6 Best FM Radio On Android Without Internet In 2020


Previously, mobile devices included a default radio application in their system that could be used without having to have an Internet connection or make use of the data. Therefore, by not having this native application on the Smartphone, users are forced to search for applications in the Android and iPhone mobile stores that allow listening to the radio for free and offline. That is why here we are going to reveal the best FM radio on android without internet that you can install on your mobile phone to enjoy this service completely free.

6 Fm Radio On Android Without Internet Reviews 2020

All mobile phone users have unlimited data plans or a wireless Internet connection all the time. Here, we have presented 6 FM radio on android without internet apps that provide several stations to listen to fm radio on android phone without internet so you can download these apps that will allow you to enjoy FM radio from anywhere.

FM radio on android without internet

1. Radio Fm Without Internet – Live Stations

Radio Fm Without the Internet to listen to your favorite AM/FM stations from your Smartphone without the Internet and at the time you want. Also, you can listen to online radio platforms through an internet connection.


With a single click, the radio app starts to work. You can use another app while the radio is running. It provides access to all international radio stations and has categories to listen to radio according to your favorite topic.

It allows you to search for any radio channel in the available countries. You will get several live stations that allow you to listen to the news and favorite songs.

Radio Fm Features:

  1. It has built-in My Music Player that allows you to play radio channels in your Smartphone, so you don’t require an extra music player.
  2. All popular live radio stations are included so you can listen with and without an internet connection.
  3. You can enjoy AM, FM and online radio in the simplest way without spending.

The app gives you the possibility to start listening to your local FM stations from your Smartphone offline.

2. Free Heart Radio Stations

Free Heart Radio or iHeartRadio app allows you to add to our favorites the radio stations that we like the most. Also, you can see the album cover of the song that is currently playing on the radio, as well as the lyrics of that song.


Its interface is very simple to use and all stations broadcast with HD sound quality so that we can enjoy the excellent sound. Your custom stations can be adjusted to include more hits from the artist of your choice, more new music that is similar to that of the artist.

You can share a song title and a link with others through the app. A list of recently played stations is displayed in the app and on the website so you can easily reconnect.

Free Heart Features:

  1. Most music streaming services play an audible ad among so many songs, but it has zero ads.
  2. Asleep timer can be set through the app to stop radio playback after 15/30/45 minutes or 1/2/3 hours.
  3. Up to 6 stations can be added as your favorites, which can be accessed from the first 4 immediately to the main menu.

The radio app is easy to use, can be set as an alarm, supports a sleep timer, can display letters, and is not confusing in the least.

3. TuneIn Radio: Live Sports, News, Music & Podcasts

You can search for local radio stations, search for music stations, search for stations with entertainment programs including filters for radio stations on different categories.


After making the filters, you have a list of available radio stations. The list gives you information such as frequency (and band -AM or FM-), station name, program playing (if you have that information), genre and geographic location.

The presets are shared among all the devices you have with the app. You only need to open a free TuneIn account. Now, you can enjoy the radio app and you need speakers or headphones on your device.

TuneIn Radio Features:

  1. The radio app provides live sports games and non-stop music with HD quality sound all around the world.
  2. You will listen 24 hrs breaking news from top news channels from local to international.
  3. You can listen to local radio stations, add your preferred stations and create shortcuts to them.

Its great advantage is precisely to offer support for almost any type of platform, making life easier for those who do not have a device with a popular system.

4. Next Radio

Next Radio allows you to listen to the FM radio on our devices without the need for the internet. It makes use of the FM radio receiver chip in our devices but also complements the experience with a mobile connection.


To use the app, you do not need data or Wi-Fi networks, but it makes the experience more enjoyable. Its equalizer ensures high-quality clear sound so you can enjoy all international stations.

It works on the device which has a default radio system. You can enjoy most of the local and international radio stations from everywhere.

Next Radio Features:

  1. The app has dual signals that ensure the best sound quality with several radio stations.
  2. You can tune favorite radio channels on Radio enabled devices.
  3. Its live guide menu shows the suggested channels near you.

The app’s radio stations vary to region and country. Its live guide will update the channels and stations according to your location.

5. Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

Simple radio is a simple radio application that offers us a wide list of radio channels in our region. Just click on them to play and you can add the ones we want to favorites to locate them faster.


It allows you to search for radio by musical styles to search for Pop, Jazz, Rock and other radio stations. The app has advertising, but it does not always jump, just by clicking on the station’s playback.

It is a simple but very stable radio app with a surprising search engine. You just have to insert your location and it will propose quite precise recommendations.

Simple Radio Features:

  1. It has a one-tap option to set and find out the favorites quickly so that you can simply get access to your favorite channel.
  2. The user interface is well optimized and easy to use so you can search for a radio station immediately.
  3. It offers buffering-free and non-stop radio streaming 24X7 all over the world with region-based channels.

With the radio app, you can enjoy news, talk shows, music, live sports update and more. Get the app to enjoy offline radio from anywhere in this world.

6. Next Radio

You will find popular radio stations from all over the world in the Next Radio app. It allows you to listen to several local and international stations from across the globe and has a very friendly user interface.


It has prepared a list of channels with which you can find out quickly to enjoy the radio on your mobile fully. You will have access to live radio, podcasts and you can find the content you are looking for by categories.

The user interface is structured in a very simple way, so it is easy to access the stations and navigate to different parts of the app without too many problems. It is completely free to use and you can access all your favorite local radio stations.

Next Radio Features:

  1. The app allows you to locate local and international radio stations based on categories.
  2. It has a more attractive design, clean UI and based on a lower menu for new and popular stations.
  3. It has a default player in which the station will occupy the entire screen of your mobile, tinting it with its main color.

The Next Radio app is quite simple, what you want is to listen to the radio and you don’t need multiple options that end up bothering you.


These FM radio on android without internet apps are capable of playing different stations on your mobile without using the Internet or data. They allow you to be informed of the latest news. You can listen to your favorite stations while doing any other activity.

Being able to participate in the different social programs carried out in some radio programs, either by calling to give their opinions, ideas, advice and answers. Also, achieve a greater audience for radio frequency channels. You can enjoy music whenever you want.

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