10 Best Music Making Apps for Android Free & iOS in 2020


Nowadays, creating music on the android smartphone is very easy and you can make songs like professional singers. We have analyzed the Play Store thoroughly and presented the 10 best music making apps for android free. They are very simple to use and you can surprise others with your own songs. With these best free apps for making music for android, you can create your own songs using most of the musical instruments. Let’s go there.

How Do You Make Music On Android?

With music creation apps, you can easily make music from your smartphone and add it to videos. Making music is a versatile way to surprise friends and families in a special way. You can adjust music tone, apply instrumental effects and control all functions easily. Also, you can make popular songs unique by adding sound effects and cut them as you want.

Best Music Making Apps For Android Free Reviews 2020

Below, we have rounded up 10 best music making apps for android free that allows to create music with effects and personalized functions. Let’s have a look.

Best Music Making Apps for Android Free

1. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker JAM recreates various musical instruments to create all kinds of tunes. It contains predetermined sounds from all musical genres that allows to start our production with a base.


With the BP and step sequencer, you can control tempo and melody progress easily. You can add real-time sound effects with the filter option. Also, you can mix music using the 8 track mixer.

You can create your own music and easily start with a single tap on the Start button. It allows to download loops and other elements to start creating music.

Music Maker Features:

  1. You can create own music using the fx, harmony, loops and other elements.
  2. It has a large loop and mix packs library that adds sound effects to a real song.
  3. You can remix your song as a DJ song by adding EDM, hip hop and more genres.

Music Maker Jam is undoubtedly one of the best apps to create own music like a pro.

2. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a good music creation app that has synthesizers and samplers. You can make a rack using 14 different machines so you will get real-time and optimized music for all-time.


It allows to use 2 effects on each machine and has total 20 types of sound effects. The song sequence provides a balanced performance. You can adjust the music functions with EQ and limiter.

It supports sound modifying, so you can add effects in the music. The recorded music is stored in wav format so you can play it on almost all of the devices. You can connect with the MIDI controller through the USB cable.

Caustic Features:

  1. The app has several sound effects and machines to create their own music from a smartphone.
  2. It provides real-time and optimized music experience with several synthesizers, drums and harmonics.
  3. It also supports automation of almost all controls and includes powerful editors to change recorded automation curves.

Caustic 3 app allows to create songs using 14 machines with a varied selection.

3. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

Walk Band has several musical instruments that allow to make and play music with studio quality sound. Its multitrack mixer allows to add sound effects, record, edit songs and edit piano mode. You can convert MIDI to MP3 with a single tap.


It allows to cut music while importing from storage. You can synchronize and optimize the converted mp3 track. It has several instrumental modes to apply tune in the track accurately.

The app is compatible with an external MIDI keyboard, so you can connect your instrument to record its sound on your mobile or tablet directly. Once your song prepared, you can share it through your social networks.

Walk Band Features:

  1. It offers you a wide variety of instruments such as the keyboard along with 5 different sounds.
  2. You can add music instruments because it supports MIDI controller and converts MIDI to mp3 easily.
  3. It has a multitrack recording to create your own songs and share it with others on social media.

Walk Band is one of the popular music creation apps that allows several musical instruments and MIDI support.

4. Triller: Social Video Platform

Triller to create music videos in a simple way. It has more than 100 filters and new ones every week. You can also personalize the videos with text, drawings, or emojis to later share it on social networks or save it on your mobile.


The auto-editing option of the app provides professional looking video within a few minutes. You can customize videos with emojis, text and so on. It allows to add music from your phone library.

You can invite friends to collaborate with music all around the world. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber have used the app. With a single tap on the Triller button, you will get an impressive music video.

Triller Features:

  1. You can easily create music for video with trending and personalized tools.
  2. It allows to collaborate with friends in a group video from all around the world.
  3. It auto edit tool can create professional videos within a short time.

Triller app allows to create a music video and add text, emojis and so on.

5. Soundtrap – Make Music Online

Soundtrap app has built-in music instruments and loops to create music with high quality sound. You can add sound effects and record voices to bring a new listening experience. Also, you can add guitar, bass and other EQ to make music like a pro.


You can apply the preamp and vocal in the track to bring uniqueness. It allows to customize sound level, equalizer and modes to make music in chosen style and genre. The instruments can be used to add tune and synthesize songs.

It allows to make video chat and collaborate with friends in the group video call. After preparing music, you can save the song and share in the social media with friends and others.

Soundtrap Features:

  1. It has high quality loops and professional musical sets that allows to make a song with HD quality sound.
  2. You can add vocal effects and add an instrumental tune to make the music more interesting.
  3. It allows to add multiple people in video chat to collaborate and record a song together.

