.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can easily replace face parts and apply stickers, effects and other objects easily.
  2. It corrects the face tone automatically and you can do it manually if needed.
  3. It can snap photos and record videos with funny face styles.

Face Changer Camera allows you to change face parts using a phone camera and bring joy with fun.

5. Sweet Snap – Beauty Selfie Camera & Face Filter

Sweet Snap app is a masterpiece for creating funny faces from the smartphone. It works on the phone’s camera and applies a real-time effect on the face to make it funny. You can add the moving stickers to create amazing looks.


Its art filter can take a high-quality selfie in several modes like food, normal, portrait, etc. You can apply a special effect on the face from its 1000+ effects library.

You can add eyes, nose and adjust brightness according to your need. It has real-time beauty effects to bring a natural look on the face and adjust face parts. With its AI auto selection tool, you can cut out photos smartly.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can create a funny face with lots of filters, stickers and beauty effects.
  2. It allows you to save the file as GIFs and emoji to send others as a text message.
  3. It has an AI auto selection tool to combine and cut out photos quickly.

Sweet Snap app is an amazing app that creates a funny face using the phone camera.

6. Photo Warp

Photo Warp makes a funny face for craziness and makes others laugh with customized photos. You can create GIFs and caricatures with the app to make jokes with others. Also, you can adjust skin tone, shape, enlarge and more as you need.


With the built-in images, you can start editing and apply effects, warp faces, distort and stretch to make your friends as a joker. Its caricatures allow you to make fun with others within a limit.

It is easy to use and the UI is very simple. Its speed and interaction is very smooth so you can edit any photos quickly. Also, you can add more objects from external libraries.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can use effects, warp, distort and customize faces to make fun with friend’s photos.
  2. It has a library that contains several elements to wrap your face as you want.
  3. You can save the photo as GIFs so the quality will not be decreased.

Photo Warp app allows you to create warp faces with different effects.

7. Funny Face Effects

Funny Face Effects can create funny faces by adding fat, ugly, hairless and more effects on your photo. You can add face parts, eyes, nose, wigs and son on with color adjustment.


It allows to warp, stretch, move and distort photos using fingers easily. You can warp all types of faces and from any angle. Also, you can add a smile effect on the face to look happy.

You can share the photo on every social media without any restrictions. It can detect your face and automatically adjust everything.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It has lots of funny face effects, face parts and stunning tools that allow you to make your face funny.
  2. You can add, stretch and distort the nose, eyes, wigs and more parts to make fun with others.
  3. Its face detection system helps to adjust everything so your edit will be perfect.

Funny Face Effects app can effectively transform any photos with funny face effects.

8. Face Live Camera: Photo Filters, Emojis, Stickers

Face Live Camera app has lots of photo filters that can be applied while taking selfies to make funny faces. You can see the effect of your face on the camera without saving it.


It has lots of beautiful stickers, wings and crowns to make a face funnier. Within a few seconds, you can change anyone’s face even in a camera or save photos. Also, you can apply emoji effects while taking pictures.

With the funny photo effects and stickers, you can make perfect funny pictures. It allows you to shoot video and save it in GIFs format. You can share the funny faces with friends through social media.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It can apply effects and filters while using the camera in real-time.
  2. You can add stickers and emoji effects to make photos funnier.
  3. The face cam allows you to take a photo and shoot video with live effects.

Face Live Camera provides a real-time effect on phone cameras before saving it.

9. Face Swap – Live Face Sticker Camera &Photo Editor

Face Swap uses a phone camera and applies live stickers to make funny faces instantly. It has 30 different templates that allow you to change face effects with a different style.


You can add effects on nose, eyes, wigs, hairs and more parts to beautify faces. It allows you to apply filters on the photo with fun effects to make fun with others. Its face camera ensures high-quality pictures.

It allows you to edit photos with different tools. After finishing the edit, you can save and share a funny face with others.

Why do you use this app?

  1. It applies live stickers and effects while taking selfies using a phone camera.
  2. You can edit photos, add elements and more to make your face funny.
  3. It has a huge filter library that allows you to apply the effect on the face.

Face Swap app can creatively apply live effects and fun on your face.

10. Funny Photo Editor  –3.9

Funny Photo Editor allows you to edit photos with funny stickers. It uses a camera to show the live effects and funny effects on the face. Also, you can add animated stickers to the photo.


You can adjust the skin size, tone and shape using the warping option. It has photo frames that make your funny face more creative. You can add pictures from phone storage and direct capture using a funny camera.

It allows you to add text and customize them as titles. You can control the photo brightness, transitions and fix the color issue with a single tap. Also, you can use a scale to add the face parts correctly.

Why do you use this app?

  1. You can make funny faces using stickers, effects and filters on the photo.
  2. It has a warping option to shape the face creatively with extra face parts.
  3. It allows you to adjust photo brightness, saturation and color combination with editing tools.

The Funny Photo Editor app is a fantastic solution for making funny faces.

Bottom Line

We want to enjoy ourselves with our friends by doing something crazy and making funny faces is one of them. So, these funny face apps for android allow you to make your own, friends and nearest one’s face entertaining. You can share the funny faces on social media to make fun and enjoy yourself with friends. They come with filters, effects, tools, face parts, stickers and a huge library, so you do not need to go anywhere to make funny faces.

You can also use the edited photo as a profile picture to hide real identity and share it with others to have fun. Now, download and install funny face camera apps android and have enjoyment with pleasure.

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