10 Best Photo Overlay App for iPhone and Android 2020


Whether you are a professional graphic designer or a photographer, you will always find some kind of visual need, where two or more photos come into play together. You can explore different alternatives to achieve this goal from impressive colleges to blurring and blending into photos. It generates a professional result. With these best photo overlay apps for iPhone, you will be able to have all your memories together in a single image.

Best Photo Overlay App For iphone Reviews 2020

Here, you will discover the 10 best photo overlay apps for iPhone that will help you overlay photos quickly without expert knowledge. Let’s see them:


1. Ultimate Photo Mixer Blender

Ultimate Photo Mixer Blender is an incredible App to overlay, mix and blend photos and make very nice and creative collages with a great variety of adjustments in your photo editing options.


It lets you combine up to nine photos in one and its wide range of filters and colors. You can overly photo with amazing posters and adjust size, color and position easily.

Its elegant and creative interface makes its use easier for everyone. You can blend photos with several functions and make exposure effects.

Ultimate Photo Features:

  1. You can easily add photos and backgrounds to overlay photos using several advanced tools.
  2. It has double created exposures and posters to improve photo quality.
  3. With the tools, you can superimpose, mix and blend photos to look creative.

Ultimate Photo Mixer Blender is an amazing app to overlay and edit images with professional editing tools.

2. StoryZ Photo Motion

StoryZ Photo Motion overlay photos to create moving pictures and cinematography. You can use multiple overlays to mix photos quickly. Its geometric and overlay effects make the photo



You can blend photos to get video effects and merge it as needed. Also, you can apply visual effects line double exposures or magical movements. It has a VFX store that helps to overlay with a different style.

The camera FX makes a still photo into animation. After completing the task, you can tag people, set it as phone wallpaper and share it with others.

StoryZ Photo Features:

  1. You can blend a still photo into animation and video effects using the advanced editing tools.
  2. It has a VFX library and camera FX to make the animation more creative and beautiful.
  3. The double exposure and layer effects help to combine and overlay video with static imagery.

StoryZ Photo Motion is a perfect tool for overlay animation from still pictures.

3. Pixlr – Photo Collages, Effect

Pixlr is an ideal app to create the most original collages by overlaying the images. You can increase the quality of your photos in addition to joining them. You can also add lots of effects, combine them, superimpose the images, add filters, and upload them to your social networks.


If you are a creative person and require to mix several photos in a single image, it is ideal for you. It will allow you to create new designs that will give your images a unique look.

It allows you to eliminate defects in your selfies or any other photo, whitening your teeth, removing red eyes and more. You can do it in the easiest way.

Pixlr Features:

  1. You can create a photo collage in different styles, add effects and customize the background.
  2. It allows you to add tone, shades and so on with the overlay option.
  3. You can fix the color of the photo with a single tap.

Pixlr app creates a photo collage and edits photos with an overlaying method.

4. Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut out, combine, create

Adobe Photoshop Mix app offers professional and stunning designs to overlay photos. You can add text layers and create anything you want. It is similar to the Photoshop CC that we use on the PC. Also, it can lighten, level up and cut photos without losing quality.


You can easily combine multiple images with magical effects. It allows you to edit and adjust the photo layer by layer so you can edit each photo with different effects. You can fix and retouch all issues with its auto tools.

It is free to use and you need to register with Adobe account. After overlaying photos, you can upload it to Adobe cloud and share it with others.

Adobe Photoshop Mix Features:

  1. It has a different blending option that helps to overlay photos with different effects.
  2. You can lighten, crop, set level and more with the professional photo editing tools.
  3. The professional layers and design allow you to beautify photos quickly.

Adobe Photoshop Mix is an amazing app to overlay, cut photos and create a photo collage.

5. Over: Graphic Design Maker

Over app allows you to edit multiple images and make a collage with different effects and styles. You can add graphic elements and text on the photo and videos with several enhancements. Also, you can make stories and logos using its stunning tools.


It has lots of filters that help to apply colorful effects on the photo. You can customize color, caption, fonts and layouts easily. Also, you can add posters, flyers and more from the stock library.

With the advanced tools, you can streamline and make your photo stand out. It has some add-ons to edit the video easily with the same tools.

Over Features:

  1. You can overlay the photo with beautiful designs and effects with the graphic design maker.
  2. It has a library with lots of posters, add-ons, logos and so on to apply to the photo.
  3. You can directly share your creative photos on social media without restriction.

