The 10 Best Spreadsheet Apps for Android [ Update List 2021]


Now, people use electric or digital ledgers for accounting or bookkeeping systems instead of doing it manually. The spreadsheet is a digital version of the ledger where you can store your accounting information in digital tabular form. It is a very powerful and versatile business tool that can store small to huge amounts of information.

Spreadsheets will also let you organize and categorize data in a logical format anywhere or anytime. So, you don’t have to carry a big ledger and easily see or edit spreadsheets. There are many best spreadsheet apps for android available in the play store. Each of them comes with individual feathers to help you to grow your business.

10 Best Spreadsheet Apps For Android in 2021

Different types of spreadsheet apps work as an essential tool for business and accounting related works. It helps to organize and categorize different data into a logical form or format. However, if you are looking for spreadsheet apps for your business, you are in the right place. Below. We have listed the 10 best spreadsheet apps for android, which will help you grow your business.

Best Spreadsheet Apps for Android

1. Microsoft Excel: Create and Edit Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the best free spreadsheet apps for android apps that has many spreadsheet function systems. It is capable of taking loads of every type of spreadsheet form or format without losing formatting integrity. Microsoft Excel is a simple spreadsheet app that supports tables, charts, sparklines, and all types of Excel formulas.

Microsoft Excel: Create and Edit Spreadsheets

Here, you can create, view, edit, and also share spreadsheet files with others. Using Microsoft Excel will be like efficiently organizing data with graphics and a chart system. It’ll let you analyze different types of data, create charts, and also annotate documents at any time from your phone.

Microsoft Excel Special Features:

  • It will let you add a header and footer to your spreadsheet files.
  • Microsoft Excel has a password protection system.
  • You will have data filtering ability as far as your needs.

2. Google Sheets

Google sheet is a free app that allows you to perform all types of spreadsheet related tasks easily. It has pivot tables and a conditional formatting system with a wide variety of pre-made spreadsheet options. Google sheet will be compatible with all devices and also works offline too.

Google Sheets

Easily create spreadsheets, edit, and collaborate with others simply by using your phone. With a spreadsheet sharing option, Google sheet allows up to fifty people to work on the same sheet together. Google sheet also allows you to comment and respond at the same time.

Google Sheets Special Features:

  • You can work even if you are in offline mode.
  • This app has a quick data summarizing system.
  • You can easily create QR codes.

3. Polaris Office – Free Docs, Sheets, Slides + PDF

If you are looking for an all-in-one complete office suite software, then Polaris Office will be the perfect one. This app is compatible with word or excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and even Adobe PDF.

Polaris Office - Free Docs, Sheets, Slides + PDF

Polaris Office lets you create, read, edit, and share spreadsheets easily by using a mobile phone. Polaris Office also provides different cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and also OneDrive.

Polaris Office Special Features:

  • Polaris Office is packed with the Conditional Formatting method.
  • It has smart data visualization and guides.
  • You will find document presumption mode in this app.

 4. OfficeSuite – Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

OfficeSuite is one of the smartest and suitable for office productivity. You can create, read, and even edit spreadsheets, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even PDF through this software. OfficeSuite will fulfill all requirements to handle any task with its wide variant of helpful tools.

OfficeSuite - Office, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

For example, it has a format painter, track changes, conditional formatting, formulas, and most importantly, presentation mode. This app is packed with some advanced security systems to secure your different important files. You can also make Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDF format.

OfficeSuite Special Features:

  • OfficeSuite supports electronic or digital signatures.
  • It has a password-protection system.
  • The app contains integrated cloud storage.

5. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is one of the simple office suite apps that will let you view, edit, insert, and export documents. This app enables you to work with any kind of document, including text file, database, spreadsheet, and even graphics work.

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is available in several languages and also compatible with mobile phones too. You can use this app as an easy spreadsheet app because of its easy calc system. You can also do writing, presentation graphics work, drawing, and also do equation editor work.

AndrOpen Office Special Features:

  • It supports important formats like Doc, Xls, RTF, TXT, PDF, PRT, SVG, HTML, JPG, y SWF.
  • You can export and import documents into different formats.
  • AndrOpen Office supports password protection.

