The 9 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2021


Sometimes, we delete or lose our photos accidentally that we may need for the next time. In that case, there is nothing but a recovery app that can assist you in retrieving your deleted photos.  For the OS(Android), there are a collection of apps developed to recover your photos lost from the phone storage.

You will get enormous applications on the play store & they claim they are the best to recover lost photos. We have tried a vast number of applications to check which one is better and performs well. We have found some of the best photo recovery apps for android that work great to recover photos.

Is Photo Recovery App Safe?

Some people are concerned about whether using recovery apps is safe or not. The answer is no. You just need to utilize the apps that are reliable and trustworthy. The best application will never store your photos on their servers. The photo recovery app only scans your storage and then finds the deleted file and restores them to your gallery.

There are several apps you will get on the  Google Play store to restore your removed files and photos. Before downloading the app, check out the features of it, and read the review. Choos that application that will keep your photos safe and secure. Below we’ll illustrate some of the deleted photo recovery apps for android.

9 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2021

Here we have accumulated the 9 best photo recovery apps that you can use for your android device. Below we will provide the complete review of these 9 applications.

Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android

1. DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep is considered one of the best image recovery apps that helps to restore your deleted photos. It scans both internal and external storage and retrieves the images that have been deleted from the repository. The process will take several times, depending on your device’s storage size.

DigDeep Image Recovery

Using the DigDeep app is not a challenging task. Just launch the app on your android smartphone device and click on the “scan” option. After finishing the scanning process, it will show a screen with folders and the images you have lost before. Mark the pictures from the screen you would like to recover, and then tap on the restore button.

What I Like Most:
  • Scan both memory(internal & external)
  • Convenient to use
  • All image formats are supported
  • Scans fast and reliable
What I Don’t Like:
  • Shows irrelevant ads
  • Reduces photos size

2. Dumpster Recycle: Recover & Restore Deleted Photos

The Dumpster is like an android recycle bin. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, it will automatically store the deleted images and videos. Next time you can easily recollect them from the dumpster within a click without an internet connection. you can customize the app with various themes as well.

Dumpster Recycle: Recover & Restore Deleted Photos

Using the application, you can restore almost any document, including jpg, audio, video, pdf, and many more. It also has apps lock features that safeguard your photos & videos. Dumpster offers cloud storage service in its premium version that you can use to store your photos and videos with a 4 digit password.

What I Like Most:
  • Data backup option
  • Retrieve deleted pictures for free
  • It doesn’t require a rooted system
  • Shows no ads
What I Don’t Like:
  • Compressed image size
  • Doesn’t have a “select all” function

3. Deleted Photo Recovery – Restore Deleted Photos

Deleted Photo Recovery is another android free recovery application that can restore your deleted files instantly. If you are looking for a photo recovery app with some incredible features, you can choose this deleted photo recovery app. It is comparatively easy to use.

Deleted Photo Recovery - Restore Deleted Photos

With a single click, you retrieve images that you have deleted accidentally. This app first scans your internal and external storage then finds out the deleted photo. You just need to select them and click on the restore option. Within several minutes you will get back your deleted photos.

What I Like Most:
  • Retrieve photos from both internal and external memory.
  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Restore contact and message as well
  • Doesn’t reduce original image quality
What I Don’t Like:
  • Show so many ads
  • Sometimes stops working

4. Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery allows you to restock your deleted photos in your gallery. It consists of some powerful features that make it popular to its users. Using the application, you can get back your photos that have been deleted unintentionally just within a moment.

Deleted Photo Recovery

The app’s interface is simple and convenient to use. Almost everyone can use it without confronting any issues. After downloading the app, run it, tap on the scan button, and wait until it finishes scanning. It will consume a couple of minutes, depending on the storage size. After that, select the photos and restore them that you want.


Scan storage including (internal & external)
Fast and reliable performance
Doesn’t require a root system
Supports all types of image formats###ER##GF####So many ads
Picture quality is low[/i2pc]eatstuffapps.deletedPhotoRecoverySD&hl=en_IN” style=”flat” background=”#ef602d” size=”10″ center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: download”]Deleted Photo Recovery For Android

5. Restore Image (Super Easy)

Restore Image is the most convenient and trustworthy application that helps restore erased photos. It is a distinctive one from other recovery applications. You can use all the features of the application for free that is not possible with other apps.  This app will never ask you to purchase a premium version to use some crucial features.

