7 Best Dish Satellite Finder App For Android Reviews 2020


The latest android phones have geolocation services (therefore also the GPS module), accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope that allow you to establish the exact position of the device and its inclination. You can orient the dish in a simple way, depending on the satellite signal you want to receive. Here, we have presented the dish satellite finder apps for android that has a complete satellite database so you can find any satellite points quickly.

How To Use Dish Satellite Finder App For Android?

To use the dish satellite finder apps, you must have an internet connection and enable GPS. Then, the app automatically finds your location and you have to select the nearest satellite to enjoy dish TV channels. You can see the real view of the world from your phone without any limitations. There are several satellites and you can switch to the other as you want.

7 Dish Satellite Finder App For Android Reviews 2020

Below, you will find the 7 dish satellite finder app for android that has advanced features to find satellites on your location. Let’s have a look.


1. Satfinder (Dish Pointer): Quick Dish Align!

Satfinder provides highly accurate dish alignment with landmark pointing. You can calculate the magnetic azimuth on the app, so you do not need a compass. It works on motion sensors and gives a perfect antenna setup guide.1 Satfinder (Dish Pointer)

It has GPS ON and OFF modes, so check the location where the signal is blocked and align it correctly. The dual-target allows you to choose satellite and direction with antennas. Also, it has 4 types of map and you can use according to your choice.

You will get access to the transponder list easily. It can be used in GPS OFF mode by setup the satellite with adequate steps. All types of TV networks are available in the app.

Satfinder Features:

  1. You can align the dish and use the app without GPS mode with correct pointing.
  2. It uses the motion sensors of your device so you can create a landmark and measure azimuth without using a compass.
  3. The 4 types of maps provide extended support to find a satellite with proper alignment.
  • Accurate calculation and satellite pointer
  • Measure magnetic azimuth without a compass
  • Different maps
  • Works on GPS on and off mode
  • Search satellites quickly
  • Moving pointer absent

2. Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

Satellite Finder PRO allows you to detect the compass and find satellites instantly. You can search satellite by name, measure azimuth with longitude and latitude. Also, you can set the angle according to your location.

2 Satellite Finder PRO (Dishpointer)

It has several satellites that can be run on the app. You can easily align the dish satellite based on your place. It uses your phone’s GPS sensor and provides LNB tilt to get a more accurate result.

On the camera view, you can see the satellite position with augmented reality. The built-in compass helps to find satellite and direction with correct positioning.

Satellite Finder Features:

  1. Its augmented reality helps to find satellite with a clear camera view.
  2. The dish pointer allows you to point the dish without any problems.
  3. It supports most of the popular satellites available near your location.
  • AR for accurate satellite finding
  • LNB tilt tracks location using the GPS
  • Huge satellite list
  • Gyrocompass provide perfect direction
  • Free BISS key finder
  • No alignment option

3. Set Satellite Dish 2020

Set Satellite Dish 2020 app uses the phone’s accelerometer sensor so that you will get the proper measurement. Its compass helps to set direction and find the correct satellite for you.

3 Satellite Finder

The azimuth and elevation allow you to find the satellite position so you can use any TV satellite. It tracks your present location and you can search your favorite satellites on the app.

It presents the proper direction using the dish pointer. Set your antenna and enjoy unlimited satellites with a clear viewing experience. It is easy to use and anyone can find satellite within a short time.

Set Satellite Features:

  1. The app has more than hundreds of satellites so you can align them freely.
  2. Its gyro compass provides accurate navigation and proper direction.
  3. Search and find out the right satellite by positioning the azimuth and elevation.
  • Proper positioning with the elevation and azimuth
  • Gyro compass provides accurate direction
  • Track your current location
  • Over hundreds of satellites
  • Dish pointer and signal finder
  • Don’t work without compass and accelerator sensors

4. Satellite Finder : Dish Angle Finder

Satellite Finder app provides an accurate angle to find satellite by calibrating your device. Also, it ensures the precise range of your location, polarization, elevation and azimuth using the phone’s GPS sensor.

4 Set Satellite Dish 2020

It aligns your dish with the satellite and proper angle. You must have a GPS enabled device and a good internet connection. Its find button allows you to choose satellite.

