9 Best Metronome Apps For Android ‍and iPhone 2020


The metronome is one of the best parts of music that must be applied right away. From our first chords, the metronome will have to accompany us throughout our life as musicians. It’s very simple. Although almost all digital metronomes can choose the rhythmic division they will play, eighths, triplets, sixteenths, dotted eighths and so on, for the daily exercise, you select the basic measure: the quarters.

Play only the quarters on the metronome, tap your foot and learn to count, even better if by voice, the measure you are: One – Two – Three – Four. Now that I have introduced the best metronome apps for android. Let’s see the apps.

Why Do I Need A Metronome?

The metronome is a game changer! It can really make a difference in making us not only better guitarists but better musicians. If you’re not using a metronome, start doing it as soon as possible. If you use drum rhythms instead of the metronome, replace them with the old single tick on the quarters!


Over time you will learn to feel the beat within you, you will know exactly what movement of the bar you are playing on. If you strive to stay on time, you will become excellent guitarists who, even by playing a few notes or chords, will know how to do it with the right pitch and groove, and this is worth a lot!

9 Best Metronome Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have presented the 10 best metronome apps for android that will help you to improve your music skills and experience. Let’s have a look.

1. Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome app allows you to see, hear and touch the beats with metronome adjustment. It has subdivisions that help to learn advanced rhythms. You can practice stage and daily performance with the app.

1 Pro Metronome

The time-keeping styles select the sounds that will be perfect for you. Its real-time playback is more powerful and effective than traditional metronome machines. It has different volume levels and you can adjust the setting as you need.

You can see the beats per minute calculation in real-time. It provides visual feedback in the pendulum mode. Also, it has a power-saving mode that will save your phone’s battery life.

Pro Metronome Features:

  • It has a dynamic sound setting, color mode, pendulum modes and power-saving mode to set the metronome correctly.
  • The subdivisions and polyrhythm help you to learn rhythms and play them simultaneously.
  • You can practice with the rhythm trainer and adjust all functions easily.

The Pro Metronome app has advanced features and functions to metronome sounds perfect.

2. The Metronome by Soundbrenner

The Metronome by Soundbrenner app provides a precise and powerful metronome for both beginners and professionals. You can easily adjust the tempo, BPM and start playing with a single tap.

2 The Metronome by Soundbrenner

It allows you to create a playlist of favorite songs to practice and observe results. It has a beautiful and attractive interface that is packed with several metronomes. You can set the time and click the sound of the camera.

It can synchronize up to five metronomes in multiplayer mode. You can create your own metronome and use it in the app as a metronome. The different themes make the app interesting and provide a musical experience.

The Metronome Features:

  • It has a precise and colorful interface that allows you to set metronomes with customization.
  • You can sync with multiple metronomes and save the rhythms to load as your own created metronome.
  • You can practice, play and jam together with the Ableton link on the app.

The Metronome by Soundbrenner app provides perfect precision using the advanced tool.

3. Metronome: Tempo Lite

Metronome: Tempo Lite app provides different rhythm patterns and time signatures to metronome sounds. You adjust tempo ranges from 10-400 with a single tap. It has 3 sound sets that make the metronome adjustment easier.

3 Metronome

You can easily track practice time and player bars to check the improvements. It supports both landscape and portrait modes. The compound meters show the sound levels that help to adjust the metronome perfectly.

The pulsating LED provides visual feedback. You can customize accents to make rhythms with clear sound. Also, you can use the app while using other apps and your phone will never lag.

Metronome Features:

  • It ensures visual feedback using LEDs and shows metronomes with compound meters.
  • You can customize the tempo range and accents to make complex rhythms.
  • It has different modes and sound sets with multitasking supports.

Metronome: Tempo Lite allows you to customize beat levels by creating rhythms.

4. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats app provides metronome beats to use in music practice and teach activities. The visual indicators help to track bars and metronomes whilst with tempo monitoring. Create your own pitch with perfect metronome adjustment.

4 Metronome Beats

It supports all layouts so you can use the phone and large tablets. The speed trainer provides a proper guide to create beats and bars of sound. You can set a timer while making a metronome.

It subdivides with 16 click beats to practice triplets timing. All settings are saved automatically for net time use. You can change the sound pitch to listen with instruments.

Metronome Features:

  • It provides separated layouts and has a trainer to make metronome beats with tempo adjustment.
  • You can set the timer to adjust and check the accent in bars and triplets.
  • The visual beat indicator allows you to customize the beat with visualization.

Metronome Beats has intuitive UI and universal layouts to set metronome from phone and tablet.

5. Tuner & Metronome

Tuner & Metronome has a built-in tuner that provides the most accurate and professional level metronome. The tuner has 2 modes for chromatic tuning for sound intensity and fork mode. You can set the A4 frequency level as you want.

