Best Fever thermometer app for android & iOS In 2020


When the body temperature is close to 38 degrees Celsius, the body has a fever, which can be considered high when it approaches 40 degrees Celsius. It is not a disease, but an indicator or alert that the body is fighting infections, and it is essential to control it.

There are also free fever thermometer apps that allow you to monitor the body temperature, work as a fever recording system and help you recognize the situation when it is abnormal. Let’s see the fever thermometer apps for android.

7 Fever Thermometer App For Android Reviews 2020

We have analyzed several thermometer apps on google play store and found out the 7 best fever thermometer apps for android that will provide the most accurate data anywhere. Let’s have a look below:

Fever thermometer app for android

1. Body Temperature Fever : Thermometer Records Diary

Body Temperature Fever allows you to track and control your body temperature. You can also add notes, labels, symptoms and any other value that supports the temperature data. So when the doctor asks, more accurate information can be given.

1 Body Temperature Fever

It shows the temperature level in FAH, CEN and PUL unit. You can save the data for future checkups and consult with the doctor. Also, you can use the app without an Internet connection and its design is very user-friendly.

You can keep the height, weight and calculate BMI on profile easily. All the records can be defined with custom tags and notes. You can easily see the graphical information about your body temperature history.

Body Temperature Features:

  • It can measure body temperature, heart pulse rate and record them on the app history.
  • You can calculate BMI, keep body weight and height records on the app.
  • The graph and diagram present the overall history of your body temperature.
  • Fever tracker
  • Save records
  • Multiple value units
  • Graph and diagram report
  • Weight, height and BMI tracker
  • Need to put thumbs firmly

2. Body Temperature Fever : Thermometer History Diary

Body Temperature Fever app allows you to record body temperature in logical form. It presents the records in a graph so you can understand your overall condition and previous data. You can easily maintain fever records on your smartphone.

2 Body Temperature Fever

It works like a real thermometer to measure the temperature of your body. You will get accurate (+/-3) result in Fahrenheit and Celsius unit. It shows the pulse rate of your heartbeat.

The reminder allows you to check the previous body temperature. You can easily use it and measure temperature by pressing with any finger on the phone screen.

Body Temperature Fever Features:

  • It provides body temperature detection quickly and shows results in logical form.
  • You can maintain a complete healthy profile by calculating BMI.
  • Save your measured body temperature and generate a graph for clear understanding.
  • Save body temperature values
  • Multiple units support
  • BMI calculator
  • Health guidelines
  • Graph reports and history
  • Inaccurate heart rate

3. Body Temperature : Fever Thermometer History Diary

Body Temperature app helps you to record and analyze the temperature (and pulse) of our body. It can calculate the blood pressure level with the heart pulse rate. You can save the data in record history.

3 Body Temperature

It presents a diagram that helps to understand the highest and lowest calculation. You can check the BMI level of your body to have a healthier life. All data automatically generated into several graphs so your doctor can understand your body condition easily.

Anyone can easily operate the app to measure fever and blood pressure. You will get real data from its interval and monitor with accurate values. Also, you can export all your registered data to CSV if you need it.

Body Temperature Features:

  • It calculates fever temperature and blood pressure with authentic results.
  • You can calculate your BMI and keep your health fit with proper guidelines.
  • The records can be exported and the data showed in many graph formats.
  • Fever temperature tracker
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Export saved records
  • Several graphs
  • BMI and health tips
  • Ads in every 6 to 10 seconds

4. Body Temperature Fever Records: Thermometer Diary

Body Temperature Fever Records app keeps statistic based body temperature measurement records. It shows the BPM of your heart with fever temperature measurements. Also, it can be used by anyone and ensure relevant results as real device shows.

4 Body Temperature Fever Records

You can track, record and make the analysis of your health from the records. It shows results in multiple formats so your doctor can realize it easily. Multiple users can use a single app from a single device.

It has a clear health guideline that helps us to maintain good health. You can add new records and export history in CSV format to consult with specialists.

Body Temperature Fever Features:

  • It shows diagrams and statistics about our body temperature with the heart pulse rate.
  • You can add records, view history and export them to show to the doctor.
  • It presents the minimum and maximum values ​​to diagnose if we have a fever.
  • Record body temperature with pulse rate
  • Maximum, average and minimum value
  • Modify setting as you want
  • Graph formatted report
  • Multiple users support
  • Show difference in random temperature check

5. Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometer app uses the sensors of the phones to be able to track the temperature values on the device. Its interface maintains a minimalist profile and has its widget so you can access data from the main screen.

5 Smart Thermometer

You can use the internet and GPS to measure body temperature on devices with no temperature sensor. It allows you to save records and consult with the doctor to get a prescription about your health condition.

It presents the temperature level in the graph chart so you can observe previous and present conditions in a place. Everyone can use the app easily to customize the background.

Smart thermometer Features:

  • It uses the phone’s temperature sensor to measure body temperature quickly.
  • You can see the overall reports in a graph and consult with a doctor for a prescription.
  • It presents the humidity percentage, pressure level and temperature in Celsius.
  • Show humidity, pressure with temperature
  • Historical chart report
  • Can access the internet and GPS
  • No intrusive ads
  • Decimal reading enabled
  • Need internet if your phone has no temperature sensor

6. iThermonitor

iThermonitor app is combined with an armpit patch that sends information every 4 seconds wirelessly to devices. The temperature monitoring is constant that makes it perfect for chronic patients who are treated from home or whose condition is very unstable.

6 iThermonitor

It has an automatic alert system that is activated when the temperature exceeds normal standards. All data is stored in the cloud so you can have a complete and secure record. You can also combine it with the app.

It makes charts for better reading and can customize multiple accounts for each family member. It carries out monitoring 24 hours a day and provides temperature alerts, among others.

iThermonitor Features:

  • It ensures real-time body measurement with high-temperature alerts.
  • The trending chart helps to observe total records and provide tips to get rid of fever.
  • It can be used for multiple users by creating a profile on the app users section.
  • Real-time temperature reading
  • Shows result in every 4 seconds
  • Analysis data through calibration
  • Tips about fever and health
  • Works without internet
  • Remote monitoring not available

7. Body Temperature Fever: Thermometer Record History

Body Temperature Fever app tracks fever temperature and shows results in the graph chart for better understanding. It provides essential tips to maintain good health and reduce fever quickly. You can save the records for a long time.

7 Body Temperature Fever

In the profile section, you can keep track of your body weight, height and BMI level. It supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius units so you can choose the one that best suits you. You can add associate tags and custom tags with temperature value.

Its UX is very simple that you can measure fever and body temperature on your fingertip. The standby mode helps to gather all data accurately.

Body Temperature Fever Features:

  • You can save values in Celsius and Fahrenheit unit for a long time on the app.
  • It allows you to keep track of body height, weight and BMI with standby mode.
  • The health guidelines guide you to reduce body temperature and stay fit.
  • Save records for longtime
  • Show data in both C and F unit
  • Standby mode presents accurate data
  • Custom and associate tags
  • Track data by date from chart
  • Reading errors sometimes

Final Verdict

Remember that no device can perfectly replace a thermometer. The free fever thermometer apps can be helpful in obtaining a more or less accurate measure and become a great ally to detect one of the most complexes of all symptoms of fever.

Taking action on time can make a big difference in our recovery process. In certain contexts, it can serve as an alternative to thermometers to know if you have a fever. Use these fever thermometer apps for android with attention and always follow the opinion of a qualified doctor.

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