10 Best Learning Spanish Apps for Android Like a Boss 2020


Talking in Spanish and having knowledge about this language is an extra benefit that you can add to your CV. Especially when you want to apply to a multinational company. But this language is not so simple as English. They have lots of words and different grammar with accents. To learn Spanish, you can join the language center.

But if you have a shortage of time or want to learn Spanish without cost then the android app can be your great help. This content will guide you with lots of learning Spanish apps for android. Pick up the one and start learning Spanish. The best thing about those apps is you can learn with fun.

10 Learning Spanish Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Here we gathered 10 learning Spanish apps for android. By picking up any of the best Spanish learning app you can enrich the Spanish vocabulary with fun.


1. Learn Spanish for Beginners

This app is entirely a quick learning package for Spanish learners. As a beginner, you can choose this app. With lots of colorful images, this app will give you accurate guidelines for learning Spanish.

1 Learn Spanish for Beginners

This app has an audio option, so you can hear the sound and watch videos to learn more. This app has a built-in free translator. You can easily translate any English word to Spanish. This app is designed to guide all the people including travelers, students, or beginners.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • You can build up the Spanish vocabulary & grammatical skills.
  • This app is entirely free with lots of fun and games.
  • Free translation system with lots of phrases and parts of speeches.

2. Duolingo: Learn English Free

This app applies a gaming method to teach Spanish to beginners. By spending 5 minutes a day you can be a pro learner on Spanish learning. Duolingo is a good app to learn Spanish. It is designed by experts and has an upgraded teaching method.

2 Duolingo

This app offers a schedule list so that you can track your progress. You can create a community and join with them for a practice session. Besides Spanish, this app offers many languages for the learners. By using this app, you will get a cheerful and lighthearted feeling while learning Spanish.

Duolingo Features:

  • You can create a community worldwide to learn with them.
  • This app uses a science-based teaching method for Spanish learners.
  • To increase reading, writing, and speaking quality this Duolingo is the best.

 3. Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

The way this app applies, you can easily memorize the words and key phrases. Now your Spanish talking will be fluent and you can set goals for learning this language by using this MosaLingua app. You will get a path to Spanish learning by following this MosaLingua app.

3 Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

This app has so many flashcards.  Using a flashcard will help you to listen to audio from the specialist. Basically, you will get the chance to learn Spanish from an expert. This is a big chance for beginners to have an accurate accent.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • This app uses flashcards to increase vocabulary and phrases. Almost 3000+ cards are included here.
  • This app uses dialogue sessions to increase them for realistic situations.
  • You will get so many effective and addictive learning methods for Spanish.

4. Learn Spanish Offline

By using this free learning Spanish app, you will get a clear audio sound. This helps to get a proper pronunciation of the Spanish words. You can slower or faster the speed from this app. If you have any problem with listening to any word you can apply this method. 

4 Learn Spanish Offline

The audio section will also give you guidelines to pronounce the word correctly.  You can learn the phrases much faster through this app. If you are planning to go on a trip, just use this app. It will help you a lot, as this app offers offline service.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • You can run this app, even if you don’t have any offline.
  • This app saves the sentences and you can review it later.
  • For proper pronunciation and for speed this app works better.

 5. Learn Languages for Free with Memrise

One of the best apps to learn Spanish grammar fluently. This app helps to memorize the word with the game. You will find a very unique way for learning Spanish. This app is organized with so many modules. You will find an easy way to take lessons from these modules.

5 Learn Languages with Memrise

This app includes the local accent. So, if you are planning to travel anywhere, you can use this app to communicate with locals. By playing games with words, or phrases you will be able to learn Spanish very quickly.

Learn Languages Features:

  • It has a unique method to teach the learner.
  • You can play games with words and phrases and learn Spanish.
  • This app is full of local words, so you can learn the local accent.

6. Busuu: Language Learning – Spanish & French

One of the best android app to learn Spanish. To increase fluency in our most desired language Spanish, this app is accurate. You will get an authentic trainer through this app. You will get lots of phrases, words,s, and grammar through special courses.

