Top 8 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android And iPhone Of 2020


The Stop Motion is an effect that can be applied to videos, and is to give the appearance of moving objects or people static, using consecutive images. You can create fantastic videos and multi-camera recordings with our smartphone.

Here, we have presented the best stop motion apps for android to create stop motion animation on your phone easily. They allow you to control at all times the smoothness of the animation that we are creating. You can customize the speed of a video clip with these free stop motion apps for android. Let’s see them below-

8 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have discussed 8 best stop motion apps for android that allows you to make stop motion from photos and video clips within a short time like a pro. Let’s have a look below:

best stop motion apps for android

1. Stop Motion Studio Pro

Stop Motion Studio Pro is one of the best apps on Google Play with which we can have excellent stop motion videos without paying a cent. Also, the process is quite simple and fun. You just have to open the app, click on “New movie” and then “Camera”.

1 Stop Motion Studio Pro

You can record as much as we want or configure the time in which each frame will be automatically recorded. The output format of the videos is MP4, so you can play on any devices.

If you want, you can modify the speed of a video before starting to record. You can apply skins, loop and more fantastic effects to make stop motion more interesting. It has functions like autofocus and others traditionally related to photography and video.

Stop Motion Features:

  • You can create stop motion video with animated objects and advanced cut, crop, paste and frame tool.
  • It has several video filters, effects, backgrounds and more to make a superb animation.
  • You can capture, edit pictures, add background music, text and more in the video.
  • Powerful stop motion video editor
  • Make movies with filters, effect and more
  • Add background music
  • Capture photo
  • Share on social media and stop motion TV
  • Cannot sync the device

2. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

PicPac app is a video and photo editing app with which to create movies in StopMotion and timeLapse in a very simple way with great results.  You can take the photos and the subsequent video directly with the decent camera.

2 PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

It allows you to create movies from the photos we have in the gallery and create our videos in Time-Lapse. Also, it puts certain originality on its part that allows you to position Stop Motion movies based on our images.

You can take screenshots from a video that you have recorded, mark the interval of frames that we want to capture, and then add them one by one to the final animation.

PicPac Stop Features:

  • You can shoot photos at the interval and add sound to create stop motion.
  • It allows you to edit, draw, add voice, loops and more in the projects.
  • It has a large community that helps you to make more interesting videos.
  • Add pictures with an interval
  • Free music to add in the background
  • Manual time-lapse mode
  • Record voice
  • 360 px video quality
  • Frame drop after editing

3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio has an easy interface that allows you to make stop motion movies instantly. You can add photos to make animated video and overlay between every photos and frame. It helps to position the objects automatically.

3 Stop Motion Studio

In videos, you can add text, background music, cut unnecessary part and create animation by drawing over the app. It supports keyboard shortcuts so you can do your task quickly.

You can capture a photo like a camera and add photos with interval. It allows you to edit photos to look beautiful. Also, you can add sketch, erase unwanted objects and simulate movements with a single tap.

Stop Motion Features:

  • It has a powerful video and photo editor that helps to create stop motion videos without an expert’s knowledge.
  • You can add music, video filters, overlay frames and so on to make animation more amazing.
  • You can share the saved stop motion videos on social media networks and publish the Stop Motion TV.
  • Layer based photo and video editor
  • Capture photo and add sound effects
  • Use keyboard shortcut
  • Overlay mode
  • Save and share files
  • Camera stopped frequently

4. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker has an opacity slider and powerful editor that allows to make stop motion video quickly. The camera mode helps to align objects and clips without any tripods.

4 Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

The camera timer option makes time-lapse and imports photos in the project. Also, it has dual camera mode to take stunning pictures and selfies to add into the videos. With video filters, you can make the animation more incredible.

You can add music and adjust the speed of the video and audio as you want. The grids help to centre and focus subjects and you will get a reminder of any updates. Without editing, you can create a unique and fun stop motion videos.

