Best Car Maintenance App For Android And iOS 2020


The maintenance of a car requires dedication. To keep it in good condition, you have to take care of it and keep it up to date. Nowadays, we have the help of technology to monitor our car’s condition, since there are applications to download on the smartphone that will facilitate control over its maintenance and consumption.

All of them are handy apps to leave nothing to chance in mechanical matters and to know exactly the cost of fuel, either in general or in detail per kilometer, route or day. In this article, we will present 10 best car maintenance apps for android that will help you extend your car’s life.

How Can I Track My Car Maintenance?

Car maintenance is the main task to keep your car long-lasting. New users cannot guess the proper maintenance time and guidelines. So, the android apps can help you track your car condition, fuel efficiency, find spare parts, get route, etc. They show you a reminder for car servicing, changing engine oil and more that you must need to do after some days. You can use Simply Auto, Drivvo, Maintenance Reminder, CARFAX, Mileage Tracker, Fuelio and My Car Service app to track your car maintenance.

10 Car Maintenance App For Android Reviews 2020

Smartphones can be our best helper to find car parts, saving us that extra money that they would charge us in the car workshop. That is why we bring the 10 best car maintenance app for android that will help us find spare parts and take care of car maintenance. Let’s have a look below:


1. Simply Auto: Car Maintenance, Fuel and Mileage log

Simply Auto app record, rack and remind he service time properly. It helps you check your car mileage and save the data in the log for future inspection.  Also, it has expenses record book that show the fuel costs and consumption.

1 Simply Auto

It takes full control of your car and tracks any trips successfully. It alerts you when the service time comes. The in-depth analysis helps you to see the overall condition of your car and trips.

You can sync the app in multiple devices and backup all data in the cloud and drive storage. It allows you to store the receipts, trips logs and sharing options with others.

Why do you use this app?

  • It tracks car mileage, service time, expenses with real-time and in-depth analysis.
  • You can add receipts, see the trip logs and warning signs that will help to service your car in proper time.
  • It works with multiple phones and cars so that you can backup and share data if needed.

The Simply Auto app provides real-time car analysis data with proper servicing alert.

2. Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas

Drivvo app allows you to keep track of fuel refills, engine oil changes, expenses, services, routes you have traveled, reminders, parts purchases, mechanical expenses that will lead to proper car maintenance.

2 Drivvo

It alerts you the time of car servicing, tune-up, etc. on your smartphone. You can see the records in the history section and export the data in drive storage systems.

You will get the real-time mileage and nearby fuel stations on the app. It allows you to customize the functions as you need. Also, you can save the earnings that come from ride-sharing apps.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can track your car mileage, trips, expenses, spare parts and nearby pump on the app.
  • The trip log shows you the previous records and you can share with others if needed.
  • It reminds servicing time, tune-up and change spare parts in time.

Drivvo app helps to manage car performance and find cheap gas near you.

3. Car Maintenance Service Pro

My car maintenance service pro app sends alert for engine oil changes, braked pads changes and replace parts in time. Also, it notifies you of the correct time of service. It can track traveled distance using the GPS of your phone.

3 my car maintenance service pro

You can see the parking location on the app. The parking location can be shared with friends if they need parking places in that place. The speedometer works like a real car meter and provides the most accurate result.

Its interface and design are very simple so that everyone can use it without prior knowledge. It supports multilingual support and the full version offers advanced features.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has an analog speedometer that presents the speed in km/h with accurate results.
  • You will get alert for servicing time, changing parts, find spare parts near you and more.
  • Its interface is elegant and uses less battery so anyone can use the app comfortably.

The My car maintenance service pro has speedometer, car maintenance alert and elegant interface that helps you to keep your car OK.

4. Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance app monitors your car service, check overdue and mileage in km/h. You can add multiple cars on the app to track details. It sends a notification when the servicing time has come.

4 Car Maintenance

It provides tax and other responsibilities update alerts that we always forget. You can locate and navigate the nearby service center and fuel station. It suggests the engine and other parts maximum lasting period on the maintenance section.

You can control the full maintenance tasks on the app and mark the completed service. Also, you will save the replaced parts data so that you can remember it in the future. Its white theme provides a better UI with the real feel of a car owner.

Why do you use this app?

  • The app allows you to track car mileage, service times and needed replaced parts.
  • You can navigate the nearby workshop to get instant service for your car.
  • The maintenance section suggests all spare parts details so you can choose the right parts for your car.

The Car Maintenance app monitors your car performance and suggests necessary parts with finding nearby workshops.

5. Maintenance Reminder

Maintenance Reminder app provides a schedule and checklist to maintain your car properly. You can see all previous records in the maintenance log and share files with others if needed.

5 Maintenance Reminder

It allows you to track car mileage, routes, complete maintenance goal and provide suggestions. It alerts the time of servicing and support multiple cars. You can configure the app setting and edit everything offline.

You can export and import records with share options. The activities are saved by name, date and due. You will take care of your car correctly and replace parts from its activity suggestions.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can track your car maintenance report, mileage and travel routes on the app.
  • It sends notification of car servicing and suggests spare parts with details.
  • The maintenance log is easy to export and share with others if you want.

Maintenance Reminder app helps to improve car performance by taking proper maintenance.

