7 Best Plant Identifier Apps for Android (Choices of 2021)


Indeed, we are not familiar with all the plants that we usually see every day. Walking in the park or traveling, we met many plants, but we don’t know the plants’ names. The Plant identifier app has been developed for identifying unknown plants.  These applications recognize plants by photos.

If you are a gardener or passionate about plants, a plant identifier application can help you. However, finding the best plant identifier apps for Android is a challenging job. There are several applications you will get on the play store that can identify unfamiliar plants. But you have to download the appropriate one to get accurate information. Below, we will demonstrate some authentic plant identifier apps that you can utilize.

Best Plant Identifier Apps for Android Reviews 2021

Several plant identifier apps have been tested for identifying which one is better. But, we have found a few free plant identification apps for android that work excellent. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best plant identification apps for Android and clarify why you should use these apps.

Plant Identifier Apps for Android

1. PictureThis – Flower & Plant Identification

pictureThis is contemplated as the best plant identifier app for Android that can instantly recognize plants. It provides accurate information at the fastest speed.   Besides, it gives plant care tips as well. Using the application, you can learn and enjoy all kinds of plants, including flowers, cacti, succulents, and many more.

PictureThis - Flower & Plant Identification

With this application’s help, you can instantly classify thousands of plants, trees, and flowers with artificial intelligence. The best part of the app is that it contains water reminders to sprinkle water on the plant at the right time. It has a share option so that you can share your photos with the plant lover community.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • User-friendly interface with convenient guides.
  • It is easy to store all the plants, flowers, or trees that you identify in your collection.
  • You will get proper suggestions and advice from the horticulture specialists.

2. Plantfinder – Plant Identification

PlanFinder is another application that can easily recognize which plant it is. Just snap a photo and upload it on this application. You will get a match and find out the plant description instantly. Using the application, you can identify more than 250,000 plants effortlessly.

Plantfinder - Plant Identification

This application consists of some exciting features that make it comprehensive. You can save the plants that you identified in your personal collection. It also has a plant care reminder; thus, you can take care of your garden without confronting any hassle.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You will get plant recommendations that will enable you to choose the best plant.
  • Provide accurate information about plants that you would like to identify.
  • Plant care guides. Thus you can take care of your plants.

3. Seek by iNaturalist

It is one of the best nature apps that easily recognize plants and animals around you. Using the application, you can connect to the most significant communities of scientists and naturalists who can assist you in learning more about nature. Besides, you can record and share your observations from the app and create research quality information.

Seek by iNaturalist

It has an incredible capacity to classify natural substances in photos. You can utilize it for fungi, bugs, plants and will grab the accurate information. For biological classification, it plays a crucial role.  However, using the app, you can discover new species near you.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It is possible to record your observations and share them with the biggest community.
  • Provide suggestions and collaborative identifications.
  • Can follow scientists and naturalists to get more information about the natural elements.

4. PlantNet Plant Identification

This PlantNet Identification is different from other identifier applications. It can only identify those types of plants that have been already shared by the users and collected to its database. It includes more than 20 thousand spices in its database, and the number of collections is increasing day after day.

PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet enables you to identify and get information about all kinds of plants, including trees, flowering plants, grasses, vines, cacti, and many more. It can also classify some of the cultivated plants. PlantNet app’s interface is straightforward and convenient; that’s why everyone can easily use it without confronting any issues.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It can categorize species by family or genus.
  • You can share your contributed observations through this app.
  • Included delete option; thus, you can quickly delete your contributed application.

5. Flora Incognita – Automated Plant Identification

Would you like to get to know the plant surrounding you? Then install the Flora Incognito plant identifier app. Using the application, you can identify the plant just by capturing photos. The app is developed to classify wild plants. This app is straightforward to operate, and everyone can use it.

Flora Incognita - Automated Plant Identification

To identify plants, just capture an image of a particular plant, then it will show you detailed information about it. Through the app, you can identify any types of plants within a second.  It not only indicates the plant’s name but also provides information such as distribution, characteristics, protection status, and many more.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • It can identify more than 4800 species of plant of European flora.
  • You can search and customize functions for finding species quickly.
  • Using the app, you can create your observation list.

6. Flowerchecker+, Plant Identify

FlowerChecker is a different type of application that is not computer-based. It has a team of experts who accept a user’s photo, analyze it, and then provide the app’s identifier information. Though this process takes more time, you will get the appropriate details of the plants you capture to identify.

Flowerchecker+, Plant Identify

If the team can’t identify the plant’s name, then it charges no fees. You can identify the first 3 plants for free, and then you must have to subscribe to a plan. Several people recommend this application to download because of its accuracy.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • This application is completely ad-free.
  • Provide exact details about the plant that you want to identify.
  • It has a convenient and straightforward interface; thus, everyone can use it effortlessly.

7. Plantsnap – Plants, Trees, and Flowers Identifier

PlantSnap is one of the best plant identification apps that can identify any kind of plant with artificial intelligence. Within this mobile app, you can recognize flowers, trees, succulents in a snap.  The app claims that it can identify 625000 plus trees, mushrooms, etc., which is very impressive.

Plantsnap - Plants, Trees, and Flowers Identifier

Special skill is not required to utilize it. Simply install this app from the Google play store. Now capture the plants’ image that you would like to identify or select an existing image from your gallery. Then find out the name of the species instantly. It also has a share option so that you can share your observation list.

Why Do You Use This App?

  • You can explore nature with PlantSnap – Plants, Trees, and Flowers Identifier.
  • It provides gardening tips as well as plant care.
  • Identify all kinds of plants from everywhere just by capturing images.

Final Thought

If you would like to become familiar with unknown plant species, you can use plant identifier apps. In the above, we have illustrated some of the best plant identifiers apps for android. You can utilize any of them on your smartphone and identify any indoor and outdoor plants.

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