5 Tuner & Metronome

The flashlight metronome helps the volume level and feel the Metronome beats with light. The buttons help you to start and stop the app from anywhere. You can do and track practice on the app.

You can measure beats per minute using the app. The visual mode allows you to use the flashlight when using Metronome. It supports all types of instruments with a precise tuner.

Tuner & Metronome Features:

  • It provides accurate tuning when you are creating metronome beats.
  • You can customize frequency, tempo and all functions from the setting menu.
  • The tracker presents your practice level and supports all types of instruments.

Tuner & Metronome records your metronome practice and shares records with others.

6. Metronome Pro – Beat & Tempo

Metronome Pro provides the beat and tempo timer with funny rhythm games that make its use easier. Its BPM presents the metronome level calculation from 30 to 250 beats. The subdivisions and time signature fulfill your needs.

6 Metronome Pro - Beat & Tempo

You can use the app in the background while using other apps. The games show the scores to check your skills and performance improvements. You practice a lot with the levels.

It has tempo animations that visualize the metronome beats in a different color. You will get over 15 metronomes for all style songs. Also, you can use it with guitars, drums, piano, etc.

Metronome Pro Features:

  • You can learn and create metronome beats with funny rhythm games and scoring results.
  • The tempo animations provide clear and visual beat levels with camera flashlight.
  • It ensures more than 15 metronome songs and supports all types of musical instruments.

The Metronome Pro app has BPM, tempo features and metronome collections with all types of instruments support.

7. Best Metronome

Best Metronome app allows you to tune tempo from 20-240 BPM to experience metronome beats. You can save customized songs for future use and inspection. Also, you can adjust the tempo signature for different meters.

7 Best Metronome

It automatically shuts down when there is a call ringing. Also, you can use it in the background while working on other apps. It has sound packs that help to make the metronome more interesting.

The vibrate mode allows you to feel the metronome. Its accelerator slider helps to speed up and slow down the beats gradually. You can adjust the sound level using the sound buttons.

Best Metronome Features:

  • It allows you to adjust tempo and provide beats experience with tempo tuning.
  • The sound packs make the metronome more incredible and provide clear sound with a save option.
  • You can feel the metronome, speed up and slow down using the vibrate mode and accelerator slider.

The Best Metronome app provides gradual metronome with volume adjustment and temp tuning.

8. Digital Metronome

Digital metronome app provides an exact tempo to get a digital metronome. Its BPM meter can present 20 to 300 beats per minute. You can feel the beat with the vibration mode and powerful rhythm.

8 Digital metronome

Its user interface is very simple and you can control all functions from the app home display. You can change the app interface color based on your needs. With the up and down button, you can adjust the BPM level with a single tap.

You can use most of the used instruments with the app to hear your metronome. It presents every scene that is useful for music lovers.

Digital metronome Features:

  • You can hear your metronome at an exact tempo level with a colorful interface.
  • The beat can be felt in the vibration mode and you can see the BPM level on the app.
  • It supports all types of musical instruments so that it is handy for professionals.

The Digital metronome has designed interface and exact tempo with BPM meter.

9. Metronome – Perfect Beats and Tempo

Real Metronome app ensures maximum precision to get the real metronome experience for free. It is specially designed for guitar, drums and piano. The visual arrangement can track both digital and classic analog metronome.

9 Real Metronome for Guitar

It has popular tempo animations and you can customize the tempo as you want. You can see the tempo range from 10 to 250 BPM. Also, it has a famous signature present with sound sets. With the sound sets, you can play all types of songs.

The UI of the app is intuitive and colorful functions help to understand the total system easily. It supports all types of phone and tablet screen sizes.

Metronome Features:

  • It has several sound packs, signature presets and tempo animations to see and feel the metronome.
  • You can measure and adjust tempo rates from 10 to 250 BPM manually.
  • Its maximum precision provides accurate results so that you can easily sync with the device.

The Real Metronome app is a perfect metronome for piano, guitar and drums.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions about metronomes below:

Do professional musicians use metronomes?

Professional musicians use the metronomes to scale practice levels, teach students and make the music enjoyable with proper calculation and tracking results.

Do you need a metronome for the piano?

You need a metronome for practicing the piano and set the pitch level correctly. It provides you a good rhythm sense and is used by most of the traditional musicians.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a strong metronome beat, these 10 best free metronome apps android will meet your demand. They have an accurate tuner, BPM calculator and customizable functions to use the metronome as a professional. You can adjust tempo level, set timer and share created songs with others.

The rhythm patterns of the apps provide you different beats experience with accented beats. They work with most of the musical instruments without any problems. So, install anyone from out above listed best metronome apps for android and enjoy.

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