Top 5 Printer Apps For Android Tablets – You Need To Know


Sometimes, we need to print directly from our android phone. Those days are gone when you can print only by using your pc. However, android brings us comfort and flexibility to print directly from your mobile phone. Printer apps make it possible for you.

You can even copy and share your documents with these apps as well. However, to get the best out of the apps, you should choose some good printer apps for android tablets. Otherwise, you will not all the benefits that you expect from these apps.

5 Printer Apps For Android Tablets Reviews 2020

You will find a lot of printer apps for your android phones for sure on the play store. However, not all are good and you cannot find the right one as a newbie. That is why we have come up with some best printer apps for android tablets with their features and benefits so that you can choose the right one for you.

Printer Apps For Android Tablets

1. HP Smart

HP Smart is one of the best printer apps for android tablets you can have right now. This app will help you print directly from your phone. You can even check the printer status as well as send the prints.


With this app, you can do all those stuffs that is possible only in the pc. Besides, this allows you to improve the photo quality by using the filters, crop, and adjustments functions.

The app lets you create high quality printable document from image or documents with ease. Even you can upload the file into the cloud to save storage too. So overall, there are very few apps that come with so many features and benefits. Download and enjoy the app.

HP Smart Features:

  • This app allows you to manage and set up your printer directly from your smartphone without any hassle
  • You can easily copy, scan, and share your files with your friends and family that was only possible with your pc.
  • It allows you to use your mobile camera to scan and then edit the photo to get quality documents.

2. Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint is another excellent app you can have for your android phone for smooth printing. You can print any kind of file without any problem in your printer. Even you can print remotely with this app.


Unlike many other apps, this one lets you print documents from memory and cloud storage as well. Even you can scan any image or file and make the scanned file more developed to ensure high quality printing.

It enables you to copy files and also, share files between the devices as well. You can even check the ink level and printer status too. So without any doubt, this is one of the best printer apps for android tablets you should try for high quality and flexible printing.

Epson iPrint Features:

  • It allows you to print any documents MS word, excel, PowerPoint, and PDF directly from your android phone with ease.
  • You can print directly from your stored files, email attachments, Google Drive, and others.
  • It allows you to capture any documents you want and then edit it to improve the quality for the highest quality printing.

3. Samsung Mobile Print

If you are looking for an intuitive printer app, then the Samsung Mobile Print app can be a good option for you. With this app, you can print any kind of files and make digital file into analog with ease.


When the app is taken nearby, it automatically selects the device. You can make any image digital with this app. Rotating and cropping are easier than ever with this amazing app. It enables you to transfer faxes as well.

This one supports files online as well. You can print any large images as big as A3*. You will have full privacy to share and print credential document with this app as well. So overall, this app can simply make your mobile an amazing device to print top quality files.

Samsung Mobile Features:

  • With this app, you can print or sent most of the digital documents such as PDF, Facebook, images, MS office, and others.
  • You can scan images and then rotate and crop it to improve the document quality for better printing.
  • With its high-quality security, you can even use it for official or corporate use to print large files.

4. Brother iPrint&Scan

Brother iPrint&Scan is an amazing app that can help you directly print from your mobile phone. This app can help you print any kinds of documents from online and offline storage. It requires very few steps to complete the printing.


Also, this app lets you modify the file and make the file better for printing. Even you can print remotely with this app, no matter where your location is. If you have an internet connection, you can do it. This app automatically detects nearby networks.

With this app, you can easily edit the scanned documents to improve quality. You can even send a direct fax from this app. Also, it allows you to check the received faxes too. You can know the ink level and error messages from this app. So download this amazing app right now.em

Brother iPrint Features:

  • This app allows you to directly print documents and photos from your mobile and online storage as well with very few steps.
  • It allows you to scan any files with your smartphone, edit the files, and then sends it to other devices via email too.
  • You can even send direct fax from this app and read the received fax from your machine with this simple and easy to use the app.

5. PrintAway

Up next is the PrintAway app. It comes into the market to make your printing management easier than ever. This app lets you print from your phone without any hassle. It allows you to even print SMS as well.


You can avoid any kind of printer error when you have this app. With this app, you can easily make and print drawings as well. Printing directly from the file manager is easier with this app.

The app allows you to directly print any page as well. Even it enables you to print your emails too. That means no matter what your file type is, you can print that and you will get a top-quality result with this app. So without any further delay, download it now.

PrintAway Features:

  • You can print any documents you want from your mobile phone or online storage or digital platform with ease
  • To manage your printer, you can use this app too to know the printer status to eradicate any error you may have.
  • If you want to print the whole webpage or email, you can do that too directly with this app.

How to Print from an Android Phone In 2020

Printing from an android phone is simple. Even if you haven’t done it before, you can do it too. Here is the process of printing directly from an android phone.

Step 1: At first, you need to download a printer app for your android tablet. For that, choose any app from above, download it, and then install it.

Step 2: Now connect the app with the printer through the WI-Fi. Some apps automatically connect it when connected to the Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Now select any file you want to print and open it. You will see three dots on the right top of the file.

Step 4: Click the dots and you will see the print option. Simply click the print option and it will start printing. You are done.


Finding good printer apps for android tablets is really important. When you have some good apps, you can easily use your mobile phone and print directly any files you want. At the same time, it helps you scan any file or capture any file and then edit it for improved printing.

That is why we have reviewed some of the top class printer apps for your android tablets with their features and benefits. I hope, it will help you find out the right one for you. So, without any hesitation, download these apps and enjoy smooth and easy printing.

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