6 Best Sound Meter Apps for Android & iPhone 2020


Sound pollution is so common in our daily life. Our ear has a minimum scale to tolerate the sound level. If this sound crosses the level it may damage the ear slowly. Especially the children and aged people suffered the most. Also, those who worked in the factory also face the same level.

To avoid such problems and take precautions you need a sound decibel meter app. Here you will find out some best sound meter apps for android. To measure sound on the shooting range, or in the factory, you can use this app. After measuring the sound, you will find out what you have to do.

How To Calibrate Sound Meter App?

If you are reading this, then you wanted to know how you can be able to find the best sound level meter app. We all show you which one is the best app and how it can give you benefits. But first, you need to know how you can calibrate the sound meter app android. Let’s begin.


  1. First, choose any app and take measurements of the sound level.
  2. Attach the speaker that can reach a minimum of 70 decibels(DB).
  3. Start calibration with your android app by turning it on.
  4. Tune the sound until you get the result.
  5. Note down the result that you get from the app.
  6. Turn off the app.

Either the device is Android or iOS, doesn’t matter. Select an app and follow the process By calibrating the sound, you will understand the sound levels. You can also save your ears from noise pollution by calibrating the sound level.

Best 6 Sound Meter Apps For Android Reviews 2020

You can go through this article and explore some best sound meter apps with key features. For details follow the content. 

1. Sound Meter

To turn your android device into a great sound level this app is best. This app provides reliable results for with130 DB. To improve health conditions and reduce noise levels this app is good. This app uses a gauge to express the decibel of sound level measurements. 

1 Sound Meter

Display the result in the graph. Also, you will find the noise reference from this app. This app copes up with any device. It also shows the resulting graphic wise. This app uses three moods to show the result. High, minimum, and maximum sound level on the app.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • This app uses a gauge to display the decibel indication.
  • It shows three types of values with a graph.
  • In this app, you will see the elapsed time for decibel.

2. Best Sound Meter

This app is actually the best for measuring or calculating the sound level like its name. By using this app you can simply assess the noise level and find a way to solve it. This app can measure up to 100 decibels.

2 Best Sound Meter

Also, this app is pre-calibrated. This app has a great explanation about the results. And the results are shown in gauge. This app will show you if the environment is not in your favor. Also, show you how you can protect the ear in those atmospheres.

 Why Do You Use This App?

  • This app shows the result in gauge and explains it beautifully.
  • In this app, you will see if the atmosphere is in your favor or not.
  • You can get a graph result and later convert it into a picture.

3. Sound Meter & Noise Detector

This app will turn your android device into a decibel meter device. This app works like others to assess the sound level. In this app, you can also measure the pressure level of sound. This app will notify you if the atmosphere is not in your favor. One of the best sound meter apps for android.

3 Sound Meter & Noise Detector

You can make a statistic sheet, as this app keeps the record of the measuring history. You can easily set the app on your phone background and run it whenever you want. If you calculate overall this app is worth using.

 Why Do You Use This App?

  • Two moods for view with average decibel mood.
  • You can record your background sound with this app.
  • This app keeps the record of the sound level and enables it to edit or share for later.

4. Sound Meter PRO

Have you ever faced any noise pollution from your neighbors? I know the answer will be yes. This is so common to have sound from your neighbors. But have you ever thought you can measure this noise level through your android phone? Well, this sound decibel meter app Sound Meter Pro can help you with that.

4 Sound Meter PRO

You can now measure the sound level from your android device, with this phone. By using this app on android you will get an accurate result of calibrating. This app also ensures the best result and the noise range is +2.5 DB.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • Provide an accurate measure of the noise level.
  • You can check the noise level of electronic devices.
  • No ads pop up on the screen while taking measures of noise.
  • You can get the audiology measure through gauge by setting it on your device.

5. Sound Meter, Whisper & Noise Meter dB

This app measures both the noise and sound level and gives you quick access to keep the record. You can make a clear database and compare the sound level by checking the history. The app design is unique and simple. Among other sound level meter apps, this one works better. 

5 Sound Meter, Whisper & Noise Meter dB

Anyone can find a proper guideline on how to use it to take measures. This app also presents the sound level in three categories. The sound level measurement is expressed through the gauge. You will find the elapsed time at this time.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • This app ensures that you get the proper information after measuring the sound level.
  • This app is an easy option to play or pause during measuring time.
  • Saves the sound level and creates a database for later.

6. Sound Level Meter

To analyze the spectrum this Sound Level Meter app works with a microphone signal. You can also determine the total noise level from this app. To check the frequency bands and determine the dynamic range this app is good.

For fast mode, you can use the VU-meter and for slow mode go with the RMS-meter from this app. The equalizer availability is good and calibration on the microphone will provide the exact results. By running this app, you will get support on Bluetooth microphone. 

 Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can measure the complete sound level with this app.
  • This app categorizes the sound level at the maximum and minimum levels.
  • In this app, you will get a spectrum analyzer with a microphone signal.

Final Thought

Our world is getting noisy day by day. You will get several kinds of sounds around you. It’s hard to completely get rid of those sounds. This is why you need a sound measurement app. This article shows the best sound meter apps for android. These apps will help you to measure the sound level.

This app not only for measuring the sound level around you but also you can measure the sound of the gun. Based on the range it will be helpful to practice with your gun. Also, those who are music technicians or work in noisy places can use this app. 

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