8 Best Wifi Texting Apps For Android That You Should Try 2020


Those days are gone when people tend to send SMS with money. Now everyone is using the internet to send SMS. There are hundreds of apps that make it possible. However, most of the texting apps are boring, come with a bad user interface, and tough to use.

On the other hand, there are some best Wi-Fi texting apps for android that are easy to use, come with the intuitive user interface, and fun to use. You have to be aware of while downloading any app to send a text. Security is a bigger issue here as well. So make sure you have chosen the best apps for you.

Best WiFi texting apps for android

8 Best Wifi Texting Apps For Android Reviews 2020

From thousands of apps on the play store, it is not an easy task to find out the best android apps for WiFi texting. That is why we have come up with some amazingly useful apps with their features and benefits so that you can easily select the perfect one for you.

1. chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the most popular SMS apps you can have for your android phone. If you want to get relief from your stock android SMS app, then this one can be a very good option. You will have full privacy and protection of your files.


Besides, when you have this app, you will never forget about any program at all. This amazing feature will save you from the misunderstanding with your wife or children. You can show how much you care them. Even you can stop any message from sending while sending too.

It allows you to pin anyone’s favorite to send and receive SMS faster than ever. Also, you can get rid of any disturbing person calling you several times with this app. Other than that, you can send multimedia, do group messaging, and lots of other features for sure.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It comes with a password lock so that no one else can check what you are sending or receiving.
  • You will have scheduled SMS sender where the app will remind you about the birthday, anniversary, and other occasions to send related messages.
  • You can block or blacklist anyone you feel disturbing to prevent him or her from the message you.

2. Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS

Mood Messenger is another excellent SMS app you should consider while looking for a good SMS app. Expressing the emotion is important when chatting and it is possible with this app. This app allows you to set your mood on messenger as well.


The app ensures a great user experience with its customization feature. You will have different types of themes to choose from to make your messenger looks better. It enables you to share YouTube videos as too.

Unlike many Wi-Fi text apps, you will have enough privacy and security during the messaging. Even you can customize every conversation you have to make all the conversation unique and fun. So surely this app is worthy of downloading.

Why Do You Use This App? 

  • You do not need to search for an emoji while texting, just type a word and a related emoji will show up for you.
  • This one offers private messaging for maximum privacy and you can hide it too to display.
  • It also allows you to customize the wallpaper, font size, and style, emoji’s, notification, and others for better user experience.

3. Telegram

You may have heard about the Telegram app. This is surely one of the best Wi-Fi texting apps for android. You can enjoy a great messaging experience with this app. Also, this is the fastest messaging app in the market right now.


Even you can start typing messages on mobile and end it on pc. One common problem with the messaging app is the limitation of sending files that you will not see in this app. With its lightweight design, you can smoothly run this app on your mobile.

Security is a big issue for messaging. That is why this app comes with the maximum security while ensuring easy of use. You can save send anything you want with full privacy and protection. Even you can do basic photo and video editing as well to add more fun to it.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It enables you to fast, secure, simple, and instant messaging and also sync across all the devices.
  • You can send unlimited text and media files through this app since this one offers unlimited disc capacity.
  • This app comes with AES encryption that ensures maximum security while ensuring easy of use.

4. Signal Private Messenger

If you are looking for an app that can offer you a simple yet fast messaging opportunity, then the Signal Private Messenger be a great option for you. Unlike most of the chatting apps, you can share any personal thing with full privacy.


This app lets you get in touch with anyone anytime and do proper conversation. It is a non-profit app meaning that you can enjoy unlimited secure chatting without having any ads. You can get clear audio and video quality even if you live in a rural area.

It features a dark theme that you activate during the dark if you want to see less light for a better feeling. Even you can know who is sending you message without seeing it. Moreover, you have basic photo editing for better media messaging.

Why Do You Use This App? 

  • It comes with end-to-end encryption that ensures maximum security so that you can say and write anything you want with full privacy.
  • This app offers fast messaging so that you can instantly send and receive messages even in the slow network connection.

·         You can use alert for each contact to get customize notification for every message you want.

5. YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging

YAATA comes into the market to offer you so many features and benefits. With this amazing app, you can send your memory, moments, or other files without any hassle. You will have the delivery report when a file is sent.


If you want, you can delay the sending too. It allows you to create a group message and make the app a conversation room easily. Even this app will help you wish anyone on time and make the relationship stronger than ever.

When you are spending busy time, this app can handle the messaging on behalf of you as well. If you are bored or disturbed at anyone, you can send him to the blacklist as well. Other than that, you will get a lot of useful features and benefits as well.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It comes with complete multimedia support so that you can easily send any kind of multimedia file such as audio, video, and images with ease.
  • You can schedule a message that will be sent automatically in a certain period such as birthday, anniversary, and others.
  • This app allows you to send auto-reply that eradicates the need to reply so many messages when you are busy.

6. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular chatting apps in the market without any doubt. This app offers a great communication all the time no matter where you live and when you want. Along with the text, you can send audio, video, or photo as well.


With this app, you can have a great chat with your friends, family, or colleagues as well. You can even make communication internationally without any additional charge. It only requires an internet connection.

When it comes to security, this app will be in the top list that will provide you a good privacy and security. There are many other features as well. With all these features, this one should be considered as one of the best free Wi-Fi texting apps for android. Download this app now and enjoy it.

Why Do You Use This App ? 

  • This app offers you free, instant, and fast messaging even in the slow speed no matter you are using 2g,3g,4g, or Wi-Fi.
  • You can do group chat, video and audio call to your friends and family, and international call with ease.
  • Since the app work with your phone number, you need no username and pins for maximum security.

7. Text Free: Free Text Plus Call

Text Free is another great app with lots of useful features and benefits. This app lets you enjoy all the fun and enjoyment of communication with your friends and family. Besides, you can be anonymous and have a different number for more fun as well.


Along with texting, it offers free calling as well. Also, you can do private or confidential messaging as well with this app. You can do group chatting so that this app can be a conversation room for you and your friends.

Since you can use this app on your tablet or pc, it allows you to turn any device into a messaging device. So no matter you have a pc or tablet or phone, you can use this app. This app offers so many features so that it can be one of the best texting apps using Wi-Fi for android

Why Do You Use This App? 

  • This app allows you to send unlimited text and multimedia messages for free so that you can enjoy the fun of texting.
  • It comes with custom number selection so that you can pick any number you want and you like to text and call.
  • You will have maximum security while chatting so that your information never gets leaked.

8. WeChat

WeChat is another popular and largely used app in the play store. This amazing app lets you create a good communication with a large number of people. Besides, it enables you to share your moments or memories with others to make the communication stronger.


You can do video and audio calls with this app as well. When calling or messaging, you can share your confidential files with this app. You can even share your location too when you are not sure how you should tell your location to others.

There are a custom sticker gallery and thousands of stickers available for you. You can even pay through this app, it is known as one of the largest mobile payment apps. Even it allows you to call at a low rate around the world. So you should try this app.

Why Do You Use This App ? 

  • This app allows you to do fast chatting with friends and family by creating a group of 500 members at once.
  • You can send text, audio, video, and other files in the group to make it more fun and useful.
  • This app ensures the world’s strongest security for messaging app that you can trust.

Bottom Line

Finding the best Wi-Fi texting apps for android is really important. When you have the best apps, you can get an easy to use intuitive user interface, send text as well as multimedia messages, and send messages fast.

That is why we have reviewed some of the top class apps that will provide you all the features and benefits you need. I hope, it will help you choose the right app for your android phone. So without any further due, pick an app from the list and download it now.

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