Over is a stunning graphic design maker that allows you to make wallpaper, ads and more by overlaying photos.

6. Galaxy Overlay Photo Blend App

Galaxy Overlay Photo Blend App allows you to blend multiple photos with advanced tools to overlay quickly. It has lots of stickers and frames that help to add different styles.


You can apply effects and double exposure to make the photo more beautiful. It allows you to crop, resize and adjust the color of the photo easily. You can decorate photos with frames and change the text color with style.

It has lots of stickers to add to the photo. You can easily mix photos and add posters, banners, add-ons, etc. perfectly.

Galaxy Overlay Features:

  1. You can overlay photos easily with advanced blending and editing tools.
  2. The frames and stickers provide a beautiful look and decoration on your photo.
  3. You can add banners, posters and more on your photo with the app.

Galaxy Overlay Photo Blend App overlays photos using professional tools.

7. Photo Blender & Layers Overlay

Photo Blender is a perfect app for overlapping and merging photos perfectly. You can create double exposure photos and blend images with different text styles.  It allows you to mix photos in your own style.


The blending mode helps to merge and customize photos in different ways. You can apply various filters and backgrounds from the library and phone gallery. Also, you can adjust all modes to get a better effect.

It has lots of designs and stickers to add to the photos with fantastic options. The themes give another level of beautification on the photos. You can share it on social media to express your thoughts easily.

Photo Blender Features:

  1. You can overlay photos using blending and other advanced tools with perfection.
  2. It allows you to add text, elements and themes to beautify a photo.
  3. You can add filters and backgrounds from its library or phone gallery.

Photo Blender app helps to overlay photos with filters, themes and photo effects.

8. PhotoLayers

PhotoLayers is the ideal app to make spectacular photo layers. With this app, you can overlay different photos in a single image. In fact, it combines up to 11 photos with a layer editing option.


It has a powerful function to erase background in any part of the image that you want. Also, you can change the color tone of your image to make it look much more professional.

You can cut out photos according to your demand. After completing overlaying, you share your photo montages with your friends and family through social networks.

PhotoLayers Features:

  1. You can overlay up to 11 photos together to create photomontage with various filters.
  2. It edit, crop, cut out, adjusts layer and color tone.
  3. It can effectively erase the background to make transparent images.

PhotoLayers app allows you to create photomontage and clear background effectively.

9. Photo Video Maker With Music

Photo Video Maker with Music app is a fantastic slideshow maker that uses multiple transitions to make it amazing. It overlays the images one by one creative effect. You can adjust the color, brightness and other functions easily.


You can add music from the library or phone storage on the slideshow. It allows you to add photos manually and convert it into a video within a few seconds. The stylish fonts and colors make the video more interesting.

It has multiple features that help to adjust all functions quickly. You can add stylish stickers on the video to entertain everyone.

Photo Video Maker Features:

  1. You can overlay photos and create a slideshow within a few seconds, along with the music.
  2. It has stickers, stylish fonts and colors that make the slideshow with creative transitions.
  3. It has lots of features that make the video interesting and you can share it with others.

Photo Video Maker with Music app allows you to make slideshow videos by overlapping images.

10. Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor is a fantastic background eraser that also cuts out and overlay images with superimposing. It has amazing effects to make images more creative.


The different blending modes bring a transparent effect on the photo. You can add default and customize the background as you want. Also, you can remove unusual parts using the erase tool.

It allows you to zoom images to apply brush perfectly. It has all Photoshop effects with redo and undoes option that makes it a superb app for overlapping photos.

Overlay Cut Out Photo Features:

  1. You can overlay images using blending modes and apply incredible effects like Photoshop.
  2. It has a brush and eraser tool that allows you to cut out and edit photos with zooming options.
  3. Its background and foreground image position changing option to edit the image without mistakes.

Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor is a Photoshop-like photo editor app that clearly erases background using advanced tools.

Bottom Line

With the apps, you can easily overlay and edit photos on the iPhone. You can make photo collage with amazing and stunning effects, filters, stickers and much more. Also, you can edit the photo’s color, brightness, level and clarity with the advanced editing tool.

They allow you to add photos one by one or by selecting all. So, download and install the best photo overlay apps for iPhone free with beautiful color blends and effects.

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