7 Best Business Card Scanning Apps for Android (2021 List)


If you are a business person, you probably know that networking is essential for the success of any business. Business cards lead a vital role in creating a strong network with possible partners, investors, buyers, and many more sources. To establish professional contacts, exchanging business cards is the professional way.

But it’s quite a lengthy process to note business card information to the phone. But you can make this process quicker by using a business card scanning apps for android. The scanner app will simply use your phone’s camera to scan business cards and save information on your phone. So you will never need to carry cards manually and this process will save you time.

7 Best Business Card Scanning Apps for Android Reviews 2021

Now you may wonder which one will be the best business card scanning apps for you. Nothing to worry about, here we have listed 7 best business card scanning apps for android. These apps will use Optical Character Recognition technology to collect business card information through your phone. Continue reading to find out some amazing scanner apps for business cards.

Business Card Scanning Apps for Android

1. ScanBizCards Lite – Business Card & Badge Scan App

Among many ways to create business networking, the use of business cards still remains the smartest way to create networking. To make this smart network building smarter, now we use different business card scanner apps.

ScanBizCards Lite - Business Card & Badge Scan App

ScanBizCards Lite is one of them, it will help you to store and manage business cards. It uses an effortless way; you just have to take a picture of any business card; it will automatically save information. ScanBizCards Lite also contains a search option to find any company or person’s contact info easily.

  • Supports 22 scanning languages.
  • OCR scanning system.
  • CMR supporting system.
  • Email signature capture ability.
  • Irregular fonts while scanning.
  • A little complicated interface.

2. CamCard – Business Card Reader

If you are a business developer, entrepreneur, marketing expert, then the CamCard app can help you in many ways. This app will help you to organize, manage, and even exchange business cards efficiently. This scanning app will let you scan and store information from business cards in almost 17 different languages.

CamCard - Business Card Reader

It will work for you as a contact manager.  With scanning cards, CamCard will also let you manage contact tasks, activities, and even appointments. After scanning, you can also edit or add activities, fields, or tags through the app.

  • Supports 22 scanning languages.
  • OCR scanning system.
  • CMR supporting system.
  • Email signature capture ability.
  • Irregular fonts while scanning.
  • A little complicated interface.

3. Business Card Reader – Business Card Scanner

Business Card Reader is an amazing app that lets you quickly scan business card information and store it on smartphones. After scanning cards, Business Card Reader will store data on its own storage and allow you to access it anytime.

Business Card Reader - Business Card Scanner

With allowing you to capture data in different 25 languages, you can also share the scanned data through email, SMS. You can also edit any contact data after scanning and also search for maps of any contact’s address.

  • Export data to Excel.
  • Contact back and restore capability.
  • Find more info through social media.
  • Contact verify system.
  • Lack of contact storing space in the free version.
  • No export option.

4. WorldCard Mobile Lite

WorldCard Mobile Lite is a powerful business card scanner app with Optical Character Recognition technology. Once you use it to scan a card, it will quickly scan and transfer the contact information to your smartphone. It will also let you input contact info from email signatures too.

WorldCard Mobile Lite

WorldCard Mobile Lite will let you manage and view with a cardholder system. Also, let you make calls, send messages, and emails to any contact directly through the app. It will allow you to manage your contact by scanning your google contact. This app has an auto capturing system available in different 25 languages.

  • Can recognize QR codes.
  • Share and backup through cloud services.
  • Reminder notification system.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Can create battery issues.
  • Sometimes it works slowly.

5. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

If you want to use a free app to make whiteboards and documents into pictures, then you should use Microsoft Office Lens. It will let you increase your productivity by squeezing time to find business cards or documents. You can use this app as an all-in-one app because here, with scanning, you can also use all your essential documents.

Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner

Through this app, you can convert images or pictures to PDF, and Word files, and different file formats. You can save and share any critical document through this app’s OneNote, OneDrive, and also on your device.

  • Easy to organize notes or documents.
  • Capture and crop a picture of a whiteboard or blackboard.
  • Scan business cards to collect info.
  • Review and edit the captured image.
  • Create scanning issues in landscape mode.
  • OCR does not work well on a curved surface.

6. Wantedly People Scan Biz Cards

Use Wantedly People scan biz cards app to scan up to ten cards at a time. Just normally place your cards on any surface and use the app to transfer them into digital contacts. It will take less time than any other app to organize many cards by using Optical Character Recognition.

Wantedly People Scan Biz Cards

Here you can add many things to your personal card, including self-introduction, education, work history, projects, and even social media links. Through Wantedly People scan biz cards, you can also make calls and send emails to contacts easily. Most importantly, if you forget anyone’s name, you can find them through company name and job position.

  • Share cards through chat or email.
  • Wantedly business chat platform.
  • Create contacts with the OCR dictation system.
  • Accurately import info from cards.
  • Unable to scan cards in while surface.
  • Sometimes create scanning issues.

7. Droid Scan Lite

If you want to use your smartphone as a portable scanner, then start using Droid Scan Lite. It is a free app that will let you create unlimited scans with proper privacy.  Through Droid Scan Lite, you can scan business cards and different types of documents. Also, allow you to reshape documents into standard document format.

Droid Scan Lite

This free app lets you share documents through email, Dropbox, and many more ways. If you want to create PDF, want high-resolution scans and batch processing, upgrade it to the premium version. You will get an ads-free scanning experience if you use the premium version.

  • Save and import images from SD card.
  • Compatible with a cloud storage system.
  • Supports architectural paper size.
  • Different image modes.
  • Complicated UI system.
  • Create Glitch issues.

Final Thought

For any business, networking is one of the essential, and business cards help to do it perfectly. Business cards contain the necessary information to make contact with the person. People may use email or social media, but business cards still remain smart to exchange contact information.

The use of business card scanning apps for android will make this process more easy and quick. Above, we have mentioned some business card scanning apps that you can use. All of them will fulfill your needs and help you to build better business networking. We hope you find this article helpful, and if you have any queries, please let us know through the comment box.

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