6. SmartOffice – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

If you are looking for the best spreadsheet apps for android tablet, then SmartOffice will be a smart choice. It is an office suite software that allows you to create, view, edit, share, and present MS office documents through your phone.

SmartOffice - View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

Overall, this app will work for you as an all-in-one app for your office suite programs. Through Smart Office, you’ll get access to Microsoft Office files and also create text files, spreadsheets, PDF documents, and presentations. It’s intuitive UI, powerful PDF annotation features, and editing function makes it a smart mobile workforce.

SmartOffice Special Features:

  • It supports printers to print different documents.
  • Open and save documents with a cloud support system.
  • It supports a password protection system.

7. WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF ,Excel

WPS Office is one of the best excel spreadsheet apps for android that allows you to do all office suite tasks. You can integrate with several office suites documents, including Word, Spreadsheets, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Form, etc. It has an online edition and sharing ability and a cloud storage support system to make your online work more efficient.

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF ,Excel

Here you will find all office file formats available in 51 languages. WPS Office also supports wide variant or file-sharing options, including Email, WIDI, NFC, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. So it will be work of you as a one-stop solution for office suites programs.

WPS Office Special Features:

  • WPS Office contains advanced spreadsheets.
  • Can convert office documents to PDF with an annotation support system.
  • Automatically document saving systems into clouds.

8. Table Notes – Pocket Database & Spreadsheet Editor

Table Notes app lets you create a database and spreadsheets, view, edit, and share with others. Through this app, you can create all data types into your phone. It supports images, sound, location, checkbox, currency, signature, list selector, etc.

Table Notes - Pocket Database & Spreadsheet Editor

Here you can view, sort, group, and filter in spreadsheets and also analyze data using graphs. Table Notes also supports real-time collaboration with colleagues or customers with viewing and editing rights. It will let you make Word, Excel, and PDF documents in 13 different languages with a cloud system offline workability.

Table Notes Special Features:

  • The offline support system with auto-sync with cloud server.
  • It has a reminder system with a world time zone.
  • Table Notes lets you analyze data through graphical representation.

9. Zoho Sheet – Mobile Spreadsheet Editor

If you are looking for the best spreadsheet apps for android, then Zoho Sheet will be the best choice for you. It is a mobile spreadsheet editor that allows you to create, edit, view, and collaborate on spreadsheets through a phone. This spreadsheet app lets you organize important data, discuss reports with your team members.

Zoho Sheet - Mobile Spreadsheet Editor

You can also use the Zoho Sheet to create budgets, visualize charts, and graphs. Also, allowing you to store and sort data in different formats. It will provide you basic arithmetic functions to advanced functions like VLOOKUP with more than 400 predefined functions.

Zoho Sheet Special Features:

  • You can easily convert tabular data into spreadsheet data.
  • Has a picklist and data validation system to control spreadsheets.
  • Zoho Sheet is packed with 35 different chart types.

10. Simple Spreadsheet (Free/Ads)

If you are looking for an app that imitates a paper worksheet through a phone, then use Simple Spreadsheet. This app is specially made for smartphones and tablets to create, edit, view, share, and collaborate on spreadsheets. You can use this app for making a simple summary work to store information.

Simple Spreadsheet (Free/Ads)

Simple Spreadsheet contains rows and columns to arrange, calculate, and also sort data with complex formulas. You can also apply text style, size, color, border-color into the cell, row, column, and sheet levels. It lets you insert and delete rows or columns, enabling you to adjust column width or row height.

Simple Spreadsheet Special Features:

  • Text size, style, color, and background color adjustable system.
  • You can copy and paste different cells and ranges.
  • Simple Spreadsheet will let you import and export CSV files.

Bottom Line

Spreadsheets are also known as worksheets, and it is an essential tool for growing or organizing business or industry. Actually, it is a file containing rows and columns to sort, arrange, and calculate numerical data easily. Above, we have listed the ten best spreadsheet apps for android that you can use. All of them will help you to categorize and organize data into a logical format.

Spreadsheets work for business sectors or industries, primarily to forecast future performance, produce crates, and store valuable information. We think, now you can easily pick the spreadsheet app for yourself. If you have any queries about this article, place your problem in the comment section, we’ll love to solve your issues.

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