The Best 7 Voice to Text Apps for Android in 2021


Voice to text applications are getting popular day after day. These types of applications turn your voice into text and uphold your time. It is beneficial for people who are busy or professionals. If you are usually on the go and think faster than you can write, voice to text applications are here for you.

Finding the best speech to text apps for Android is a hard job. Because apps that are available on the play store claim that they provide the best service but actually not. We have checked a collection of apps and found some of the best voice to text apps for Android. In this context, we’ll give a review of them.

7 Voice to Text Apps for Android in 2021

We have found the 9 voice to text app for Android that will surely provide you the best service. Below, we’ll present the nine voice to text apps for android reviews and their features individually.

Voice To Text Apps For Android

1. Speechnotes – Speech To Text

Speechnotes is considered the best voice to text apps for android because of its some incredible features. You don’t need to struggle to write down long and complicated texts. It turns your voice into text and has a google backup option that helps you never lose your note.

Speechnotes - Speech To Text

This app is convenient for all users; that’s why everyone can easily use it. It assures the best accuracy from speech to text. The essential part of the application is that it won’t ever stop working when you take a break between sentences. Moreover, it has auto-capitalization and spacing features as well.

SpeechNotes Features:

  • It supports offline but gives better performance when it is connected to the internet.
  • Speechnotes abate spelling errors because it has an auto spelling correction feature.
  • You can edit the text even in dictation mode; you don’t need to stop or restart the app.
  • It provides an optional Google drive backup, so there is no chance of losing your notes.

2. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes

ListNote is another application that helps to record your voice as text. Using the application, you can take note even when you are not interested in writing down. It has some exciting features that make it popular among the users. The noteworthy part of the application is the password protection option that protects your notes.

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes

Using the application, you can share the note with sms, email, Twitter, or other apps that support plain text. You can easily organize notes by category using the application. However, both free and paid versions of the applications are gettable on the Google play store. To get the advanced feature, you can use the pro version.

ListNote Features:

  • It supports Hands-free speech recognition with a single button press.
  • ListNote has a backup and restore option that allows backup of all your notes.
  • When you delete a note, it is stored in the trash; thus, there is a chance to restore them.
  • You can reform the app’s theme. Dark and Light themes are available to change.

3. Voice Notes – Quick Recording of Ideas

Voice notes is an application that allows you to record your ideas quickly. Using the application, you can take note of your ideas and thoughts more rapidly than writing. You can also record essential evidence and afterward listen to it personally by utilizing this android app.

Voice Notes - Quick Recording of Ideas

Utilizing the app, it is possible to create reminders for important notes. Just select a time and then set audio alerts as you want.  You can choose a unique sound alert and specify the time from the app’s setting option. The essential part of the application is to categorize your notes like family, birthday, and work to find them easily for the next time.

Voice Notes Features:

  • It has a lot of color schemes, so you can change the theme as you want.
  • You can share your recorded note with your favorite persons via social networks.
  • Voice notes give 98% accuracy that you don’t usually get from the other speech to text app.
  • It has a simple and intuitive interface so everyone can easily use it.

4. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard is one of the most leading voice to text applications used by millions of people. It is a crucial app for people who are searching for multipurpose. Geoboard is a Google keyboard, including speech text function. You can use this feature to take notes, write an email, or search on the web, and it helps you most when you are on the go.

Gboard - The Google Keyboard

Using the Geoboard application, you can record your voice in several languages, and you will get the best output. The colors and themes are changeable in this app. It has lots of features and colors, so you can choose any of them and make your interface more colorful and bright.

Gboard Features:

  • Built-in Google search that allows you to search Quickly on Google.
  • Using the app, you can delete multiple words at a time.
  • You can search for Gif and emoji individually.
  • It has auto-capitalization and spacing features, so you don’t need to correct it manually.

5. Voice Notebook – Continuous Speech to Text

Voice Notebook is one of the best free voice to text apps for android that allows you to take voice notes and store them locally. It has some impressive features that attract users to use this app. Voice Notebook supports customizable words and punctuations and also has letter capitalization control as well.

Voice Notebook - Continuous Speech to Text

Voice Notebook includes character and word counters, and it is suitable for multilingual voice input. Besides,  using the application, you can easily import files from Google Drive or file managers. The sharing option is available on the app; thus, you can easily share the recorded file to these types of platforms that support plain text.

Voice Notebook Features:

  • It can recognize speech in both online and offline mode.
  • Voice Notebook has a saving power mode feature that provides more time for dictation.
  • User-friendly interface that makes you able to record your voice with a single click.
  • Record Voice with incredible accuracy and easy to edit and adjust if you needed.

6. Google Assistant – Get Things Done, Hands-Free

Google Assistant is not only a speech to text application but also offers enormous facilities. It is always ready to help you whenever or wherever you need it. Utilizing this application, you can operate your schedule, monitor smart home devices, enjoy entertainment, and much more.

Google Assistant – Get Things Done, Hands-Free

Using Google assistant, you can play music and videos easily. Just speak play music, it will show you the music folder and then say the file name, it will find out and play your music.  Using the app, you can skip songs and adjust the volume. Google Assistant will help you to make hands-free calls, text, and email also.

Google Assistant Features:

  • Quickly get information about everything, including Business, politics, economics, and many more.
  • You can set an alarm that will remind you in time.
  • Make a speed dial with the household contact.
  • Can read out long stories loudly and speedily.

7. Speech To Text

Speech to text is another best application that turns speech into text easily. Using the application, you can easily make long notes, stories, documents, and much more. The application’s user interface is convenient and straightforward; that’s why almost everyone can utilize it efficiently.

Speech To Text

It contains lots of features. One of the best features of this app is a custom keyboard. Speech to text also offers auto spacing, auto-saving, and capitalization. You can also edit the text while you are dictating another script.

Speech to text Features:

  • It supports both offline and online and gives better accuracy.
  • You can customize the font size using the application.
  • Autosave when exiting the app.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Final Verdict

It is always hard to find out the best app from thousands of applications. In the above, we have mentioned some of the best voice to text apps for android that work great to turn your voice into text. You can install any of the apps as we pointed up above and enjoy the promising services.

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