Best 10 Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android Phones 2021


A smartphone is our personal device. We have private messages and information in the social media application. That’s why it is necessary to lock our mobile phones so that no one can reveal our secret information. Using the fingerprint lock in your mobile phone, you can lock the essential files, photos, videos, and other documents.

There are several fingerprint lock applications available on the internet.  Finding a trustworthy and secure lock app is a challenging task. Each app claims they provide the best service, but they actually don’t. We have checked several fingerprint lock apps but found a few applications that work excellent. Below, we’ll point up some of the best fingerprint lock apps for android phones that you can use.

Is it Safe to Use Fingerprints App on Android?

Using a fingerprint on android is not unsafe. It is more vital than a pattern lock or pin lock. The most significant part of using fingerprint scanners on smartphones is they can’t be leaked. Someone can easily get your pin or pattern as you enter them to unlock your mobile phone. In contrast, they can’t do the same if you use a fingerprint lock.

Besides, it is one of the shortest methods of authentication. Always entering a password and pin can get irritating. Utilizing fingerprint scanners is a more comfortable and faster option for persistent phone checkers. In a word, a fingerprint is more secure than others’ lock option.

10 Fingerprint Lock App for Android Phones Reviews 2021

We have mentioned earlier that we have checked different fingerprint lock apps and found a few excellent applications. In this section, we will address some of the best fingerprint lock apps for android. So let’s have a look.

Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android

1. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock is considered one of the best fingerprint app lockers. Using the application on your android phone, you can lock your all kind of app within pin pattern, fingerprint, or face lock. You will get all methods of locking in one place. It consists of some incredible features. For example,  if anyone tries to unlock your phone, it captures the intruders’ photo and sends you an email.

AppLock - Fingerprint

Moreover, it supports fingerprint sensors for android. Another exciting feature of the application is creating a fake lock that will provide advanced security.  It also has a smart lock option. For instance, it locks your phone at a specific time, or when you connect to a particular wi-fi or Bluetooth, your phone will automatically unlock.

  • Multiple password function
  • Home screen lock system
  • Work fast and lightly
  • Ability to reset password
  • Shows irrelevant ads
  • Sometimes stop working

2. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

Are you looking for an app that will enable you to lock your apps, photos, videos at once? You can use LOCKiT, an app locker, and a photo vault application.  Here, you will get overall privacy protection. You can lock all your documents, including photos and videos, with a pin, password, or fingerprint.

LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

It is mostly similar to the AppLock application.  LOCkit has an intruder selfie option that sends you the picture of a person who tries to unlock your phone. Using the application, you can clean or block your junk notification as well. Moreover, it has a notification hider feature that can hide the text message notification.

  • Convenient and straightforward to use
  • Video vault to hide video
  • Free attractive themes
  • Able to lock system settings
  • Doesn’t have a backup option
  • Sometimes slows down the phone

3. FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity is the first app that enables users to use fingerprint sensors to protect apps with fingerprints. It includes lots of features that will surely be helpful for you. Using the application, you can unlock several apps at once. If the fingerprint sensors don’t work, you can use an alternative pin or pattern to unlock your app.


When you install a new app on your mobile phone, it automatically locks that app. You can set an unlock option through this app. Your device will be automatically unlocked in specific locations without entering a pin, password, or fingerprint. Using the app’s pro version, you can use the intruder selfie feature.

  • Can protect notification
  • Fake lock option available
  • Backup password option
  • Automatically unlock at specific locations
  • Comparatively slow
  • Works on specific Android devices

4. App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password

App lock is another application that can safeguard your apps with multiple lock systems like pin, password, and fingerprint. Using the application, you can also change the app icon as well. It includes some incredible features that make the app popular among users. Using the application, you can lock all social apps, gallery, games, and apps.

App lock - Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password

Besides, it supports the intruder selfie options. For instance, if someone tries to unblock your device with the wrong password, it will capture an image of this person. And it will send you the picture via email. However, the app’s user interface is convenient and straightforward, and everyone can use it without confronting issues.

