8 Best Piano Apps For Android & iOS [Update 2020]


Technology not only offers us the opportunity to listen to music anywhere, but it also offers us apps to learn or improve this skill. In addition to improving our coordination, learning music helps us relax, focus, and improve our intellectual abilities, as well as help us express emotions. Learning to play the piano and practicing daily provides a feeling of freedom and happiness, and can increase your musical performance. 

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of playing the piano and want to start or continue learning in your spare time from your cell phone’s comfort, these are the 9 best piano apps for android. You can develop your musical skills on the way back from work, at lunchtime or when you want to distract yourself and have a moment of relaxation.

8 Best Piano Apps for Android Reviews 2020

These 9 best piano apps for android will allow you to acquire the basic concepts without making a large payment and carrying it on your android phone.

Best Piano Apps For Android

1. Perfect Piano

Piano Perfect allows you to learn songs with each of the keys to play the melody perfectly. It is an 88 key piano board that allows you the play of all of the songs in the music world. You can compose the melodies of the popular songs that are already known.


It allows you to record practices in MIDI and ACC mode so you can share it with friends and families. You can adjust the keys’ width to make it more comfortable for us to play at all times.

It has a multiplayer mode which allows you to invite other friends or challengers around the world with a chatting option. You can even change it to a row of keys in the traditional way.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can configure a single row, double row and two-player mode, as well as set real piano, music box, organ, Rhodes and synthesizer sounds.
  2. You can record and play your melodies and share them with your friends or configure them as ringtones.
  3. To learn to play piano, this app has a “learn mode” that loads 70 sample songs to practice well.

The app is designed for the most advanced and most beginners can learn from the proposed lessons.

2. Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano app offers different levels of complexity. Within each song you choose to play, there are three different levels of complexity. From melodies in which you only use one or two fingers to others in which the combinations of 3 and 4 fingers alternate quickly and continuously.


The application is free and universal, and also multiplatform. It brings the music of all kinds to children, making them try what it is to play a musical instrument.

You can adjust the difficulty level and control the tempo with rhythm. It allows you to play the piano in various ways that are more curious than practical.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can play all types of songs like a piano prodigy everywhere with HD quality sound.
  2. It allows you to create music with a famous composer and it can be done from the main menu.
  3. The beam light guides you to play with a correct note so your rhythm, tempo and creativity will be improved.

With the Magic Piano app, you can play with favorite artists and master your favorite songs quickly.

3. My Piano

My Piano allows you to play several keys at once to make chords. You can choose between the sounds of 12 instruments: guitar, sax, vibraphone and synthesizer, etc. You can also apply 6 different effects such as Reverb, Chorus, etc.


You can also expand the keyboard from an octave and a half to two octaves, customize your Piano with 16 different skins, and choose between 5 types of keys the most comfortable.

Its performance recorder allows you to check your piano play and helps to fix mistakes. It supports MIDI and other format audio with clear sound quality. You can easily recover it and not leave any good idea in oblivion.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. The app provides a virtual keyboard and makes us choose a song to play with the keys that can be seen on one or two rows.
  2. Its 1 to 6 octaves mode and 16 layout allows you to customize the piano design and interface according to your need.
  3. You can record your performance with studio-quality sound and different sound effects.

My Piano app lets you learn to play piano music from scratch with different instruments and sound effects.

4. OnlinePianist – Free Piano Lessons for Songs

OnlinePianist is a great app to learn the piano on your own or as a companion tool to your school or private piano lessons. It offers a personalized learning experience with 13 learning features.


It is perfect for those who have previously learned with a teacher or in a school and just want to play their favorite songs. It allows you to fine-tune your piano learning experience based on your own progress and personal level with up to 13 amazing features.

You will have endless tools to learn each song with your synthesizer. In Mode, you can change the way to display notes. Forget the music theory classes to learn the beauty of music with this application.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. You can personalize the piano player and difficulty level according to your progress.
  2. Its animated tutorials help to learn and play popular songs as much as a real piano artist.
  3. You can adjust tempo, playing modes and chords to learn more with fingering and pedal controls.

You can learn piano from the comfort of your home and office quickly through the OnlinePianist app.

5. Piano – Play & Learn Free songs

Piano app offers real piano sound with super hit songs and rich contents with daily updates. You can enjoy and practice non-stop songs from popular singers and artists. It can improve your piano skill quickly and you become a professional piano player one time.


