8 Best Fm Transmitter For Android And Iphone (Update 2020)


If you have an Android phone, I’m sure you all like listening to music, news, podcasts and so on while driving. We can enjoy them through our headphones, but when it comes to music in the car, we’re stuck with the same old radio. If you’re tired of listening to the radio in your vehicle and want to get the most out of your phone’s audio playlist, then read on to find the optimal FM transmitter for Android devices. Android phones and tablets have not been incorporated into FM transmitters, but there are several FM transmitter apps for Android devices. Let’s have a look at the best one.

8 Fm Transmitter For Android Reviews 2020

We have presented 8 best FM transmitter for android that have more thousands of radio stations coverage, smooth streaming and are easy to use anywhere. Let’s have a look at them below:

fm transmitter for android

1. TuneIn Radio: Live News, Sports & Music Stations

TuneIn Radio has more than 10 lacs radio stations that make it the largest FM transmitter app for android. You can search your favorite station here and will enjoy 24 hours non-stop music.


You can stay up to date with live sports games with real-time scoring updates. It offers podcasts on all categories from all over the world. You can listen to AM and FM radio together with the app.

In the profile section, you can personalize the setting and other functions according to your need. You will listen to FM transmitting with high-quality sound from everywhere.

TuneIn Radio Features:

  1. It has FM and AM radio transmitting that can be played together.
  2. You can enjoy 1 million radio stations from over 197 countries.
  3. You can adjust the setting and favorites according to your needs.

TuneIn Radio offers high-quality radio transmitting around 197 countries.

2. iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcast

iHeartRadio offers thousands of radio stations to listen to live news, sports updates and so on around the world. You can search your favorite songs, podcasts and playlists according to your mood.


You can follow the favorite stations to listen to every day or when you want. You can download all sessions and podcasts to listen offline. The history refreshed after every 100 days.

You can personalize your favorite stations and artists from all countries. Its cloud-based storage allows you to listen to audio from your device.

iHeartRadio Features:

  1. You can listen to podcast playback at normal to 2X speed that will save time.
  2. It provides the nearest FM stations using phone GPS, so you do not need to search manually.
  3. You will get notifications of the latest updates from the favorite stations and DJs.

iHeartRadio allows you thousands of radio stations at all languages with clear sound quality.

3. allows you to transmit radio from 30 million stations, both national and international. You can find your favorite stations, artists and save them as a bookmark. Also, you can listen to live podcasts of more than 60 million from all around the world.


You can subscribe to the podcast and favorite sessions to listen after. Also, you can download them to listen offline anytime. With the Auto delete option, you can remove all history with a single tap.

It classifies the radio stations by countries, genres and topics so you can search and find the nearest one easily. It has alarms and sleep timers that allow you to get a notification when something new has come.

radio Features:

  1. It provides millions of radio stations and podcasts so you can easily find your favorites.
  2. Its visual search option tracks the latest news, music and podcast near you.
  3. You can download the episodes, music, sessions and more to listen offline. provides all episodes and podcasts from all around the world with an in-built search option.

4. Radio Online – PCRADIO

Radio online has an equalizer option that provides better streaming with high-quality sound. It offers hundreds of FM and AM radio stations from different countries and languages. Also, it can play audio at a slow internet connection without losing sound quality.


It allows you to save radio stations that you like most. The timer option turns off the radio after the adjusted time, so you needn’t to stop the radio manually. Also, you can adjust the player setting, enable and disable all functions based on your needs.

You can search your favorites by filtering options. It allows you to use the radio stations everywhere with smooth broadcasting.

Radio Online Features:

  1. You can listen to hundreds of radio stations smoothly at a low-speed internet connection.
  2. It allows you to adjust the setting, equalizer, timer and more functions according to your needs.
  3. You can find out your favorite station quickly by filtering the genre.

Radio online allows you to find and listen to favorite radio stations from anywhere.

5. Simple Radio: Free Live FM AM Online Radio Station

Simple Radio app offers to tune radio with over 50 thousand stations with high-quality sound. You discover new stations near you and find all the global stations. Also, you can add favorites to listen to news, music and other updates anytime.


Its UI is clean so that you can access all functions easily. From your favorite section, you can play episodes, music, previous records with a single tap. You will not see any buffering issues after a long time listening.

You can listen to live radio stations from anywhere, even driving a car or casting other devices. It provides AM, FM and online radio with live episodes.

Simple Radio Features:

  1. It provides buffering free live radio streaming from 50000+ radio stations.
  2. You can play your favorites with a single click and optimize to get smooth usage anywhere.
  3. Discover nearest local and international stations to listen to AM, FM and online radio.

The app provides buffer-free live radio streaming all over the world.

6. myTuner Radio FM and Online Radio

myTuner Radio and Podcasts app is developed to listen to practically any radio station in the world, broadcasting on the Internet. It has both AM and FM stations with filtering according to your choice.


It has an alarm and a timer that we can configure when we listen to the radio. You can search for the radio stations that we want to use, both by name and categories.

While you are using the app, you can use other apps because it is a very simple and light app. You can listen to podcasts from favorite shows and artists. Get the app and listen from everywhere.

myTuner Radio Features:

  1. You can search for radio stations by using the filter tool according to your choice.
  2. It supports all external devices like speakers, Bluetooth, Chromecast, etc.
  3. It has a share option to invite and share with friends through social media and texting.

myTuner is capable of bringing together thousands of radio stations from most of the countries in a single application.

7. SiriusXM: Music, Radio, News & Entertainment

SiriusXM app allows you to repeat up to 5 hours of programming, listen to songs and show from the beginning to end with personalization. You can repeat a session or podcast with a single click.

8 Best Fm Transmitter For Android And Iphone (Update 2020) 1

You can organize your favorite shows on one easy-to-access screen. It gives access to album art and artist bio, adding insight and depth to the music experience and improving phones’ visual appearance.

It provides ad-free radio streaming so that you will enjoy a fast and clear listening experience. You can create a custom station in the favorite menu so you can easily play and listen with a single tap.

SiriusXM Features:

  1. You can enjoy non-stop news, music, podcasts and much more from several ad-free stations.
  2. It allows you to create a custom channel according to your taste, mood and activities.
  3. It provides stations near you to get the latest updates and others quickly.

SiriusXM offers broadcasting live from all countries on all topics.

8. Radio FM Transmitter Multi-station 2020

Radio FM Transmitter Multi-station provides several radio stations in all languages. You can listen to radio anywhere with its powerful FM transmitting functions. You can configure it according to your needs.


You can listen to particular and favorite songs by downloading it in the favorite section. In the 80 to 90s, it provided better performance with clean and HD quality sound. Also, you can adjust the frequency level with the app buttons.

Its user interface is very good and open within seconds. You can listen to the radio station without headphones. Also, you can set the timer for auto shut down after a specific period.

Radio FM Transmitter Features:

  1. The Multi-station radio app offers non-stop news, music and more with HD sound quality.
  2. You can use it anywhere smoothly, even with a slow internet connection.
  3. It allows you to personalize your favorite menu, set time and use without headphones.

The app allows you to listen to a radio station without using headphones from anywhere.

Bottom Lines

With these best FM transmitter for android, you can enjoy live radio streaming, music, news, sports updates and much more. You can personalize your favorite stations and other functions according to your choice.

They offer most of the popular radio stations all around the world. Also, you can enjoy all types of music and live podcasts from famous artists and people. Get anyone from the above list and enjoy unlimited fun anywhere.

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