The 7 Best Free Digital Weight Scale App For Android & iOS To Try


Digital weight scale apps are amazing to estimate the weight of anything. If you are enthusiastic and get bored of estimating the weight of anything with your hand, then these apps can help you. You might not get an accurate result for sure, but you get a rough estimation or fun for sure.

There is much free digital weight scale app for android available on play store that can help you get an estimation of the thing. However, not all apps give you a good estimation for sure. That is why you should choose the best digital scale app for android.

7 Free Digital Weight Scale App For Android Reviews 2020

With the increasing demand of weight apps, the play store is now flooded with so many apps. Finding the best one becomes now, especially for the newbies. That is why we have come up with some amazing apps to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

free digital weight scale app for android

1. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale is an amazing scale app that comes into the market to make your estimation more accurate and easier. This app lets you have fun to measure the weight of anything small and ensure perfect cooking all the time.


It also helps you weigh anything easily with its proper instruction. When putting your ingredients on the phone display, the circle will get bigger or smaller based on the amount for better estimation.

You need to set the name of the ingredients so that this app can make a better estimation for you. With its easy to use interface, it becomes easier to use the app. Even if you are new in this field, it will not be a hassle to use this app at all.

Kitchen Scale Features:

  • It allows you to estimate the weight of your kitchen ingredients such as sugar, salt, rice, and others as the name implies.
  • This app comes with a white circle that tells you where to put your ingredients so that you don’t have to be confused about the placing spot.
  • Anyone can easily use this app and make an estimation of your kitchen products with its easy to use interface.

2. Weight Scale Simulator Prank

Weight Scale Simulator Prank is another free digital weight scale app for android you should try. This app will help you weigh almost any small things with good accuracy. This app perfectly works with your mobile sensor. 


However, some phones do not have the sensors. This app will work even that phone as well. But that will be a prank as the app name implies. You can make fun with your friends with this app to weight anything.

It does not have so many unnecessary features that make it easier to use the app. This interface is easy to use as well. Anyone using it for the first time can easily use it without any hassle. So give a try to this app and you may like it.

Weight Scale Features:

  • The app is compatible with the pressure sensor technology of your phone that allows the app to estimate the weight better than many other apps.
  • If the phone does not have the pressure sensor, you can put anything on the phone and it will show you the weight as a prank.
  • You will have an intuitive real scale interface so that no one can doubt you have a real scale on your phone.

3. Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

If you are looking for a scale app that will not show any real estimation, instead, scale anything for fun, the Scale in Grams Simulator Joke can be a good option. This app lets you have fun weighing things with your phone.


This is not the end. You can have more fun with others when you have this app. Besides, this app comes with some simple features. As a result, it becomes extremely easy to understand its functions and use it with ease. 

However, it comes with an intuitive real scale interface so that you can easily use this app without any hassle. So overall, this can be a good app for time pass. Since this app does not provide any real weight estimation, you can make more fun of it for sure. So try it now.

Scale Features:

  • The app allows you to weight anything up to 999 grams to show your friends that you have a scale on your phone for more fun.
  • You will have the games about the scaling to enjoy the moment and make more fun with your friends.
  • It comes with an instruction manual in the play store so that even if you do not know how to use this app or weight something on it, you can do it by following the video.

4. Digital Bluetooth Scale S5000 Connection Test App

Digital bluetooth Scale app is a digital scale app for android phones that you should try if you are looking for a scale app that provides accurate weights. You can weigh a pretty good weight with a good accuracy with this app.


Unlike other apps, this one offers a good estimation so that you can do your emergency work when you do not have the original scale near your hand. You can even communicate with other platforms for more fun as well.

This app says that it will show you the accuracy of 1g. If so, it can work perfectly for any application. So if you are a person who works with the weight, you should try this app for your phone. Download this app and try it whether it works or not. You may find it very helpful.

