8 Best Sound Effect Apps (2020) For Android And iOS


When we are going to edit a video, make a slideshow, create a funny animation and, among other options, we feel that something is missing: the sound effects. Without them, the whole project feels flat, empty and meaningless, since they manage to highlight elements that cannot be captured visually. If you need a complete folder with many of them or enjoy them for fun, then you need these applications for sound effects.

With them, you can get many options that you can use, whether you want to make fun of your friends, add a special tone for your notifications, calls or messages, enjoy incredible folders with multiple effects to add them to your videos or audios. There are hundreds of options and try the 8 best sound effect apps from below.

8 Best Sound Effect Apps Reviews 2020

Sound effects app will help to create different sounds with effects on smartphones and record it to use as a ringtone, music background effects and more. Here, we have presented 8 best sound effects apps that will fulfill your requirements.

Best sound effect apps

1. Gun Shot – Sounds

The gunshot app has a huge collection of gunshot sounds, so you can scare someone or use the sounds in games, videos, or phone ringtone. All sounds are just like reading gunshot sounds. By shaking your phone, the guns will be reloaded automatically.


It has included semi-automatic and automatic weapons that can be chosen from the phone screen. When you play gunshot sounds, the phone will vibrate and you can customize it from the menu option.

You can enjoy the app with friends and play with sounds in games. It’s easy to use, just choose the gun and tap the screen to listen to gunshot sounds. You can hear the sound again by holding the screen.

Gun Shot Features:

  1. Its different gun sound effects allow you to use sounds as a phone ringtone, scaring friends and so on.
  2. On the home screen, you can see all guns and personalize the list on the phone’s home screen.
  3. You can switch automatic, semi-automatic and 3 round burst modes by clicking on the screen.

Gun Shot is a fantastic app for applying gunshot effects to use sound effects on several functions and have fun with friends.

2. Annoying Sounds

The Annoying Sounds app makes noises like vuvuzelas, knife dragging in glass bottles, nail on the blackboard, dentist’s drill, and several chilling others.  There are funny ringtones, like one that pretends to be the phone talking.


You can use it as a ringtone for a specific contact when choosing the sound that most pleases (or irritates the people around you) as a message alert or even as an alarm.

Its loud air horns with 150 intolerable sounds that provide endless annoying. There are many sounds available, so the application also allows you to save your favorites as favorites, to use them later.

Annoying Features:

  1. Its large annoying sound library provides different types of annoying sounds, which are totally awful.
  2. The user interface and sound quality are very good so that everyone can listen to them clearly.
  3. It allows you to set the annoying sound as a ringtone and customize it to use safely.

Annoying Sounds is the perfect way to annoy others with ringtone and prank with them.

3. Fart Sounds Prank App – iFart

iFart is the ad-free and real fart app that has 31 fart sounds and emits flatulence sounds. It offers millions of prank sounds on the sneak attack and security fart function.


In a massive fart pack, you will get 70 amazing farts and it is totally ad-free. You can record a fart with effects by pressing the “Hold to Rec” button. By scrolling and choosing the fart, you will have fun with friends.

With the sneak attack option, you can prank with others and adjust the timer up to half minutes. Its sound level and the interface are average and you will get music mixed fart that makes everyone laugh.

Fart Sounds Features:

  1. By tapping the Safety Fart button, the prank sound will be started within 5 seconds.
  2. It allows you to record your own fart by clicking the Record a Fart option.
  3. It allows you to create different fart voices from your smartphone with 30 different types of fart sound effects.

This fart app has a beautiful UI that makes it very easy to use and the sound effects are very good.

4. Voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects allows you to change your voice so that it has an effect that you choose. You can engrave to add the helium balloon, drunk, robot or sheep effect, among many others.


You can record your voice and send it through social media platforms to bring a smile to your contacts. It has filters and effects that will change your tone at a lower and higher volume.

By pressing on the microphone icon, you can start recording that note or message you want to send to your friends. It stands out for a large number of voices it has available.