  • Supports Bluetooth and wifi switch control
  • Vibration and sound effects available
  • Send intruder alert
  • Dual advanced security
  • contains annoying ads
  • Take much time to scan fingerprint

5. App Lock – Fingerprint Password

App lock- fingerprint password is one of the best fingerprint security apps for Android. You will get all the vital features in this application that you need to protect your apps and files. Using the application, you can protect your apps as well as videos and photos. Several lock systems are available on this app.

App Lock - Fingerprint Password

App lock provides a photo vault and video vault feature to protect your photos and videos. This application is customizable; thus, you can change the pattern or pin themes and color according to your choice. An incredible feature of using the app; you can lock your keypad with a password.

  • Protect system settings
  • Invisible pattern to unlock
  • Safeguards call log, email, sms
  • Secret gallery vault
  • Stop functioning sometimes
  • Slow to scan fingerprint

6. Fingerprint AppLock

Fingerprint AppLock is an app locker that has multiple features. This Fingerprint AppLock can lock any apps including, gallery, Facebook, messengers email, incoming call, and many more. It safeguards unauthorized access to your locked apps. Using the app, you can also hide your image and videos as well.

Fingerprint AppLock

It is considered one of the best fingerprint lock screen apps for android that never consumes your battery and RAM. If you lock your apps with FingerPrint AppLock, none can uninstall them. The best part of the application is producing a warning sound if someone tries to unlock your apps with a fake pin or password.

  • Supports intruder selfies feature
  • Conceal app icon
  • Search option to find apps
  • Unmethodical number keypad
  • Sometimes doesn’t work properly
  • Slows down the mobile phone

7. Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

Secure your apps with Fingerprint pattern apps’ advanced technology. It provided some unique features that you need to protect your apps. It supports several lock options like pin, pattern, and fingerprint. Using this application, you can lock all your apps from social media applications to system applications.

Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

This application’s interface is straightforward to use; thus, everyone can utilize it without facing any hassle. Through the app, You can hide your apps as well from intruders. It also has an invisible pattern option that none can notice your password entering to open the app.

  • Multiple lock system
  • Automatically starts up
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Protect privacy firmly
  • Shows unnecessary ads
  • Sometimes fingerprint doesn’t work

8. TLocker – Free Fingerprint Apps Locker

Protect your social media apps, email, messages, and other apps by using the TLocker application. Sometimes we face discomfort when our close friends and family members start opening our personal applications. That’s why an app locker is essential.

TLocker - Free Fingerprint Apps Locker

TLocker includes some incredible features. Utilizing the app, you can lock your apps with several lock systems like pin, password, face lock, and fingerprint. Besides, the app’s interface is convenient and straightforward; thus, everyone can use it without facing trouble.

  • Lock all categories application
  • It works fast
  • Doesn’t show any ads
  • Fonts are changeable
  • It takes time to scan fingerprints
  • Sometimes stop working

9. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock is a reliable and trustworthy application that protects your mobile privacy. With this application’s help, you can lock all apps, including social, system, email, and messages. It has multiple lock options such as pin, password, face lock, and fingerprint.

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

It not only keeps your apps safe but also protects your photos and videos. AppLock has photo vault features that allow you to hide pictures and videos. You can also screen your lock through this application. Hiding message notification is another crucial feature that protects your privacy.

  • Can capture intruder selfies
  • Customizable theme is available
  • It can clean junk notification
  • Convenient to use
  • Little bit slow
  • Contain irrelevant ads

10. App lock – Fingerprint

App lock is another reliable app locker application that protects your apps with several lock systems. Using the application, you can lock any kind of application through fingerprint, password, and pin. It starts up automatically. As a result, installing a new app on your device is instantly locked.

App lock - Fingerprint

It includes a search option; thus, you can search the apps to lock or unlock easily. This application is customizable so that you can change themes and wallpapers according to your demand. You can enjoy the app’s all features easily for free.

  • Able to lock system app
  • Works safely and quickly
  • Convenient and straightforward to use
  • Fingerprint scanners work fast
  • Can’t remove ads
  • Sometimes shows technical issues

Final Verdict

Now almost everyone uses smartphones. Most of the time, they store their essential files in many applications like google drive, one drive, and many more. To protect this app from intruders, you need a reliable and trustworthy app locker. But it is tough to find an app that is good enough. In the above, we have illustrated some fingerprint lock apps for Android phones. You can use any of them to protect your files, apps, photos, and videos.

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