Restore Image (Super Easy)

Using the VPN is effortless to use. Even a person who doesn’t use a recovery app can also use it. Just open the app select folder and select the image that you want to restore. Now press the start button. Your photos will be restored in your gallery.

What I Like Most:
  • No internet connection is required
  • Select all the image simultaneously
  • Get the original quality of images
  • Advanced features for free
What I Don’t Like:
  • Couldn’t recover the deleted screenshot
  • Sometimes stops working

6. Diskdigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger is another good photo recovery app for android that can instantly undelete your deleted photos. Using the application, you can restore your photos that are deleted from the USB drive or camera. It provides some exciting features that make it popular to its users.

Diskdigger Photo Recovery

Though the premium version of the app is available, the free version is not limited in functions. So you can effortlessly retrieve your lost photos. It offers two modes to scan storage one is a basic scan, and the other one is an advanced scan. If you would like to scan in advance mode, your device has to be rooted.

What I Like Most:
  • Files filtering option
  • Double scanning mode
  • Restore data to cloud storage
  • Save files on the memory card
What I Don’t Like:
  • Low-quality image
  • To restore videos, need to purchase a premium version

7. Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

It is another top-rated photo recovery application that enables you to get back your photos. Using the app, you can simply restore the image. The excellent part of the app is that it will show you a preview before restoring deleted photos. As a result, you can select a photo that you want and can restore.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

This Photo recovery app supports some specific Devices, so before downloading the app, check out whether it will support your device or not. Utilizing the app, you can retrieve all types of files like PNG, JPEG, GIF, 3GP, MP4, TIFF. However, the interface of the app is simple to use, as well.

What I Like Most:
  • Rooting is not required
  • Entirely free to use
  • Good quality image
  • Scan both internal and external storage
What I Don’t Like:
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Can’t scan a specific folder

8. Photo Recovery – Restore Image

Photo Recover-Restore Image is a free restoring application. It gives you a free scanning service that’s why you can restore your deleted images for free. You will get some exclusive features here that you don’t get from the other app. It quickly scans your storage and then finds the deleted images.

Photo Recovery - Restore Image

Using the app is very easy and safe. You can use the app without thinking about your privacy because it never stores your data on its server. The best part about the application is, you can share your restored photos directly from the app. Besides, it provides a high-quality picture.

What I Like Most:
  • Scan specific folders
  • Share recovery photos
  • Fast and powerful scanning
  • Details recovery information
What I Don’t Like:
  • Can’t recover older file
  • Shows unnecessary ads

9. Restore Deleted Images: Photo Recovery App 2021

Let me show you one of the best free photo recovery apps for Android. Restore deleted image: Photo Recovery app 2020 is the most reliable one that lets you retrieve your deleted photo. It is considered the most professional photo recovery, which is available for free cost.

Restore Deleted Images: Photo Recovery App 2021

Moreover, using the user interface of the application is effortless to use. That is why everyone can use it and get back their deleted files. You can scan your storage with a single click. Just run the app and then select the folder that you want to scan. Now select file and clock on the restore option.

What I Like Most:
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need to root the device
  • Specific folder scan
  • Advance feature for free
What I Don’t Like:
  • Contains lots of ads
  • Compressed image size

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that you may ask about the photo recovery application.

Can I Restore Deleted Photos on Android?

Yes, it is possible to restore deleted photos on android by using a photo recovery application. You can utilize any of the applications from the above-mentioned photo recovery app.

Can Photos Deleted from the Gallery Be Recovered?

With the help of a photo recovery app, you can restore the photos deleted from the gallery without facing any trouble.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, we capture photos to hold our memories. Sometimes we delete photos unintentionally and fall into troublesome situations. That time you may find the app that will be able to restore your deleted files. In the above, we have pointed out some of the best photo recovery apps for android. You can try to use any of them to restore your photos. We hope you will get back your deleted images and sweet memories at a time.

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