The 9 Best Makeup Apps For iPhone And Android (Updated 2020)


With the advent of the smartphone, we almost do everything through our smartphones: transacting money, searching for dates, reading books, sending emails, texting, shopping, and the list goes on. We certainly spend more time looking at our phones than in the mirror.

Have you ever thought that these smartphone screens can beauty your face? Yes, people can use the iPhone to upload to beautify your face with perfect makeup. There are best makeup apps for iPhone that allow you to choose the right shade for your skin, nails, hairs, try new techniques and really make your makeup easier.

9 Best Makeup Apps For Iphone Reviews 2020

Before applying makeup on our face practically, a smartphone app allows you to make a trial of your look. Also, the makeup apps can edit photos with style, effects and much more to look beautiful. Let’s see our picked best makeup apps for iPhone with a variety of uses and advantages.

Best makeup apps for iPhone

1. Selfie Editor: Photo Retouch

Selfie Editor is the most popular beauty makeup app for the iPhone that allows you to try different looks. The app has amazing filters that help to eliminate flaws from the photos and make perfect selfies. You can resize the picture with a single click.


You can remove the pimples, blackheads and wrinkles from the photo with the original color. It allows you to fix eye shade color and brightness to look beautiful. Also, it can whiten the teeth, so your smile will be heart-melting.

The skin tone can be improved effectively with the app. You can try lots of cosmetic colors and shades in seconds. It has a clean and easy to use interface. You can take a photo or choose a photo from the phone.

Why you use this app?

  1. You can reshape eyes, nose and improve skin tone using amazing filters without any mistakes.
  2. The blemish eraser can remove pimples and spots from the photo so your face will be brighter and spot-free.
  3. You can snap a perfect selfie photo with the beauty camera features with different cosmetic effects.

Selfie Editor is a selfie editor app that provides perfect and colorful filters to brighten your face with effortless retouch.

2. YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam

YouCam Makeup is one of the best makeup apps, beauty apps and hairstyle studios with lipstick, eye makeup, blush, and digital makeover. With YouCam Makeup, you can create makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair color instantly. Image change in real-time or in your photos.


It allows you to record a make video and share with friends. You can also try a hairstyle and cosmetic color tone on any face to improve the look and flawless skin with effortless tanning and adjust skin tones.

The face editor includes smooth skin and skin tonic that restores the perfect skin you were born with. It also allows you to add blush and remove shine for a pristine, natural look, change eye color, and layer makeup to give a stylish look to any occasion.

Why you use this app?

  1. You can add lipstick, lip gloss between classic matte color and bright color according to your choice.
  2. Its exclusive makeup collections apply foundation, contour and instant makeover to improve facial skin tone.
  3. It provides HD quality video and unlimited editing tools to beautify face with the live streaming tutorial.

YouCam Makeup facial detection app provides real-time makeup ideas and faces editing opportunities with several tools. You can ask questions to a pro to improve makeup ideas.

3. Facetune

Facetune is an app that allows you to edit and beautify photos on iPhone. It provides high-quality touch-up and makes each photo look like an HD crystal clear image. You can easily remove blemishes and dark circles by adding natural makeup filters.


It allows you to brighten teeth and make a smiling heart touching with the refine tool. You can improve skin tone and eliminate dark shade below the eyes. Also, it allows you to remove spots from your face and make a smooth look.

You can change eye color, adjust jawlines, resize nose with its reshape facial structure tool. You can share photos and videos with others to compare and get suggestions to improve next time.

Why you use this app?

  1. It has customizable makeup filters that provide special effects and improve lighting on the face.
  2. The artistic touches make your photo brighter without losing real skin tone, so your look will be gorgeous.
  3. With a few taps, you can get precise and natural results effortlessly.

Facetune selfie editor and makeup app have lots of photo enhancements, adjustable filters and special effects that ensure better look. With its on-screen guide, you can edit photos effectively.

4. Perfect365

Perfect365 offers us the possibility of changing the shape of the face, thinning it, raising the cheeks, and changing the nose’s appearance. The eyes can also receive a full modification since the app allows you to be outlined and change their color.


Regarding hair, you can try different haircuts and dyes. The app fits quite accurately with hairstyles automatically, but if not, you can always extend them for yourself.

You can return to the original image at any time, simply by clicking on the B/A button that appears at the bottom right. It allows you to deepen the smile, whiten teeth and apply lipstick.

Why you use this app?

  1. The app has a differentiating element that offers us the possibility of not only improving our face with simple touch-ups and different hairstyles.
  2. It supports the change of color of the eyes and allows you the increase of the size of the same.
  3. You can correct skin blemishes and brighten teeth that appear in photos.

Perfect365 offers a famous artist’s tutorial to beautify your photo with several pre-styles using beauty tools. Daily makeup tips help to get the instant pro look and different style.

5. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is a beautifying app that offers you a large number of filters and beauty effects to get the most out of your photos. With its filter camera, you can make artistic pictures with real-time effects.