Soundtrap app helps to make songs using professional tools with HD quality sound.

6. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile app allows to make music importing single and multi-tracks with high-quality sound. You can easily add notes and chords to record music with piano roll editor. Its screen layout and resolution are adjustable so you can set it according to your phone screen size.


The mixer tool allows to adjust sound volume, mute pre-track, apply solo, bus effects and pan on the music. It supports MIDI so you can add external instruments and record songs like a professional singer.

It has a sampler, drums, loops and synthesizers that provide a wide range of music experience. You can enhance and mix songs with instruments and step sequencer.

FL Studio Features:

  1. It has several vocal instruments that allow to make a song with multiple tracks.
  2. You can configure the app and adjust volume, piano keyboard, effects and pan quickly.
  3. The screen layout fits all size screens and supports the MIDI controller.

FL Studio Mobile app allows to create music using several instruments and effects with multi-track support.

7. nanoloop

Nanoloop app allows to apply rhythm and melody using the sequencer perfectly. You can use 8 patterns on each channel that provides a better music experience. It allows to import track and sound effects from SD card and phone storage.


You can easily record your voice clearly in the app. The channels can be set in synth or sampler mode. You can trim the samples and add them to the main track. With the loop function, you customize the song as you want.

Its UI is very simple, so you can control all functions easily. You can send the music through email and save it to share on social media.

nanoloop Features:

  1. The app allows to create music with sequencer, sampler and synths in high-quality sound and rhythm.
  2. You can add sound effects, record voice, adjust noise and trim samples quickly.
  3. The loops allow to edit songs and export in WAV format to play all types of devices.

Nanoloop app is an amazing tool to edit and create songs using several advanced tools.

8. SPC – Music Drum Pad Demo

SPC app allows to create music in real time and import the song in 24 bit 96 kHz WAV format to play in both smartphone and tablets. It is several loops and sequences to mix songs with tweak sounds.


The sampler allows to add sound effects, distortion, reverb and phaser so you can enjoy high quality music. It can record your voice so you can easily add your vocal effects to the track.

It has instant, Next bar and Next beat pad start options so you can choose as you like. You can adjust the tempo, volume and sequencer steps with a single tap.

SPC Features:

  1. You can create sound with several vocal effects and edit song with advanced tools.
  2. It allows to record live sessions and save recording in versatile format to use in all devices.
  3. You can add 16 tracks with different variations to get clear melodic composition.

SPC has several advanced voice editing tools, effects and functions that ensure a complete professional music experience.

9. SunVox

SunVox has modular UI and powerful sequencer that allows to create music easily. Its highly optimized synthesizers allow to play all types of sound. You can export songs in WAV and MIDI format to enjoy in all devices.


It supports USB MIDI instruments so you can use external musical instruments to make a song like a pro. The generative option allows to random notes, controllers and effects. It allows to record voice and add to the main track.

You can control the overall settings and modes from the Menu bar. It allows to add sound effects, use MOD and XM on the song for the better listening experience.

SunVox Features:

  • It has a powerful sequencer and optimized synths that allows to create music with high-quality sound.
  • You can add random notes, values and effects with its generative option.
  • It supports MIDI and you can export songs in WAV and MIDI format to use in all devices.

SunVox is a powerful app to create a song using several instruments and effects.

10. BandLab – Music Recording Studio & Social Network

BandLab app allows adding multiple tracks, recording, editing, mixing the melodies, and adjusting all functions easily. It stands out for great musical instruments that help to improve your passion.


You can use the unlimited cloud to store all prepared songs. Also, you can make songs together through group video chat. The EQ allows to master songs automatically, like music professionals.

It supports more than 100 MIDI instruments so you can play and make all types and genres of music in the app. You can also share your musical productions with the rest of the community to get their feedback.

BandLab Features:

  1. You can make and remix tracks using the song mixer tool and adjust all functions easily.
  2. It allows to use of guitar, piano keyboard, drums and more MIDI instruments to apply new music rhythm.
  3. It has DPM and MPC that allows to use all genres sounds with the creator kits.

BandLab app is a free sound maker and recorder that support multiple tracks.

Final Thought

With these 10 apps, you can easily make music on your android smartphone. They are suitable for both beginners and professionals because the interface is designed to make music easily.

You can add notes, sound effects, record voice and much more to make music unique and exciting. Also, they have more functions and filters to mix, cut and divide music with perfection. So, install the best free apps for making music for android and be a singer from scratch.

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