Voice changer Features:

  1. You can record voice and can choose the best sound effects from a varied list of filters and effects.
  2. It allows you the creation of an image with sound and import recorded sound to use as a notification sound and ringtone.
  3. You can create a voice from text and practice piano to improve the sound effects.

This application allows you to record audio and apply the effect you want with lots of features.

5. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a popular app in which you can “adopt Tomcat” from a puppy and give him all the support he needs to grow up healthy. The app’s purpose is to promote interaction with the animal and take care of its food, clothing, and bath every day.


You can customize Tom in different casual forms like astronaut, hero etc. Tom can listen to your voice and repeat the same voice. Also, he can repeat the words, he receives affection, tickling and pushing.

You can choose from more than 1000 types of combinations of clothes and accessories to make it look elegant. It allows you to record videos of unusual moments with their pet and share them with other users.

My Talking Tom Features:

  1. The app allows you to repeat your voice by Tom and the tone will be the same as your voice.
  2. It allows you to earn coins, improve the mood of your pet and also cheer you up.
  3. Interact with objects: To see Tom’s reaction, you have to click on a certain part of his body.

Tomcat repeats everything you say and you can also interact with him.

6. Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Sci-Fi Sound Effects is another sound effects app that allows you to create different Sci-Fi music, ringtones and songs on your smartphone. It has several Sci-Fi sound effects, so you can use them to edit your favorite music.


You can use the sound effect as a Sci-Fi tone other than alien sound, robot sound, laser sound and more. It allows you to create sci-fi music using a modified photo. Also, you can cut the chosen song and adapt it to your needs.

You can choose the sounds for contact, alarm and SMS notifications. It offers many exciting melodies and finds the one you like. You will be so useful when you want to change the ringtone.

Sci-Fi Sound Effects Features:

  1. Personalize your phone by setting unique and fantastic sounds like SMS notifications.
  2. It has a variety of sound effects, so you can easily change your voice to express easily and set as a ringtone.
  3. You can find your favorites on the favorite list and set them according to your needs.

Sci Fi Sound Effects app allows you the ability to choose a different song for each name in your contact list.

7. Equalizer

Equalizer is a popular new generation application that allows users to easily edit any song, music by adding different sound effects on them. You can easily change the sound quality, volume and other songs using this app on your smartphone.


It has an auto-detection preset system that can set presets from its 11 stock. The audio sampler allows you to examine the equalizer setting. With the stock android music player, you can play all sounds.

It allows you to change the sound quality after logging in with your SoundCloud and Spotify account. You can easily adjust the sound effect levels of different music so that you get free access to the best music and audio on your smartphone device.

Equalizer Features:

  1. Its UI is well adapted to work on the mobile through lateral movements of its screens.
  2. It has the option of detecting the style of music automatically but for that the ID3 of the musical style.
  3. You can use test music to find the best settings or use your own songs stored on your mobile.

Equalizer is an application that only serves to control the equalization of the sound of your device.

8. Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Tonebridge app has a huge collection of different songs and you can easily connect your guitar to your smartphone easily to play different songs. It works with all guitars so you can easily play the guitar if you don’t know how to play it.


Its incredible noise reduction system is available, which cancels the sound and easily modifies the sound. You can enjoy several presets from top guitar editors that ensure real-time playing experience.

It offers you exactly the same sound as the original registers that act by following the pitch, making your sounds attractive. You can connect your guitar to the operating system you love and start playing.

Tonebridge Guitar Features:

  1. With the functions of the audio unit, you can access 2 apps in one device.
  2. Its gear view allows you to change parameters by clicking on the settings icons.
  3. It offers more than 7,500 demo samples from different music genres for effect preview.

The application can modify any song you request. It means that from local music to international music, you can create a tone for your favorite song.

Bottom Lines

You can easily get your favorite from 8 best sound effect apps and easily install it on your smartphone. It helps you add unique, fun and strange effects to your voice or music.

These free sound effect apps also help you increase the music listening experience after changing the sound effects of the music. You can easily use those edited music tracks like contact ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones and others to laugh and have fun with your friends and family.

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