Life Lapse Stop Features:

  • Its built-in camera features allow you to make breeze quality stop motion videos.
  • The UI is very simple and you can make fun videos without editing.
  • You can do multiple projects and arrange clips as you want.
  • Creative camera features
  • Quick import and export video
  • Dual camera mode and timer
  • Free filters and music to add in video
  • Opacity slider to align objects
  • No rendering option

5. GIFMob – Stop Motion to GIF, MP4 Animation

GIFMob app allows you to stop motion to GIF, MP4 and save and share them with your friends and family. It is very easy for you to make animations using a camera or to select images and saving stop-motion.

5 GIFMob

You can overlay pictures with camera onion and overlay mode. Add multiple photos to start making stop motion animation. You can add filters and edit photos if needed. Also, you can adjust video speed using the slide bar.

The superposition mode of the camera provides a better alignment instantly. You can preview the animation before saving. It allows you to share an animated stop option video on social media.

GIFMob Features:

  • Its intuitive UI helps to make stop motion videos easily and quickly.
  • You can add several photos, align and apply modes to make animation beautiful.
  • It has several advanced tools to adjust video speed, audio quality and more related to stopping motion.
  • Create animated gifs, pictures and movies
  • Video export in MP4 format
  • Adjust video speed, toggle and pictures position
  • Skin mode to overlay
  • Easy UI and UX
  • Support up to 100 photos

6. I Can Animate

I Can Animate app allows you to create an animation as like as professionals. It provides brick models to flourish the video and the feature will amaze your friends and others with a creative streak.

6 I Can Animate

You can organize animation and adjust clips with its advanced functionality. It allows you to capture photos and take a screenshot from the video. To make the video realistic, add music or sound effects from its sound library or import from outside.

It ensures 4x higher resolution and you can export in MP4 format to run on all device. After all, you will get epic stop motion video and share with everyone through social media.

I Can Features:

  • It has brick animators that make the stop animation videos with amazing effects.
  • You can easily organize every clip, add music and export file in HD quality format.
  • It allows you to capture pictures against the green screen so you can add those in the video.
  • HD quality video resolution
  • Brick model animators
  • Large music library
  • Organize clips and photos easily
  • Capture photos
  • Voice recording doesn’t work

7. Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

Stop Motion Cartoon Maker app is ideal to be used between parents and children to make videos using the stop motion technique. You just have to take pictures of the objects you want to animate, edit the captured frames and turn them into video clips.

7 Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

It can be used with different elements, from characters and elements made of cardboard to characters and elements made of clay, plastic, etc. You can set up the frame rate and view the stop motion video before saving.

Its transparent image provides special effects in the video. The time-lapse camera helps to make short videos slowly with stop motion. You can easily draw over the screen and make animated cartoons.

Stop Motion Cartoon Features:

  • You make cartooned stop motion video with advanced video maker and tools.
  • Its transparent view provides the correct sequence to make videos correctly.
  • The time-lapse camera shoot video slowly and you can adjust the frame rate as you need.
  • Transparent video maker
  • Stop frame adjustment and shooting
  • Time-lapse camera
  • Convert photos into video
  • Fast and quick export
  • No instructions and guides

8. Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro

Lapse It app has a rendering tool that allows the creation of this type of video precisely. It is absolutely configurable in terms of the time between sequence and sequence so that we can achieve very different results.

8 Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro

You can apply video effects and filters before taking the sequences from black and white, negative or sepia. The recorded videos can be encoded in the maximum resolution and save in MP4, FLV or MOV formats.

It allows you to share the videos created with the leading social networks. It also includes an option to mute the sound when starting to record, although for privacy policy reasons.

Lapse It Features:

  • The app provides time-lapse to make stop motion videos with sequences and video effects.
  • You can configure the app and adjust all functionalities according to your needs.
  • It records video in 240 px, but the quality is good and anyone can watch the video clearly.
  • Fast rendering tool
  • Stunning effects and shots
  • Stock music library
  • Adjust and control functions
  • Schedule auto start/stop
  • Unstable aspect ratio

Final Thought

Stop motion is a technique that makes group photos into a video using the time-lapse option. It allows you to speed up the video to watch hours of the filming take only minutes or seconds. Here, we have presented free stop motion apps for android to achieve the desired results and gain followers on social networks with really great content.

Under a simple interface, you can import the photos from the gallery of their mobile devices, or even capture them directly from these apps to create stop motion.

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