Best Hearing Aid App For Android Give You Control 2020


Those who are music lovers and like to have a party for themselves with the use of their headphones, look for the existing ways that require a high and adequate volume to understand the message fully, so you can try the best hearing aid app for android.

With them, you can become an expert in sound control and equalization. Thanks to the control and master with sound effects to apply or activate on your smartphone. Here are our TOP 10 hearing aid app for smartphones.

How Can I Use My Phone As A Hearing Aid?

Hearing aid apps will help you to use your phone as a hearing device. They can amplify sounds and enhance discretion that provides clear and high-quality sound. You can easily connect with your phones and get noise-free sound from the surrounding. Also, they will help you to balance the hearing experience and ensure safety on the ear.

8 Best Hearing Aid App For Android Reviews 2020

Hearing aid apps help those people who cannot listen to sound clearly. We have analyzed several hearing aid apps for smartphones and picked 8 best hearing aid app for android that will fulfill your demand. See them below:

best hearing aid app for android

1. touchControl

touchControl app allows you to improve the hearing experience by enhancing discretion. You customize hearing functions with a single touch on the app screen. Also, you can adjust sound level discreetly.


It provides high-quality bass and treble so that you can feel a better hearing experience. You can easily manage the volume of the tinnitus program. It uses your phone microphone and you can adjust the span of the mic.

You can check the device battery life on the hearing aid app. It supports all types of signia and siemens hearing aids without any lagging issues. You can control all signals and generate an audible sound.

touchControl Features:

  • You can change hearing aid programs and functions with a single tap.
  • It allows you to adjust the sound level, bass, treble and span of microphones.
  • The interface of the hearing aid app is very simple and supports most of the used devices.

The touchControl app provides an incredible sound quality to get quality of sound.

2. Petralex Hearing Aid App

Petralex Hearing Aid App is a frequency stabilizer that adjusts to the sound level of the person using it. Its compatibility is wide, so it works with any smart device, and it is fully activated once the headphones are inserted into the cell phone to adjust them.

2 Petralex Hearing Aid App

You can capture sound through the smartphone’s microphone. It has a noise reduction option that provides high-quality sound to listen clearly. You can personalize the sound level and left/right positioning.

The hearing text allows you to check your listening level. You can amplify up to 30 decibels with headphones. Its sound amplifier has four options to correct hearing level on each ear.

Petralex Hearing Features:

  • It has a default hearing test option that helps to check your hearing level and amplify sound as you need.
  • The sound amplifier has four options to adjust the headset and adapt to several environments.
  • It supports Bluetooth devices and you can use your phone as a remote mic.

The Petralex Hearing Aid App has hearing test features and several amplifiers to get a better hearing experience.

3. Best Hearing Aid App: Super Ear Tool

Best Hearing Aid App has an equalizer to set the audio to get a better hearing experience. With a single tap on the app home screen, you can start hearing and listening. You can use it without Wi-Fi or internet connection.

3 Best Hearing Aid App

Its visualizer shows the sound intensity level so you can set the sound level to listen clearly from the surrounding. It can reduce noise from sound and provide HQ sound. You can use the Bluetooth device with the hearing aid app.

You can control voice, sound volume level easily. It has no recording option for ensuring users security. Also, you can listen to sound clearly in crowded places or noisy areas.

Best Hearing Features:

  • You will get a better hearing experience with the amplified and high-quality sound.
  • It works offline and you can control voice, sound volume level with a single tap.
  • The visualizer ensures intense and clear sound on the hearing aid app.

The Best Hearing Aid App is a super hearing aid tool for all levels of users.

4. Microphone – Hearing Aid

Microphone – Hearing Aid app supports external mic and provides better sound quality as a hearing aid solution. You can use the app for testing your speaker and has advanced technology like a megaphone.

4 Microphone

It has different input and output modes that allow you to use Bluetooth devices with the app. You can easily adjust the sound through the equalizer and enjoy high-quality music.

You can test your hearing level with the app. It supports most of the devices and you don’t need to configure the app with the phone. After all, it provides a better performance, which needs hearing aid support.

Microphone Features:

  • It has input and output modes for connecting with Bluetooth devices easily.
  • The equalizer provides a high-quality sound level with customization.
  • You can test your hearing level and speakers through the app.