Digital bluetooth Features:

  • The app has the capacity to weight up to 5000 grams so that you can try to weight many things for you.
  • It comes with a precise strain gauge sensor so that it can give you a good estimation of the weight for your items.
  • You have a Bluetooth 4.0 interface as well that ensures fast communication across different platform and a smooth, easy, and simple usability.

5. Weight Scale Estimator

If you are looking for a scale app that may work, you should try the Weight Scale Estimator app. This app allows you to estimate the weight of anything you like. Unlike many other apps, this one lets you have a good precision of weight.


This digital gram scale app for android works with different measurement metrics. So you won;t have any problem weighing anything at all. Also, it removes the needs to convert the weight from one unit to another unit.

Since this is something different, you may find it difficult to use this app. However, this app has only a few options that makes it really simple and easy to use. Make sure you download this app now and have a try to see whether it works or not.

Weight Scale Estimator Features:

  • The app comes with an innovative idea to use a paper as a sensor and then estimate the weight of anything with good precision.
  • It weighs in gram, pounds, and ounces so that no matter which measurement unit you use, you can get an estimation without any hassle.
  • You have a short manual video is in the play store so that you can learn how to use this app and weigh anything like a pro.

6. Digital Scale Simulator

If you are looking for a free scale app for fun instead of weighting something real, the Digital Scale Simulator app can be a good option for you. Since this app is a fake weighing app, you can have fun or do pranks with this app.


The look is another good thing about the app. Despite the fact that it is a fake app, you cannot understand it by seeing its interface. If you do not know the actual weight of any item, you may think this one is showing the real result.

You do not have to be a master to use this app. It is simple to use. So if you want a funny scale app, this one can be a great option for you. Have a try it now and enjoy it.

Digital Scale Simulator Features:

  • The app allows you to weigh anything you like and impress your friend by showing the result though it is not real and anywhere near the real weight.
  • It comes with a real look that makes you fool by letting you think that it is a real scale machine for more fun.
  • With its intuitive amazing interface, anyone having zero prior knowledge can use this app and see the fake result for fun.

7. Super Scales Free Digital Scales

Up next is the Super Scales Free Digital Scales that works better than many other fake apps. This app lets you weigh almost anything for different purposes so that you do not have to bring the scale for small weighing.


Like any real scale, this app also weighs in different scaling formats. That means no matter if you need to weigh heavy things or light things, you can do it. Even you can choose the number of decimals you want to display when weighing something.

If you find this app difficult to use, you can see the tutorial since this one has a tutorial on the play store. Also, it does not have so many functions that can make it complicated to use. Since this one promises a good estimation, you should try this app for sure.

Super Scales Features:

  • The app comes with a smart sensor that allows you to weight anything with a good estimation and use it for different applications.
  • It can weigh in Milligrams, grams, ounces, and pounds so that no matter which unit you prefer and use, you can get an estimation on that unit.
  • The app comes with an easy to use interface and a video tutorial on the play store that makes it easier for you to use this app and weigh something you like.

How To Use Digital Scale Apps For Android?

Using a digital scale app is now easier. You need to download a working scale app for your phone and open it. After than cover your mobile phone with a polythene bag so that your weighting object does not damage the phone. Now place the object on the phone and wait until the phone measure the weight. After a while, the app will show an estimation of the weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? If yes, then follow our question-answer section below to find your question.

Do scale apps really work?

This is a tricky question for sure. It will work only if you choose the right app. Also, surely the app does not tell you the exact weight. It will give you a rough estimation.

Can I use my Android phone as a scale?

It sounds strange, but yes, you can now use your smartphone as a scale. With a few adjustments and use of the right scale app, you can use your phone as a scale.

Can I turn my phone into a digital scale?

Well, you can convert your android phone into a digital scale nowadays. All you need to do is to download a good scale app and do some basic adjustment to convert it.

Final Verdict

Finding the right free digital weight scale app for android is really important. When you have a good app, you can expect to get a good estimation. Also, you will have several units to weigh things. Without a good app, getting a good estimation is impossible. That is why we have reviewed some of the scale apps for your android phone. So without any further due, download these apps now and try each of them to get the right one for you.

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