6. CARFAX Car Care

CARFAX Car Care app provides proper guidelines and servicing alerts to keep your car well maintained. It reminds the essential notices related to the service. In the history section, you will find all records in one place.

6 CARFAX Car Care

It suggests the trusted part centers and workshops near your location with ratings and reviews. If you want to buy a second-hand car, it will tell you the perfect value so you can decide smartly.

You can track up to 8 car mileage and compare it with the previous result. It shows the estimated repair and replacement costs for your car. You can log in to the app with a Facebook account and share it with friends.

Why do you use this app?

  • It helps to track car mileage, average speed and suggest parts to replace after a period.
  • You can personalize the app with a photo and connect with the Facebook account.
  • Find nearby parts shop and service center with review and ratings.

CARFAX Car Care app estimate repair cost and track car condition with real-time data.

7. Car, Motorcycle, or Fleet Maintenance & Gas Log

Car, Motorcycle, or Fleet Maintenance & Gas Log app shows the car management records in an organized way. You will see the maintenance record, mileage and more with high accuracy results. It reminds the time servicing and allows you to add receipts by taking pictures.

7 Car, Motorcycle, or Fleet Maintenance & Gas Log

It has a cloud-based system so you can store all records on the device. You can sync multiple cars with separate records. By taking proper maintenance of your car, you will get prolonged service from your car.

The repair log helps you to check the replaced parts. You can share the logs via email and social media networks with all information. Also, you can see the records without an internet connection.

Why do you use this app?

  • It shows your car’s fuel consumption, maintenance records and more with accurate results.
  • Regular maintenance and replace damaged parts will prolong your car performance.
  • Maintenance logs can be stored in cloud storage and you can share with others.

The Car, Motorcycle, or Fleet Maintenance & Gas Log app provides cloud-based tracking to share data with others.

8. Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy App

Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy app has an IFTA tracker that provides accurate mileage report of your car. You can differentiate the mileage in city and highway. Also, you can manage fuel costs, expenses, trips, routes, etc.

8 Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy App

The statistics units can be configured without any limitations. You can share access to others or send an exported file if needed. All data can be saved in cloud storage as a backup.

It provides quick entry for refueling, servicing and more to keep your car well maintained. The car log book allows you to understand car condition and performance.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can tracks car mileage, manage a fleet, sync with multiple cars and more quickly.
  • It allows you to configure statistics units according to your needs.
  • The maintenance history, costs, expenses and records can be shared with others.

The Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy app ensure car tracking with accurate results.

9. Fuelio: Gas Log, Costs, Car Management, GPS routes

With the Fuelio app, you can control your vehicle’s expenses, refueling, fuel consumption, mileage, and fuel cost to save money. It uses an algorithm that allows us to calculate how many liters of fuel have been consumed between each refueling. 

9 Fuelio

When you fill-up the tank, enter the amount you have spent and the number of kilometers the odometer shows. Fuel consumption and mileage are displayed in a simple and intuitive interface and visual graphs.

You can sync it to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) at any time. It can be used for several cars with the proper report.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides more details on costs and fuel consumption and exports them as PDF files to share with others.
  • Information on the services offered by the service stations: payment options, parking information, restaurants, toilets …)
  • You will get summaries and charts of our vehicle costs with a cloud backup option.

The Fuelio is an application with which you can monitor each expense of your vehicle.

10. My Car Service – Car Management

My Car Service is a car management app that provides fuel consumption reports, service reminders, odometer and trip meter readings with more options. You can use several cars in an account.

10 My Car Service - Car management

It helps you to track car documents upgrade time, insurance update time and more inspection with servicing time alert. You will get the notification to change parts and repair after the expiry date of spare parts.

You can customize the setting according to needs. Its interface is easy for everyone and the design ensure a better overview. Also, you can save the replaced parts with date, time and other details.

Why do you use this app?

  • Track car mileage, tires duration, documents upgrade time and technical inspection.
  • Its interface is very simple and designed well so you can overview all data clearly.
  • Customize all functions from setting as you want and share data with others if needed.

My Car Service allows you to manage car performance and technical inspection quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have covered some frequently asked questions with answers about the car maintenance apps.

Can I use car maintenance apps to track all kinds of vehicles?

You can track all types of vehicle data with the car maintenance app. You need to adjust some functions from the app setting menu according to the type of vehicle.

How often should you take your car in for maintenance?

You should change engine oil, air filters, coolant fluid and brake oil after 6 to 8 months or 6000 to 10000 km. It depends on the quality of the products. It will be best to service a car every 6 months and twice a year.

How long does it take for car maintenance?

It depends on the replacement of parts and the needed repair of your car. Normal maintenance needs 3 to 7 days if you have an expert mechanic near you. Sometimes, it takes more time based on car problems.


These 10 Car maintenance apps for android allow you to keep track of all information regarding your car: from administrative details to fuel and maintenance costs, from expiry dates to insurance costs. With a few clicks, you can see the overview and the statistics associated with the expense of each car.

Some apps support multiple cars and show results in different pages. Also, they suggest needed spare parts, nearby shops and a service center that help you to service your car on time. So, download and install the best vehicle maintenance app from the above list and keep your car well maintained.

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