Best Most Accurate Weather App For Android Of 2020


Most of all of us have had to check the weather application on our Smartphone on some occasion, much better than waiting to see them on our television for the local news. However, sometimes we leave the house without any meteorological information and we are surprised that it starts to rain, for example. For that reason, we have come up with the idea of ​​bringing you this series of the most accurate weather apps for android.

How Do I Check The Weather On My Android?

We are in a time where we have a great source of information in our pocket, which we can consult at any time. Therefore, we have access to know the current weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With the weather apps, you can quickly check the weather forecasts on your Android phone.

10 Most Accurate Weather Apps For Android Reviews 2020

Let’s see the best weather apps for android free. What will be the one that ends up installed on your smartphone? Have a look below.

Most accurate weather app for android

1. AccuWeather: Weather Forecast Alerts & Radar Maps

AccuWeather app provides precise weather forecasts for all countries and cities of the world. It shows advanced weather conditions of your location so you can imagine and get preparation for safety.

1 AccuWeather

With the app, you can detect rains, storms, snowfall, among some other conditions. It also has a specialized hurricane search engine, which makes it a complete app in the area of ​​weather forecasts.

The Minutecast option provides 2 hours weather report with details. Also, you can check whether hourly, daily, weekly and monthly of your location. It has several mapping options that make its use easier.

Why do you use this app?

  • It forecasts weather hourly, daily, weekly and monthly with detailed reports.
  • You will get live weather updates and warnings of the bad weather with 45-day
  • The RealFeel system helps to differentiate the present weather and real feel temperature.

AccuWeather is a live weather forecasts app that provides accurate temperature with several features.

2. Weather app

Weather app has a radar map that provides accurate and live weather forecasts. It can automatically detect your location and show the weather details. Also, it provides wind level, sunshine, storm, rain alert to be aware of the danger.

2 Weather app

You can check weather temperature hourly and weekly up to 3 times weather alert per day. It allows you to convert temperature between Fahrenheit to Celsius. The Wind guru tool forecasts wind speed and direction.

Its UI is very simple and has an animated background. You can check the weather condition of multiple places at a time. Its radar provides animated maps for better viewing experience.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides real-time and accurate temperatures in a different unit.
  • Without tracking GPS, it can detect your location and show the current temperature.
  • It shows the direction and wind speed level with the wind guru tool.

Weather app provides local weather and animated maps with weather widgets.

3. Accurate Weather – Live Weather Forecast

Accurate Weather show global and local weather updates hourly, daily and weekly. It provides precise weather for all cities in the world. The weather channel ensures temperature (F/C), weather conditions, pressure in the atmosphere, wind speed and direction.

3 Accurate Weather

It automatically tracks your location with GPS and shows temperature status. You can get alert of rain starting, storms and bad weather. Also, you can manage the app notification from the setting if you want.

It presents weather conditions in the graph chart to understand the temperature, humidity level, and current situation. With the widgets, you can see the weather on the phone lock screen and stay up to date.

Why do you use this app?

  • It shows real-time weather with a specified setting option so you will get an accurate temperature.
  • You will see location timing, temperature, air pressure, wind speed and more in a place.
  • Its graph chart helps to understand the overall weather condition easily.

Accurate Weather app provides weather forecasts in graph chat to understand easily.

4. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar app ensures fast and accurate weather reports using high definition radar. Its patented technology shows the best hyper-local weather condition in the world. Also, you can take a snapshot of your location temperature using the app.

4 MyRadar Weather Radar

The winding layer shows the wind speed level, wind direction and air pressure. It has an earthquake layer that provides seismic activity with accurate results. Also, it has hurricane and aviation layers to stay alert about the bad weather condition.

It provides advanced alerts of rain, storm and more with the patented method. Its mapping method uses the GPS and GPU of the phone to provide quick and precise results.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has patented technology and HD radar that provide the most accurate weather forecasts.
  • You can enjoy the weather video news and updates on MyRadar TV.
  • Its aviation mapping and pro radar features provide alerts and help to get forecasts using layers.

MyRadar app is an advanced weather forecast toll with TV channels and different layers.

5. Local weather – Accurate today 7 and 15 days

Local weather app provides real-time updates of the weather forecasts minute by minute. It shows weather in minutes, hours, daily and weekly up to 15 days with love monitoring reports. You can see the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit format.

5 Local weather - Accurate today 7 and 15 days

You can manage several location weather status at a time. It describes the sunset, sunrise, humidity level, visibility, wind speed and so on.

It is UI is very clean and you can use the theme to make it stylish. Each weather information presents in the morning, afternoon, evening and night periods.

Why do you use this app?