6 Busuu

This app designed the whole work and learning process step by step. It doesn’t matter you are a traveler, a new learner, or a student. By using the Busuu app you can simply learn Spanish. This app has the opportunity to create a community and make a larger family for a practice session.  

Busuu Features:

  • An authentic trainer will provide lessons with an accurate accent.
  • In this app, you will find the courses step by step and choose the one you need.
  • Besides Spanish, you can learn more languages through this app like Japanese, Chinese, etc.

7. Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

Want to start a conversation in the Spanish language? Try the SpeakTribe app on your android phone. This app makes the Spanish language courses special for everyone. This app is full of vocabulary.  If you ever get stuck while practicing, you can get help from the professional one.

7 Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

You can give a quiz after learning about particular topics. This way it will be easy to judge yourself through this app. To learn short phrases, words, or large sentences of Spanish, this app will be a great mentor for you.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • SpeakTribe includes lots of vocab, words, and phrases on their app for easy learning.
  • This app is designed in a way that everyone can find their lesson step by step.
  • In this app, you will find lots of speaking and listening sessions conducted by the expert.

8. Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

To create a community for learning the free Spanish language, Tandem is the best. You can take your language session to the next level by joining the team. In your team, you can include the native speaker of this language.

8 Tandem Language Exchange

You can boost your vocabulary, and get lots of grammar sessions through this app. This app included some certified expertise in the Spanish language. So, your Spanish learning will be authentic from this app.

Tandem Language Features:

  • This app delivers so many professional courses for the learners.
  • This app helps to connect with the community to enrich the vocabulary.
  • This app has one to one learning process from the expertise.

9. Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

Sometimes finding the free Spanish apps for android is so hard. Because different apps consist of different features. On some apps, you will find expertise. Other apps will deliver interesting words and grammar of Spanish by using the gaming method. This is why you can choose to Learn Spanish, Speak Spanish app.

9 Learn Spanish

This app is full of words, contents, and stories. You will feel like you are learning Spanish with enjoyment. This app categorized the learning process step by step. So that learner easily understands the whole method.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • This app has well-structured grammar with native words.
  • You can practice with others through this app and improve yourself.
  • This app has speech recognition so that after learning Spanish you can speak with others.

10. Learn Spanish – Español

With this app, you can learn two types of Spanish. That means the native one from Spain and another one from Mexico. You can start from the beginning and the app will take you to another level.

10 Learn Spanish - Español

You can learn the basics with verb conjugations, grammar, and more. If you fail to understand anything, you can press the option and you will find the solution to any problem on this app.

Learn Spanish Features:

  • This app has lots of Spanish courses along with verb conjugation.
  • You can learn from audio clips and get lots of structure about lessons.
  • By completing the course you will get an accomplishment badge with a certificate.

Frequently Asked Question

To meet the curious about some basic questions we provide this section. You will get some basic answers from this.

Can I Learn Spanish In 3 Months?

As the Spanish is not an easy language and needs lots of practice to learn. So, we cannot give you the exact times of learning Spanish. But if you try hard or dedicate yourself to learning this language then it is possible to complete the Spanish learning in 3 months.

Can You Learn Spanish From An App?

You can learn Spanish from an app. As there are so many things like accent, appropriate pronunciation, grammar, and many more things. Through this article, you can pick up the right app and try learning accurate Spanish.

Is The Learn Spanish App Free?

Yes, almost all of the learning Spanish apps are free and you can use it to learn or enrich your Spanish vocabulary.

Final Thought

People think that learning Spanish by using an app is a myth. But, in the google store, there are so many learning Spanish apps for android. By choosing an app, you will get the accent, grammar, and phrases. Some apps provide a good trainer or specialist courses on their app. The beginner or the traveler can get great help from learning Spanish apps. 

Using this app is easy and you don’t have to learn to operate. Those apps are designed in a way with so many images that anyone can find the appropriate word. Also, if they fail to understand the word, they can see the images for understanding. So, let’s try one of these apps and update yourself by learning Spanish. 

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