It allows you to edit, crop, resize photos without losing quality. You can whiten teeth, polish face tone and remove spots easily. Its several blushers and eyeliners remove eyeshades and beautify pictures.

Its cool effect provides your photos a different look with the highest quality. It has 3 collage modes that allow to edit photos with various backgrounds and templates. Also, the frames make your photo more attractive.

Why you use this app?

  1. Its intelligent beauty feature automatically makes your photo beautiful with fixing all issues.
  2. You can adjust leg size and get a better new experience with the new revision.
  3. It has a variety of makeup tools and filters that provide a natural look and improve personality.

Photo Wonder is a complete makeup app that is useful for improving selfies and eliminating imperfections in full-length photographs with all kinds of filters and stickers.

6. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover app will help you make the decision to change your look. You can play with different styles until you find yours according to your face, skin tone and care needs.


You can select the hairstyle and match the face with the hair you want to try on. Once done, you will see at a glance what that haircut or hairstyle looks like. It is very easy to adjust your photo and adapt it to the hairstyle.

If you are looking for a specific cut, the app previews how it fits you. Let’s try all kinds of hairstyles to inspire you, see what looks good on you and then not regret it. You can easily choose a photo from your mobile phone’s photo gallery and give a perfect style to your hair.

Why you use this app?

  1. It has an advanced editing tool that allows you to blur, adjust width-height, flip and layer hair with a different style.
  2. You will get several hairstyles, mustaches and beards for a professional look with different sizes.
  3. Its layer tool allows you to access the previous hairstyle to compare style and match with the look.

Hairstyle Makeover app allows you to apply real and professional hairstyles according to your style.

7. Visage: airbrush photo & face

The Visage app has several photo editing functions that apply makeup to the face, allow teeth whitening and remove red eyes, improving colors and removing pimples, spots, wrinkles and imperfections.


You can also add stylized backgrounds and funny effects. At the end of the edits, you can download the image to the mobile gallery or share the file directly on social networks.

The app will automatically retouch your photo, removing imperfections. Also, you can apply color filters to the image and stylized backgrounds. In the “Makeover” option, you can add details to the face, such as freckles, change the color of the eyes and hair.

Why you use this app?

  1. It has a skin makeup option that can smooth skin tone, improve face shining and eliminate spots from photos.
  2. The artistic effects ensure different picture styles and color enhancement brings a soft tone in the skin.
  3. You can get a perfect retouch with a single tap, so your photo will be beautified quickly.

The app allows you to compare the image obtained with the original one in order to appreciate its changes better.

8. FaceApp – AI Face Editor

FaceApp is an app that allows you facial recognition of an image or photo to allow later editing. You can use the app to change your hair color, eye color, smile, glasses, and apply it to edit some natural features of the face.

FaceApp - AI Face Editor

You can apply effects to make someone look even more interesting or attractive with filters for smiles, makeup effects, hairstyle changes, or apply to beard and mustache, sunglasses, different hair colors etc.

It contains an extensive database that has various types of facial features in different ages and shapes. Its pro version offers unlimited filters and different effects.

Why you use this app?

  1. You can take a photo of your face and apply the various existing filters such as age (old or young), hairstyle, beards and more.
  2. It allows you to add a filter in photos, change the background and other editing options.
  3. You can correct blemishes on the face, remove scars or acne, and add a layer of digital makeup.

Get magazine-style photos and selfies within just a few clicks through FaceApp. Its advanced editing features and transformations provide quality pictures.

9. InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera!

InstaBeauty is a makeup app that can take selfies with your camera. The dozen presets and beauty filters ensure smooth and beautiful pictures. It has lots of collage that allows you to design and elegance photos in magazine-style.


It has functions dedicated to retouching and editing selfie photos. You can fix any blemishes quickly with the app’s advanced functions. The beauty makeup option offers several makeup effects so you can style your pictures with a different style.

You will get different sparkling eyeshadows, foundations, lipstick colors and eyeshadows to retouch your photo with instant beauty. Its Quicksnap is a burst mode option for you to take a large number of selfies at a time, each embellished.

Why you use this app?

  1. You can choose the color of your face and skin, all at the distance of a simple touch. Also, remove pimples and blemishes such as spots.
  2. It allows you to explore the world of makeup with the options to shape your eyebrows, paint your lips in different shades and try an exaggerated amount of combinations.
  3. You can record beauty videos and can share on Facebook, Instagram etc. to compare your style with others.

Among its most special functions, we can mention emoji, makeup filters, video special and much more.

Final Verdict

Test and make up your face with the best makeup apps for iPhone. Apply different styles and looks to your lips, eyes, skin tones and facial blemishes. These apps have styles and look to apply with a single touch to any face in a photograph and thus obtain a perfect selfie.

Some bring filters and videos where they explain step by step how to learn how to put makeup on and take different styles as a basis.

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