Best Pop Up Blocker Apps For Android And iPhone 2020


The pop-up ads are a real nightmare for users: are intrusive, worse browsing online and in some cases even dangerous. If by mistake, we have installed adware on our device, a particular type of virus that displays deceptive advertisements. Are you also bombarded with pop up advertising such as news alerts and notifications?

Well, at least we have a chance to get rid of the ads. The pop up blocker apps for android are capable of removing or preventing distracting pop-up elements such as banners, YouTube ads and all kinds of advertisements from appearing in user-viewed content. They provide faster navigation, safe browsing and avoid malicious advertising on your smartphone.

5 Best Pop Up Blocker Apps For Android Reviews 2020

We have presented 5 best pop up blocker apps for android to disable pop up ads, annoying ads and ensure secure browsing experience. Let’s see them.

pop up blocker apps for android

1. Free Adblocker Browser – Adblock & Private Browser

Free Adblocker Browser app blocks pop-ups, video ads, banner ads and more instantly. It ensure your privacy protection and secured browsing. Also, you will enjoy ad-free streaming and browsing on your smartphone.

1. Free Adblocker Browser

By clicking on the icon’s left side, it will pause pop-ups on the current site. Also, you can remove specific ads to get rid of malware and pushing scams. It allows you to block trackers to save your mobile data.

It blocks Ad-cookies from third party platforms so you will enjoy privacy while using the phone. It supports on incognito mode that helps to browse without history and cache-cookies.

Why do you use this app?

  • You can block pop-up ads free from any devices without registration.
  • It saves your mobile data and battery by blocking third-party ads.
  • The app avoids malware attack, phishing scams and many incorporate ads to ensure secure browsing.

The Free Adblocker Browser app is free, safe and powerful pop-up ads blocker and ensures secured surfing.

2. Brave Privacy Browser: Fast, safe, private browser

Brave Private Browser app is a web browser that has power pop-up ad blocker to ensure safe and secured browsing. The built-in ad blocker can block all types of ads that come from a third party and incorporated sites.

2 Brave Private Browser

It saves your device data and battery by blocking ads. Also, it ensures private browsing through its incognito mode. The script also is blocked by the ad blocker to protect from spamming attack.

You can bookmark private links and other things. Its user interface is very easy for everyone and provides fast search option as like as Google. You will get non-stop support if you face any problems with the ad blocker.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides pop-up ad blocking with a safe and private browsing experience.
  • Its web browser protects you from third-party tracking or hackers.
  • The search engine provides fast and secured surfing from your phone.

Brave Private Browser app ensures fast and safe browsing with pop-up ads blocking.

3. AdBlock Plus + Free AD Blocker Plus 2019

AdBlock Plus app allows you to personalize your web experience with blocking annoying ads, disable tracking, and more. It provides certain levels of malware tracking and protection by default. Its operation is simple and shows you advertising that is not annoying and that meets certain requirements.

3 AD Blocker Browser Block Web

You can keep, modify, delete and add other filter lists. Also, you can add additional watch lists and malware filters to increase your protection.

It can be disabled for specific pages as you need. In the advance mode, you can see the resources that are blocking, hiding and letting go. Also, you can see the primary source for filter rules.

Why do you use this app?

  • It protects you from malware attacks and blocks pop-up ads with high-security protection.
  • You can customize filters and enable/disable the app for the specific pages as you want.
  • The advanced mode allows you to see all resources and page elements that are blocked.

The AdBlock Plus app provide instant pop up ad blocks with filters.

4. Free Ad Blocker – New Block Popups

Free AdBlocker app blocks pop up ads, banner ads, YouTube ads and unusual phone ads instantly. It advanced ad-blocking technology fast and secured browsing experience. You can avoid malware, phishing sites etc. on the app.

4 Free AdBlocker

It hides ads effectively from phone applications and games that always give pop-up ads. You can create a whitelist ad guard according to your needs. Also, its interface is intuitive so it can be used on all devices smoothly.

You can easily control the adblocker setting and remove ads with a few taps. It works on the internet connection and instantly blocks any types of ads.

Why do you use this app?

  • It provides fast and secured ad-blocking and improves the safe browsing experience.
  • You will get rid of trackers, viruses, malware and more through the app.
  • It saves battery life and mobile data by blocking intrusive ads.

Free AdBlocker app blocks invasive ads and saves battery life.

5. Free AD Blocker – AdBlocker 2020

Free AD Blocker 2020 app provides no pop-up ads browsing all time. It blocks all type of ads effectively and allows you to customize from setting option. Also, it stopped ad-cookies from third-party platforms and save your phone battery life and mobile data.

5 Free AD Blocker 2020

It ensures secure browsing and stress-free surfing by blocking annoying ads. It does not support substitutes so that you can enjoy non-stop browsing and streaming experience. You will get protected privacy with anti-tracking option of the app.

You can customize language and ads setting for getting responsive support. It automatically turns on AdGuard when you start your device.

Why do you use this app?

  • It blocks pop up ads, banner ads and ad videos with anti-tracking privacy protection.
  • You can customize ads setting, language and block region-based ads.
  • It provides secure browsing with malware and adware protection.

Free AD Blocker 2020 app provides secure and safe browsing with blocking pop-up ads.

Final Verdict

Pop-ups are those annoying advertising windows that open when you visit certain websites or click on certain links. They are becoming increasingly invasive and the free pop up blocker apps for android block the ads automatically. You do not need to manually turn on the ads blocker app and they are automatically working when you start your phone.

Also, they save your phone’s battery life and mobile data by blocking invasive ads. Now, download any one from the 5 best pop up blocker apps for android and enjoy safe browsing experience.

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