Microphone – Hearing Aid app ensures a better listening experience with advanced technology.

5. Ear Agent Live: Ultimate Super Hearing Aid App

Ear Agent Live app provides powerful listening options to hear any sounds better. You can use the app without hearing aid devices in emergency cases. It can be used with headphones and Bluetooth devices with a single click on the app screen.

5 Ear Agent Live

Its advanced features help you to hear TV better from a distance. Also, you can listen to any sound clearly from the surroundings. It amplifies the sound from the phone’s mic and delivers directly into your ears.

You can enjoy natural sounds clearly that will charm your heart. Also, you can feel feeble sounds that only can be heard with the app.

Ear Agent Live Features:

  • It allows you to listen to natural sounds and electronic devices sound clearly from a distance.
  • The amplifier option of the app can deliver sound easily using the mic.
  • Without any hearing aid devices, you can use the app easily.

Ear Agent Live app ensures better listening experience from a long distance.

6. HearMax Super Hearing Aid Amplifier

HearMax Super Hearing Aid app is a powerful hearing aid amplifier that boosts your surrounding sounds with better listening quality. It uses your phone’s microphone to amplify sound from outside and inside of your place.

6 HearMax Super Hearing Aid Amplifier

You can use a wired headset and Bluetooth devices with magnified sounds. You can listen to all sounds clearly from gadgets, TV, speakers and many other devices from a distance.

It provides a superb solution to hearing loss patients by restoring the hearing aid devices’ normal hearing level. The EQ and presets ensure high-quality sound with a recording option.

HearMax Super Hearing Features:

  • You can easily configure the app with your hearing aid device to get a better listening experience.
  • The EQ, BB, ADC and AEC provide a better sound quality with noise suppression.
  • Its wave and graphical visualizer show the sound level and allow you to control the volume level.

HearMax Super Hearing Aid app allows you to enjoy a better hearing experience with a hearing amplifier.

7. Ear Mate – Hearing Aid App for Android

Ear Mate – Hearing Aid App works with device mic and plays through phone speakers, headphones and Bluetooth devices. It can amplify sounds in real-time to enjoy a better listening experience.

7 Ear Mate

You can control sound sensitivity and EQ to get enhanced sound quality. With a single tap, you can start the app and tune the sound perfectly. The graphical equalizer provides a clear understanding of the sound level.

Its advanced option helps those who have to lack in listening outside. The app is a perfect solution for those who want better listening.

Ear Mate Features:

  • It has 5 band EQ that allows you to control loudness sensitivity of surrounding sounds.
  • You can start and stop amplified hearing options with a single tap.
  • It gathers sounds near your using the phone’s microphone to provide better listening output.

Ear Mate – Hearing Aid App has a user-friendly interface and advanced features and superb hearing aid support.

8. Super Ear Tool: Aid in Super Clear Audible Hearing

Super Ear Tool app provides audible sounds from distance to hear clearly. You will get better sound by using the app’s amplifier option. Also, you can control the sound level using the volume button.

8 Super Ear Tool

The visualizer presents the sound intensity level and distortion level in the graph. It can be used without internet connection and provide non-intrusive ads so you can use the app without any problems.

You can use headphones or Bluetooth devices with the app without the need of any configuration. With the ear symbol button, you can control the connectivity status easily.

Super Ear Tool Features:

  • The amplified sound ensures clear and audible sound from your surroundings.
  • It allows you to control the sound level using the volume button of your phone.
  • The visualizer presents the sound intensity and distortion level on the app screen.

The Super Ear Tool provides better quality sound through the hearing aid devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about the hearing aid apps.

Can a smartphone be used as a hearing aid?

With a few apps, you can use your smartphone as a hearing aid. The apps have a volume control, equalizer and several functions to get better listening experience. 

Do resound hearing aids work with android phones?

If your android device supports android streaming, you can use a resound hearing aids app on your phone. Also, it works with all Bluetooth enabled headphones.

Final Thought

With these hearing aid app for smartphones, you’ll be able to level them up, set sound effects, apply filters for the deaf or elderly, make automatic connections, and more. Also, they have configurable wizards, who will advise you how to do it.

You will have special stabilizers that will measure the degree of atrial frequency so as not to cause any damage to your ears due to force in the frequency. And, you will calibrate each cornet in detail to adapt it to your tastes and needs.

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