Its rich play feature allows you to play piano with several instruments and vocals as if it were a real platform. You can adjust the difficulty level to track your progress and share it with others to analyze your skill.

Its design and ease is ideal for anyone who wants to start learning to play this instrument. It has a simple keyboard with white and black notes as well as a staff to be able to learn the notes.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. It comes with a wide variety of songs, various courses depending on your musical tastes, basic concepts, and much more!
  2. You can practice songs with several instruments and backing vocals with high quality sound.
  3. It includes tutorials and songs for different levels of interpretation and with it you can learn the basic concepts.

The app is presented as an easy and fun app to learn to play this instrument, be it beginner or professional.

6. Free Piano – Learn to play Piano

Free Piano is a virtual piano keyboard that has countless functions. From its interface, you can configure your physical keyboard to the Piano. It is compatible with the VSTi database and you will not need to install a virtual MIDI device.


The outstanding functions of the app are DirectSound, WASAPI and ASIO audio outputs and so on. You can activate the audio recorder and be able to export the audio in MP4 format.

It has included popular songs to learn and practice Piano by playing all chords perfectly. Both kids and adults can use the app because the lessons are too easy to learn.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. The app provides more than 60 melodies and several hit songs to practice Piano with perfection.
  2. You can set the keyboard to play Piano according to your needs.
  3. Its sound quality is very good and has a multi-touch option to play Piano with fingers.

Free piano is a simple application for children and adults that teaches you a lot of songs in an easy and fun way.

7. Piano +

Piano + app allows you to connect your piano keyboard and learn piano in a realistic way. It has 128 MIDI and 12 studio-quality voices to use the keyboard and play all songs. Also, it allows you to play the Karaoke file and make you a perfect pianist.


The piano tiles game allows you to play songs depending on your performance and mood. Its design and UI are very simple so you can adjust its size according to your phone screen and other needs.

It has many sound effects like Rhodes, Pipe Organ, etc. With its 12 keyboards, you can play all types of songs and save the record to share with others to examine your skills and improvement.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. The app has different modes and multi-touch support that helps to play piano with different songs and styles.
  2. It provides step by step melody and rhythm to learn and play the piano easily.
  3. You can play the piano with 12 types of keyboards and instruments that help to become a maestro.

Piano + has various collections of songs of the famous artist that helps to learn piano and become professional.

8. Piano Free – Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

Piano Free offers a magic tiles game that helps to learn Piano effectively from an Android smartphone. The 88 key piano keyboard app allows you to play all songs with chords and notes. For daily practice, you will get free songs and its sound quality is very clear.


You can learn Piano with 9 piano keyboards and instruments to play Piano with different styles and tones. After playing songs with Piano, you can record it to inspect the improvement.

It has an adjustable tempo that helps to tap the keys according to the type of songs. The chord library helps to learn and discover chords with playback. It’s a fun mode to ensure real performance so you will learn Piano quickly.

Why Do You Use This App?

  1. Its digital sound and several music instruments allows you to play and learn Piano with popular songs.
  2. The magic keys and magic tiles game improves the timing of tempo, pressing black and white keys fluently.
  3. It has single and dual keyboards that allow you to learn Piano with rich chords.

Piano Free app is the best way to learn Piano with chords and music notes with free and famous songs.


Here, we have answered some questions that frequently asked about best piano learning apps for android.

Which is better Yousician vs simply Piano?

Yousician is a powerful app that will teach you how to play the Piano with visual training and other musical instruments such as guitar, bass, and more. Simply Piano is an app for learning and playing the Piano with an attractive design but has no visual guidelines to learn piano that Yousician offers. So, Yousician is better than simply Piano.

How can I learn Piano on Android?

A featured Piano app can help you to learn Piano on Android. Most of the piano app has several songs, guides, keyboard layouts, chords and so on. By following the notes and chords, you can learn Piano quickly.

What is the best piano learning app?

All of the 9 piano apps are best for learning and practicing Piano. All apps have some different features and install one of them which best suits your needs.


Learning a keyboard with an android app is a great option to complement piano lessons or if you do not have money to pay for a piano teacher, either private or in music academies.

If you are learning Piano in a self-taught way, these best apps for learning piano android will be a key part of your learning period. These best piano apps for android allow you to start from a basic level and grow step by step to a more advanced and professional level.

By playing the piano notes, the applications will be able to send feedback on the precision and coordination in playing the chosen melody.  They also teach music theory and include specialized training for each technique and chord.

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