  • It uses phone GPS to track location and provide accurate weather forecasts in the present time.
  • The global and local reports are shown in both F and C units with showing all parameters.
  • It shows the weather visibility, sun and moon situation with hourly to weekly weather updates.

Local weather app ensures accurate and current weather update with bad weather alerts.

6. 1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar

1Weather app allows you to easily follow the weather forecasts with our smartphone. It offers the possibility of quick access to different locations to know the temperature and relevant data of the place.

6 1Weather

It has animated maps, radar and curious options to get real-time data with accurate temperature. You can check 12 weeks forecasts with details. It provides a live alert of bad weather.

You can easily track whether using customizable widgets. Its data points help to get real-time information about your location. Also, it shows the sunset, sunrise, moonrise and more with the tracker.

Why do you use this app?

  • It allows you to track 48 hours of real-time and detailed data using widgets.
  • The live alerts notify us about the rain, storm and bad weather.
  • It is integrated with 1weather TV so you can get the latest weather news.

1Weather app ensures accurate weather updates with TV forecasts in real-time.

7. Weather forecast

Weather forecast app has an animated and radar map that provides accurate and current weather updates. You can zoom in and zoom out for a better look. It provides wind conditions, humidity, rain, snow, clouds and air pressure.

7 Weather forecast

You will get hourly weather news and updates and see the next 7 days report. It shows daily weather forecasts with maximum and minimum temperatures. With the temperature chat, you can easily understand your location weather.

It allows you to manage multiple locations and you can add new locations easily. The widgets display the weather update on the phone screen. You can change background and control notification from setting options.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides a quick and real-time view of weather forecasts with accurate temperature.
  • The weather radar presents a live map to see the weather conditions with zoom in and zoom out options.
  • You can add more locations and see the weather updates through the widgets.

The Weather forecast app provides current and appropriate weather temperatures with live updates.

8. Weather by Weatherbug

Weather by WeatherBug app has a live forecast and radar map that ensure accurate weather all cities of the world. You can download and use 20 animated weather maps that best suits your needs. It can detect your location through phone GPS and provide the current temperature.

8 Weather by WeatherBug

You can easily customize weather data and tiles as you want. The spark lighting alerts show the severe and bad weather conditions of your location. Also, you will get news and events alert with video forecasts.

It presents the wind speeds, weather condition, track disasters and detect air pressure in the selected place. With the weather widgets, you can observe the temperature on your phone’s home screen.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has a live radar map that ensures the accurate temperature of your location with a detailed report.
  • You can check the air quality, pollen count, wind conditions, storms and UV index.
  • With several weather maps, you can explore the overall weather situation easily.

Weather by WeatherBug app provides real-time weather updates with several radar maps.

9. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a weather forecast app from Yahoo and they provide hourly and daily forecasts from all over the world. You will be notified about the wind speed, air pressure, sun, and moon status.

9 Yahoo Weather

It can track all locations and destinations all over the world. You can use talkback and optimize the contrast of the app screen color for a better view. It allows you to use up to 20 locations at a time.

With its weather gadget, you can easily see the temperature in F or C on the device home screen. Its UI is simple and shows heat, snow and rain status on the interactive maps.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can easily check up to 20 destination’s weather temperatures and conditions in real-time.
  • It shows the wind speed level, heat, humidity, rain, snow and more with accurate data.
  • It supports the talkback option and can be optimized from the app setting according to your needs.

Yahoo Weather provides hourly, daily, 5 days and 10 days forecast with live maps.

10. The Weather Channel – Live Weather, News and Maps

Weather Alerts & Storm Radar app provide accurate and current weather conditions with daily updates. It helps to check the outdoor condition and give stay safe alert for our healthy living.

10 Weather & Severe Storm Alerts

You can observe weather conditions in video format and find trends such as really feel, humidity, dew point, etc. in the weather forecasts. It shows the air quality level so you can breathe easily and comfortably.

It allows you to make 15 days plan in advance with the weather forecast details. You can stay safe from natural disasters like hurricane, storms cyclone, etc. because it shows alerts of the probably bad weather condition.

Why do you use this app?

  • It has customized radar weather maps that provide accurate and present weather situation.
  • You can understand the air quality and outdoor weather conditions to stay safe.
  • It shows the weather forecast in live videos with weather alerts.

The app ensures healthy weather updates and real-time temperature detection all around the world.

Final Thought

These are the most accurate weather apps for android. There are some more, but I think these are the best that every user should know and try. You can even check the weather by using interactive maps using different overlays of weather apps.

As we have seen, each meets the basics. But, they also have different ways of representing it as well as extra functions that can be useful in our day to day. Now, install one from the weather apps on your phone.

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