Best Light Meter App for Android in 2021 (That Actually Work)


The light meter app allows you to measure the power of light that you use. For instance, you can quickly figure out how much light you need to take photos or make videos using the light meter app. It also enables you to measure the light of your vehicles like cars, motorbikes, or others. You can also use these apps on android to know the light value of different printers and bulbs.

Finding out the best light meter app for android is a challenging task. You will get several apps on the google play store that claim they work great to measure light but actually not. We have tested several applications and fortunately get some of the best free light meter app for android. Below, we’ll provide a review of those apps.

How to Use a Light Meter App?

We usually utilize a light meter application on our smartphone to measure the power of light. Using a light meter app is not a challenging job. But the interface of all the applications is not the same. Different apps have different processes to use. Mostly, light meter apps work with the camera sensor.

First, launch the application on your device, and then you will see some options, including FSTOP, Time(shutter speed), or ISO. Set the parameter of the exposure triangle. Once you have set the exposure triangle, then tap on the hold option. After completing the setup, hold your phone in front of the light that you want to meter.

7 Best Light Meter Apps for Android Reviews 2021

We have selected the 7 best light meter apps for android that you can use to measure the light value. Here we will point up these light meter apps and clarify why you should use the light meter app.

Best Light Meter App for Android

1. Lux Meter (Light Meter)

Lux Meter(Light Meter) is a free android app that can measure light accurately. The pattern of the application is stylish and modern. If you want an app to look stylish and modern, you can try the Lux Meter app. The user interface of the app is convenient and straightforward to use.

Lux Meter (Light Meter)

Every smartphone has a light sensor that synchronizes the brightness of your screen. Lux Meter evaluates how brightly you are at the present moment and what light levels you have in your room with this sensor. This application shows the three different levels of light values, including Maximum, Minimum, and Average.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can fix the device with the multiplier with the help of this app.
  • Lux Meter displays the sensor data while calculating the light levels.
  • The interface of the app is very convenient and straightforward to use.

2. Light Meter – Lux Meter

The Light meter is considered one of the best apps for calculating light intensity. This application utilizes your device’s sensor to control the power of light and lays it out on a LUX Meter. You can also use this application as a photography light meter app to check the light provision to get better results. The quality relies on the light sensor of the phone.

Light Meter - Lux Meter

Now you can test whether the light is perfect for reading a book, office work, or other kinds of work. Just test the Light Meter, and it will exhibit you whether there is a very high or low light. This application is best when it comes to identifying the intensity of light.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • We can identify the level of light by using the application easily.
  • It has a straightforward and convenient interface to use.
  • Using the application, you can manage the brightness of the screen.

3. Lux Light Meter Free

Lux Light is a free flash meter app for android phone that can measure light intensity with high accuracy. Besides, it has a foot-candle and lux units. It provides three different levels of light intensity Minimum, Average, and Maximum. Using the application, you can adjust the measurement with simple controls.

Lux Light Meter Free

The best part of the Lux Light Meter app is storing your light measurement in memory with time, date, and titles. You can recall the measurement anytime when you need it. Moreover, the smartest algorithm has been used in this app to provide accurate results of light measurement.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • This app can be utilized for indoor gardening.
  • It can evaluate the light level of the home and office.
  • Essential for checking flashlights and other equipment.

4. Light Meter

Light Meter is a professional light intensity meter that can check the illumination level. It is a perfect application for both indoor and outdoor. Using this light meter application, you can analyze the light level at the time of taking pictures. It also shows the measured light color temperatures in degrees.

Light Meter

Remember that this app requires a device that has a light sensor. Otherwise, it won’t work. It doesn’t use the front camera to evaluate the light level. Light sensor near the loudspeaker has been utilized to measure the light level.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • App’s interface is simple, convenient, and very accurate.
  • Light Meter gives a clear distinction among the respective light sources.
  • It can measure light intensity and temperature.

5. LightMeter

It is a free light meter app for android that you can use for photography. This app was made for the school photographers who love to shoot analog photography. Besides, it consists of some powerful features, including low light alert. If the light level of your environment is not enough. It will show a notification alert.


It has a reflected light metering option that is compatible with some specific devices. Besides, you can mute the camera through the app though it is not available for all countries. This app supports all screens with extra high resolution.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Sensor and Exif information is shown on screen as an option.
  • It has a different ISO selector.
  • LightMeter can measure the spot if the camera has zoom.

6. Light Meter Luxma

It is contemplated as the best application for the manufacturers and designers of lighting devices. Installing the app on your smartphone, you can easily estimate the light sources’ level and luminous fluctuation without using expensive tests.

Light Meter Luxma

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It can estimate the theoretical values, including the distance of the light source.
  • Light Meter Luxma can evaluate the illuminance on the visual axis of the light source.
  • Includes a user-friendly interface and very convenient to use.

7. Light Meter – EV for Photography

Many people ask why measuring light is necessary for photography. This light measurement is crucial so that you can take pictures with great color combinations.  This app uses the device sensor as a light meter with two modes and offers many film photography functions.

Light Meter - EV for Photography

There are three respective modes in the app that you can use. When you measure for the first time, it will analyze a photo’s aperture and cover speed. Moreover, you can add parameters to the device’s camera. If you purchase a subscription, there are several functions available to apply.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It has a live mode for premium users or 3 days of a free trial.
  • An option is available to customize the interface, expanded mode, primary mode, and high-contrast mode.
  • Best one for spot measurement while using the zoom system.

Final Verdict

In the above, we have pointed out some of the best light meter apps for android that you can use to measure light level. Light meter application is useful for people who love to do photography. Because it helps to take colorful pictures with better color combinations. Moreover, you can use the app to identify what level of light power is appropriate for us.

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