You can set up the Dish antenna with the app to get a smooth and clear view. It has a huge satellite list containing the most popular satellites so you can easily browse your favorite one.

Satellite Finder Features:

  1. You can calibrate the device to get a proper satellite angle and GPS location.
  2. It provides accurate polarization, elevation, azimuth and more based on your location.
  3. The satellite list and app guide help to find a perfect satellite near you.
  • Dish alignment with accurate angle
  • Satellite list
  • Device calibration to locate GPS
  • Accurate azimuth and range calculation
  • Gyro compass and rotation support
  • Annoying ads

5. Satellite Finder (Geo Area Calculator) Dish Pointer

Satfinder gives you the accurate azimuth, direction, LNB tilt and more based on your location. It presents the result in numeric data and graphical maps. The AR of the app shows the proper direction on your phone.

5 Satfinder (Quick Dish Align) Area Calculator

It has a Gyrocompass that helps to locate a 360-degree angle perfectly. The user interface of the app is creative and simple so that you can enjoy a better viewing experience. It has a clinometer that provides accurate calculation on slope angles, depression and more according to the gravity power.

You can measure the area of land on the app and measure the route of your destination. It can find your current location and provide a sharing option to help others to find your place.

Satellite Finder Features:

  1. It has clinometer, gyrocompass and AR that provide a better satellite viewing experience.
  2. You can calculate azimuth, land area, slope angles and more with high accuracy.
  3. Its UI is very advanced so that you will enjoy all satellites without any limitation.
  • Locate your current GPS
  • Clinometer to measure inclined and declined places
  • Measure land area, azimuth and more accurately
  • Gyrocompass shows 360 angle
  • More than hundreds of satellites access
  • Sometimes failed to find the location

6. Satfinder (Satellite Finder For All Tv Dish)

Satellite Finder has a geo calculator that can measure the area accurately. The level meter allows you to set up a satellite finder and quick dish. You can easily locate using the gyrocompass.

6 Satellite Finder (Area Calculator) Dish Pointer

It has a list of several satellites that provides a real-time viewing experience. The satellite finder presents the numerical and graphical info on the map. You can easily set up your dish TV quickly with the app.

The BT finder of the app helps to calculate azimuth, elevation, LNB tilt and more. It has a clinometer and antenna support that allows you to measure land area.

Satfinder Features:

  1. It provides several satellites by tracking your location with gyrocompass and geo locator.
  2. You can enjoy a better viewing experience with numerical and graphical info on the map.
  3. The dish TV can be connected with the app with satellite finder and level meter.
  • Measure area with geo calculator and level meter
  • Align dish point accurately
  • 3D AR allows to find and set up satellites
  • Quick location tracking with GPS
  • Measure azimuth, elevation, tilt and range
  • Too much useless ads

7. DishPointer (Satellite Finder & dish installer)

DishPointer allows you to find a satellite near your using phones GPS sensor and show the correct altitude and longitude. It supports antenna and dish pointer. You can easily calculate polarization and adjust rotation according to your location.

6 Satellite Finder (Area Calculator) Dish Pointer

It displays the orientation of the selected satellites on the google maps. The augmented reality provides clear and HD quality viewing experience with your place validation.

You can adjust the setting as you want. It uses the compass and accelerometer sensor of your smartphone to provide the right satellite to you. You can recalibrate to locate satellite on your location.

DishPointer Features:

  1. It provides accurate measurements of azimuth, polarization, latitude, longitude and range of your location.
  2. You can customize the app setting and adjust elevation, LNB rotation as you need.
  3. It allows you to track the satellite and your position using the GPS and compass sensors.
  • Calculate polarization, azimuth and range of your place
  • Support antenna and dish pointer
  • Display orientation on maps
  • Adjust setting and elevation
  • Multilingual support
  • Don’t work on GPS disabled phone

Final Thought

These 7 dish satellite finder apps for android allow you to align satellite dish. They show the accurate direction of your selected location and satellite. You can calculate azimuth, polarization, range of location and more with high accuracy. Some apps locate satellites using the augmented reality mode with the detailed viewing experience.

The sat finder apps work on your phone’s GPS, accelerator, and compass sensors, so you should enable the sensor to stop. Now, install the best-sat finder app for android from above-presented discussion and find satellite on your location.

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